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How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

How tall is Jessica Simpson

How tall is Jessica Simpson

I faced a lot of fears throughout the show, and one of my fears was to walk a runway, to be a runway model. I mean, come on. I’m 5’3′, and I eat my burgers every now and then, so I’m not a six-foot model who is so skinny you could touch them and they fall over, you know? I’m a totally different body shape.

How tall is Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson and Jessica
Photo by s_bukley/

I know I am too short. I am 5ft 3in. It bothers me. I would always make my mom try to stretch my legs so I would grow, but it didn’t work.

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Average Guess (14 Votes)
5ft 2.27in (158.2cm)

CuriousPeachie said on 10/Nov/20
She isn’t 5’4″, let alone 5’3. I, myself, am a weak 5’4, or 5’3.75 and no way do I look that short next to my weak 5’5 sister. Jessica Simpson is 5’1.5-5’2 maximum.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jul/20
💐🎂 Happy 4️⃣0️⃣th Birthday Jess! 🎂💐

Here’s wishing Jessica Simpson a Very Happy Big 4️⃣-0️⃣ today!

Lamont Cranston said on 2/Feb/20
From the New York Times

‘. When Jessica Simpson walks into a room you’re surprised by three things. The first, and they warn you about this — they say all celebrities are, but trust me, you can’t really wrap your brain around it until you are staring down at a strip of white scalp, bending a mile to give a perfunctory hug hello — is that she is very short. (Google says she is 5-foot-3, her publicist says 5-foot-4, my eyeballs estimate she’s maybe 5-foot-2.). ’

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jul/19
🎂🎈 Many Happy Returns Jessica! 🎈🎂

Wishing the lovely Jessica a very Happy 39th Birthday!

I thought she was around the 5ft4 mark, I must say, so to read 5ft2 and-a-half for her comes as quite a surprise to me!

I’m going with 5ft2.75. 😁💐🕯️

Michael, 5’10” 178 cm said on 27/Nov/18
I laugh at her 5’4” claim. She was never 5’4”. On an episode of the 70’s show, we see her stand next to 5’4” Mila Kunis and she looked to be at least an inch shorter than her. I can buy a weak 5’3” though, probably more like 5’2 1/2”. But I’m going to put 5’3” as my guess because I want to boost her average up.

Rhianna Barr said on 3/Jul/18
Id say Jess is an even 5’3.
Her sister Ashlee is 5’5 tops

Bee123 said on 17/May/17
She’s a 5’3 noway she’s 5’1 that just way to short for her. Her body porportions does not look 5’1

Meredith said on 1/Apr/15
She’s 5’3″. We go to the same grocery store, I pass by her constantly — I’m 5’4″, and she’s within an inch of my height. I’d say she’s a firm 160-161cm.

Sonia said on 15/Jul/14
Real short at the wedding. 5 feet two and a 1/2.
Beachy7777 said on 3/Jul/14
I stood next to her in a yoga class and we’re the same height : 5’3″.
Karen said on 8/Dec/13
I’ve seen her in person and she seems about 5’3.

Star said on 2/Dec/13
Ashlee Simpson is 5″7″ so obviously she is going to be taller than her sister Jessica Simpson!

Mikey P said on 7/Jul/13
Where’s OJ Simpson’s height? Can you add him? He’s 6’1″ and 212 lbs (during his playing days). Thanx!

catk said on 5/Jan/13
i dont think shes even 5’2.5 . id say 5’2. beautiful lady though.
The Truth said on 5/Dec/12
she is def 5’2

Momatomic said on 20/Nov/12
The girl looks awesomely proportioned for being a shorty like me. my self poem is
“Im either five foot one and full of fun, or five feet two with eyese of blue, and both are rel-a-tive-ly true!”

Brad said on 15/Nov/12
Weak 5′ 2″. Her 6′ 2″ Eric had a foot on her in similar footwear a few days ago. Needs those heels or she looks tiny.

Mimi Luvs U said on 11/Sep/12
@roses she doesn’t have a 5’1 girl proportions
so 5’3 sounds reasonable

roses said on 1/Aug/12
If she is shorter than her sister, then I would put Jessica at 5’1″ TOPS. Ashlee is around 5’3″, so Jessica has got to be about 2 inches shorter.

