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How Tall Is Kesha

How tall is KeSha

How tall is KeSha

CuriousPeachie said on 6/Aug/21
I saw her in a Victorious Episode, and she guest starred as herself, being taller than Victoria Justice, but only slightly taller than Liz Gillies. 5’7.5, it makes sense given that some 5’7 celebrities claim to be 5’9.

Badar said on 6/Apr/21
She’s tall. Not full 5’9 though.
dulya said on 29/Aug/20
here she is with nikki manaj Click Here

Hulk.23 said on 28/Aug/20
I think the full 5’9/175cm for her is believable. She always looked to me a big beautiful girl

The French Dude said on 12/Aug/20
I remember seeing one victorious ep and she was there, she din’t towered over Victoria Justice and Elizbeth, she’s like 5’8 to me

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
🎊🎼🎂🎁 Happy 3️⃣3️⃣rd Birthday 🎁🎂🎼🎊

A Very Happy all-the-threes Birthday to Ke$ha on the 3️⃣3️⃣rd anniversary of her birth!

Littlelee5ft6 said on 29/Nov/19
She was as tall as graham Norton in his show tonight and she wore trainers so 5ft 8.5 seems accurate

mrppatterson1_989 said on 7/Sep/19
Yep. Agree, 5’8 range is the best guess for Kesha but not 5’9, is the claim height for her but not 5’7. although, she can’t be taller than Rihanna and Katy Perry but i will agree that she’s maybe 5’9 for sure but 5’8 will do.

khaled taban said on 7/Jun/19
The 5’9″ claim is ridiculous, she can’t be taller than Rihanna, she is 5’8″max, def NOT 5’9″

Oliver S said on 10/Jan/19
Kesha is 5’8.5″. She is tall for a singer woman

Pat Patterson’s celeb height comments said on 3/Dec/18
Everyone is complaining about Kesha’s height and I know she’s not either 5’5 or 5’6 though but she dropped the $ on her name and put the word s before the a. I think she’s either 5’7 or 5’8 I’m not sure exactly whether she’s 5’9 or not so I think she’s 5’7 3/4 closer to 5’8.

Nik said on 14/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell – Hey, we have celebheights commenters by the names of Sweety and Sweetie!

The average vote is interesting!

How tall do you think KeSha is?

Nik said on 5/Nov/18
I like her name! She may give a taller impression if her head wasn’t tilted down!

Honestly Turkish comment said on 2/Nov/18
Ingrid Bolso Berdal and Kesha both are listed 174cm(5feet8andahalf) by this site but i think Ingrid can edges out Kesha. Ingrid look 174.3 cm . But Kesha look 173.4 cm. 173.5(5feet8andquarter) for Kesha

Nik said on 14/Oct/18
I love her comment “I’m like 5-9”!
Pineapple said on 1/Sep/18
She’s a 5’5″, and that’s about accurate.
MAD SAM said on 10/Jul/18
Nowhere close to 5’9”, she’s 171.5 cm at 5’7.5”
Nik said on 18/Nov/17
Maybe slightly smaller!
MaryAnne said on 16/Nov/17
Is she really that tall?
anon said on 21/Oct/17
I have worked security for Kesha. she is 5’6. 5’9 In heels and hair.

oliver said on 9/Aug/17
She’s definitely not 5ft 8.5. Probably 5ft 7-7.5 range. Pitbull looks the same height as her and Nicki Minaj in 5in heels looks as tall as Kesha in flats.

Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Kesha always had a long tourso 😂 and a long body legs are a little short and head averge near big so 5,7.5

Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Kesha is between 5,7 or 5’8 I would say 5,7
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
She is 5,7.5
Kelly said on 24/Jun/17
5,8 almost 9 very tall lucky. in 4,7 as I’m 59

John said on 12/Nov/16
Hey Rob,

how much would the black platform heels give her? How tall would you guess the Harold guy?

How Tall Is Kesha

Editor Rob

John, they could be a heel style that is close to 4 inches.

K said on 8/May/16
I remember back when she came out sites listed her 5’10-6’1 , which I thought was ridiculous . 5’9 probably is accurate for her.

Matthew said on 12/Jul/15
5’8.5″ looks about right Click Here

nebule said on 24/Apr/15
But the 5’5″ or 5’6″ peyton list is kind of taller or she maybe just in flats and peyton’s wearing heels

MaryAnne said on 21/Apr/15
i think she is smaller than that
Ally said on 13/Apr/15
5’9 seems spot on
Sweety said on 12/Apr/15
I think she is 5’8
keny said on 7/Mar/15
She’s tall girl. 5.9 right for her

Jay said on 19/Dec/14
Why are people downgrading her 5’7 or lower? And she’s barefoot in that pic by the way Sherman.

David said on 2/Nov/14
I think Kesha is 5ft 6, but having said that, quite nice looking girl and i’m a big fan.

clark sherman said on 27/Oct/14
Kesha height is about 5’7″

Check out this photo with:
Katy Perry, 5’7″
Rihanna, 5’8
Kesha: 5’7″
Nick Minaj: 5’2″

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If Kesha was 5’9″ than Nicki’s heels would have to be 8″ high, they are 5″ heels MAX

Maria Minuano said on 13/Feb/14
Guys, it’s easy to conclude: compare Kesha with 5’7 (171 cm) Pitbull—they are together in the AMA 2013—and you’ll get the answer. I don’t understand why people say she’s 5’9 (175 cm). She’s in the best scenario 5’7.

kesha said on 31/Jan/14
5 feet 7 inches i think because she is with shoes
afka9 said on 9/Dec/13
probably 173-174 cm

David said on 15/Jun/13
Now read this saw a picture of Kesha and Iggy Pop in April magazine 2013 which had several pages inside on David Bowie.Kesha standing next to Iggy Pop was a good inch shorter and Iggy is 5ft 7 and a half so Kesha undoubtabley must be 5ft 6 and a half.It’s the high heels that makes it seem Kesha is alot taller.The things is having seen that picture of her in Q it would seem the camera never lies.

Jason said on 12/Jun/13
Hard to tell because of high heels and the boots she’s wearing. Probably in between 5’9″ and 5’10”.

kesha said on 19/May/13
i think you 5ft 9in
Josh said on 17/May/13
5’8 the most.
Brad said on 13/Apr/13
5 feet 8. 6 flat in heels.

Peyman-6ft said on 9/Jan/13
kesha an inch taller than rihanna .
Are you kidding me?
Both solid 5’8” singers

Warrior said on 25/Nov/12
Ke$ha is def 5’8″
insider said on 20/Nov/12
she is 172 cm

MommyK said on 18/Nov/12
Just saw Kesha on AMA’s – she’s a big girl – i would be surprised if she’s taller than 5’9″. Plus the heels she wears could easily make her 6′.

MayberryMiMi said on 18/Nov/12
She’s 5’10” and looks every bit of it!
peeves said on 21/Oct/12
Kesha doesn’t even look 5 foot 10. I’d say she looks like 5’8-5’9.

bill said on 9/Oct/12
She is 174cm because Bieber was 5″4 in 2010 and she looked like a giant next to him in high heel at grammy.If she did not wear heel she still had 4 inches on him.

KandyApple said on 26/Sep/12
im always being bugged by my heigth i hate my heigth im 5’8 and im always. Paranoid by my hiegth so it’s always making me feel better when i look up hot singers and actors that are taller than me or as tall as me! Haha!

SolidSnake said on 16/Sep/12
Looked quite tall next to wiz khalifa at the VMAs. I don’t know about 5’9′ though, more likely 5’7”. Didn’t want to comment here, I hate her music so much but it just seems 5’9” is an overlisting.

SIlent d said on 25/Jan/12
No i’m just comparing next to talk show hosts like letterman and conan. She looks 174cm.

zodiac said on 10/Jan/12
she look 5’6 5’7 but she is max 5’8
a said on 4/Jan/12
170-172 cm max

Kla said on 22/Dec/11
as she said for herself. I’m LIKE 5-9. which probably means she isn’t that height.

Russian said on 14/Dec/11
One people say that she’s 5’7 other 5’10 or even 6’1 where is truth? Is here anyone who knows it definetly? I’d be very thankful for that.

Silent D said on 24/Oct/11
Katy perry is shorter than rihanna and I heard she is about five foot 6. She was tall on conan and he is i think 194cm. I can live with five foot 8.

Roxanne said on 9/Oct/11
Me i am about 155 not fair! i’m just 11 years old!

Alex said on 6/Oct/11
Shes on the tall side but I wouldn’t say she looks as much as 5’9. 5’8 perhaps?

Katy Perry is 5’6ish

joms said on 13/Aug/11
She’s 5’9.

and lol at Katy Perry being 5’8. Katy is 5’6 at MOST and maybe 5’4.5-5’5 w/o shoes

samantha said on 12/Aug/11
i’ve seen her in concert, she isn’t short. im about 5’9, & i’d say she is about the same height. maybe taller, maybe shorter. she isn’t taller than 6ft, & she IS taller than 5’5 . i’d say about the 5’7- 5’10 range, from as short as possible, to as tall as possible.
being a female does not matter on how tall she COULD be. there are woman walking around who are over 6ft, & there are men who are under 5ft tall. doesn’t make a difference. its just the AVERAGE heights that everyone tries to take into account when guessing someones height. but even if you go to her personal account on youtube, she looks pretty tall in the videos. but, who knows.
& can comebody PLEASE tell me where you are getting this info to where she SAID she was about 5’9? i can’t find anything on it.

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@Cay said on 3/Aug/11
i totally agree with you on that one it seems if a celebrity is taller than 5’5 she must be lying about her height & she has to be atleast 5’2, people are just so stupid when i first saw kesha i thought she was atleast 5’11 she looked huge in tik tok so 5’9 sounds about right for her i guess

Expert said on 2/Aug/11
Katy Perry is 5’6″ Rihanna is 5’8″ and KeSha is 5’7.5

jonny said on 1/Aug/11
i’m 5’9 and i took a picture with her last year when i saw her at a mall in California, and she was at least an inch or 2 taller than me

joewhite31 said on 16/Jul/11
Definitely not 5’9″, this 5’9″ claim is all smoke and mirrors.

Cay said on 7/Jul/11
Ok rlly? I’m a teenage girl and I am 5’9, it’s not that impossible for her to be 5’9. If u look at all her music videos, she looks rlly tall. She has long legs. I’ve seen her in concert, and she is definately tall, and she was barefoot. I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that she is tall, just look at her body type.

Viper said on 28/Jun/11
LOL at 6-0. This chick doesnt even look 5-9 either.

Hell, I would have guessed 5-6 intially. Wonder why she has this really tall following

Sarah said on 27/Jun/11
ehm. what the hell? I’ve met her and she was 6 ft. she was effin tall and she wasn’t even wearing heels

Aellai said on 20/Jun/11
Shes def. Not 5’6″, my moms 5’6″ and KeSha looks a good 2 inches taller. So if she said “Im like 5-9″ means its very likely shes 5’8”, or so. Since she didn’t say “Im exactly 5-9″. So i’d say shes around 5’8″-5’8.5”. When a celebirty is even kinda tall, everyones going “No way, s/hes 5’5″-5’6”, and when they are even slightly short, everyones going “No way, they are ATLEAST 5’8″!”, whats up with that? lol KeSha is quite tall. 5’8″, even 5’9″ is very believable. Im 5’1″ but I look 4’11”-5’0″ because of my body. Body shape makes a huge difference. Selena is 5’5″, but looks 5’6″/5’6.5″ in some pictures, why? Because of her body type.

BEE (That’s ALL) said on 31/May/11
Come ON, I’m 5’6 and there is NO way she is taller than 5’8 because I saw her in concert barefoot, and she is tiny! As if she can be 5’9, but maybe she grew since June 2010, because I grew five- no, six- inches since that time. Ke$ha ROCKS! If you are reading this Ke$ha, (which you probably aren’t) just know that I made a doll that looks like you for a class project that involved sewing. I loved your concert with Rihanna, and I would have gotten your fan tee-shirt, but my mom said I should get Rihanna’s instead because she thinks you are inappropriate. Ah, I will SO get your shirt at Hot Topic anyway. Oh, no offense that you are tiny just. you are tiny. I will be past 5’9 by the end of eigth grade.

5\’8 said on 23/May/11
met her once n she was at least an inch taller than me, i so ****ing swear to god on that

belllow said on 21/May/11
Well well well.
5’8″ for her
5’9″ for Rihanna
5’6′ for Katy Perry
Tomas said on 5/May/11
It’s about time the height info got changed.

Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 26/Apr/11
6’1? Where this crap come from? She never looks taller than 5’9 flat.

Maybe with big heels she can appear that tall, but barefoot she is absolutely nowhere near that mark.

Dancin with Tears in My Eyes said on 25/Apr/11
5’7.5 for KeSha

dd said on 22/Apr/11
yeah ROB.. you listed ryan p at 5 8.5. how is that even possible?? what do you have to say?

kesha should be at least downgraded to 5’7. i think.

aj said on 21/Apr/11
Ryan Philippe is only 5’9″ so how is kesha that tall.

da_truth said on 15/Apr/11
wow! 6’1″ KeSha with 6’5″ Ryan Philippe on SNL
Click Here
KeSha really looks that height. don’t you think?

sd said on 11/Apr/11
5 9 is pretty believable. She crowed surfed, got dropped, and stood right in front of me.

dave said on 4/Apr/11
mia that was the funiest thing ever. ur right lol
000 said on 3/Apr/11
Idunno, she is quite tall, that´s for sure.

hey said on 17/Mar/11
on the ellen shoe ellen was wearing a 2 inch advantage shoe =)
so, ellen= 5’7+ 2’= 5’9. guess what that means. yeah kesha is 5’9!

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000 said on 14/Mar/11
On Ellen´s show se looked ~5’7, same as Ellen

JellO said on 8/Mar/11
Hmmm. I’ve always guessed around 5’7.5. 5’9 is getting pretty dang tall for a girl, and she never struck me as that big.

leanne said on 28/Feb/11
she looks about the same height as pixie lott, and pixie lott is 5’8

4REAL said on 25/Feb/11
NO way 5’9″ for KeSha, that’s so stupid. In fact, KeSha is 5’6.5, Rihanna is 5’8″ and Katy Perry is 5’5.75 for SURE .

mememe said on 23/Feb/11
i beleive she is 5’9. i mean seriosuly everyone always thought she was 6’1 so yeah 5’9 is perfect becasue on the ellen show she was wearing flats and ellen was wearing big shoes and kesha was still taller.

Legend said on 21/Feb/11
I she 5’9, or 5’lie? 5’8 max.

Alex said on 20/Jan/11
I believe shes 5’7″ or 5’8″ cause shes looks taller but shes always wearing like 3″ heels.

bdef said on 20/Jan/11
she’s perfect 5’9, and not above or below.

HOLDiTAGaINSTmE said on 19/Jan/11
NO! No! No! u all are wrong, i’ve worked with KeSha and She’s around 5’7″-5’8″ maximum.

amsjll said on 12/Jan/11
I’m 5’11” and there is NO WAY she is that tall. Maybe in the huge heels she always wears she is 5’9″. I did an image search and found lots of pics of her with men of seemingly pretty average height and she’s obviously shorter (even wearing huge heels).

Anonymous said on 7/Jan/11
I was supposed to be that tall. I am 5 ‘7″ and the captain of the girls basketball team. The tallest girl is 6 ‘3″ and then my friend Jasmine is only 5’4″. Dang Kesha is tall.

Anonymous said on 1/Jan/11
Agree with the 3 people below. She’s a solid 5’9″. Saw her on the new year’s eve celebration thing with Ryan Seacrest. She was several inches taller. She’s at least 5’8″.

Nick^^ said on 30/Dec/10
She is 5’9=175cm
why do you make people shorter,jealous whoes ! D:

Mia said on 21/Dec/10
WHY DOES EVERY FEMALE CELEBRITY HAVE TO BE ITTY BITTY. You people are so annoying! You’re trying to tell me that Kesha is 5’5? WTF Selena Gomez is 5’5, you’re telling me they’re the same height? Ugh, shut up. She’s tall! Really tall. 5’9 suits her well and you dumb people need to realize all girls are not the size of your freaking Chihuahua.

splefgo said on 15/Dec/10
Why is it that ANYONE on this site gets listed as even slightly tall, there are 100 people screaming about how they arent that tall ..every single last female celeb thats listed as slightly tall just look in the comments ..all you will see is people going “NO NO SHES NOT THAT TALL” “MY BROTHERS UNCLES SISTERS DOGS FRIEND MET HER AND SHES ACTUALLY 4’11, NOT 5’10” thinking its just a bunch of really short sad men who are scared of any woman being taller than them

whatever said on 8/Dec/10
there is no way she is 5’9. my sister works at an airport and checked her in the other day and she said kesha was smaller than her and my sister is ~5’7. so kesha would be 5’5 – 5’6. oh yeah, and she was not wearing heels! a lot of u guys seem not to take the heels she usually wears into account.
also in the pictures that tomas posted she is wearing platform heels that are at least 10cm, probably even 12cm. if santana and foxx are ~ 5’10 that would make her 5’5 – 5’6, supporting what my sister said.
so there. 😉

Catherine said on 24/Nov/10
Kate, that is Taylor Swift (5’11) you’re showing, not Kesha (;
I think she’s somewhere in between 5’7 – 5’9.. Tall girl anyways

vasanth said on 21/Nov/10
i think kesha is 5’9 she is 8 inches shorter than me, yea thats true,and i am 6ft 5 inches, But every google list says 6ft 1 inches its true?

Justin said on 20/Nov/10
AAAHH man there is no way how Ke$ha is 5´9.. Maybe mounted in a dinosaur, but not. She´s about 5´6 without heels.

vince said on 18/Nov/10
i thought she’s only 5’7

Kate said on 17/Nov/10
yup i agree w/ thomas. shes wearing 3in heels nxt to george lopez and she seems slightly shorter than 5’7. def NOT 5’9
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Dominic said on 5/Nov/10
Dont be too dishearted Victor. The Foxx foto gives the impression she is around 5’6 5’7 given shes wearing heels