NOLA said on 14/Jun/12
I stood next to her last summer and towered over her and I’m barely 5’3″. We both had on heels but hers were about 2 inches higher than mone. I’d say 5′ even

Brad said on 6/Dec/11
Very curvy, even her nose has a curve. Blonde Texans are supposed to be tall. 5′ 2″.

studly do right said on 4/Dec/11
Who cares how tall she is she is blonde, sexey with curves in all the right places

Carol said on 30/Sep/11
She looks pretty short to me, even with big heels Simpson does not pass as a tall girl. Also, her curvy figure makes her appear even shorter. I’d say she’s around 5’1” – 5’2”.

YoModa said on 31/Jul/11
I don’t know. She is not THAT short but she’s not tall either.

Dominic said on 28/Jul/11
PJ says on 28/May/11
My wife believes Jessica Simpson is only 4’9″, I told her she is crazy. 5’2″ is more like it.

4’9 is probably too low but I think she could be in 5ft flat range, saw an episode of That 70’s show, she was in big heels and still a good 2 inches shorter than Mila Kunis. Kunis was wearing heeled boots but weren’t as big.

Button said on 24/Jul/11
My comment doesn’t seem to have shown up on this page. I wonder why? I’m sure I posted it a week or so ago. Unless it just didn’t go through for some reason. I hope I didn’t say anything wrong. Oh well, not to worry. Perhaps I’ll try again now. All I said is that 4’9″ seems like a very off estimate for Jessica. That’s around the height of Snooki or Lil’ Kim, and I can just tell by looking at them that they’re well below 5’0″, and that Jessica is a lot taller than them. She’s below average height but there’s no way she’s under 5’0″. I don’t buy that 5’4″ claim she made, but I could potentially believe 5’3″. 5’2.5″ sounds fair enough for her though.

dulce said on 7/Jun/11
pj that is litle crazy. i dont think that she is that small. yess she is small but i dont think that she is smaller then 5.0 feet. she is smaller then nelly furtado 2 or 3 cm and i really think that she is 5 feet or mah 5 feet 1. i dont think that she is smaller or bigger than that.

PJ said on 28/May/11
My wife believes Jessica Simpson is only 4’9″, I told her she is crazy. 5’2″ is more like it.

Brad said on 12/Jan/11
Correct. Paula Abdul had major stretching in her videos. That New Day one should be New Figure. She plumped out a bit around ’89-’90 so they did damage control, they even airbushed her tour program til her figure looked like a figure 8. Jessica uses camera angles and of course the carefully cast people around her. Her weight problems make her look shorter than her 5′ 2″ body plus 4-5 inch heeled footwear.

may said on 11/Jan/11
5’2-5’3 sounds about right. she looks taller in some of her videos because she’s always in super high heels and they stretch those videos vertically to make her look even narrower and taller on screen. it’s a video editing trick. they do the same with some of shakira’s videos too.

Mimi said on 15/Dec/10
She is the best 🙂 She’s looks about 5’5

Anonymous said on 16/Nov/10
She looks about an inch shorter than 5f1 Nelly Furtado so I guess she’s only 5 foot. She looked taller when she was thin but now she is very boxy and that’s probably because she’s so short.

Mars said on 7/Nov/10
I read in a magazine which said that she’s only 5’3. I can’t believe it because she always looks to me as tall, like at least 5’6 or 5’7. I wonder why she looks so tall to me in the magazine pictures or on TV? I guess when you look skinny, you also look tall. But she still looks quite tall to me with her recent weight gain..

MandMs said on 6/Nov/10
5’2-5’2.5 max

sara said on 6/Jul/09
i have met jessica simpson and i am 5-4 and i felt like i towered her when i was standing next to her. she’s super short. i’d say between 5-1 and 5-2 probably closer to 5-2

Tara said on 15/Mar/09
Yeah, she definitely looks taller on TV & even on the covers of some the movies she’s been in–anyone notice the DVD cover on “Blond Ambition”? It makes her legs look a lot longer (even though her legs are positioned behind her)

Anonymous said on 6/Feb/09
I wonder what 5’3″ Jessica weighs now, 125. she could be pushing 130 with those curves.

Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
This is a rare photo of her without heels. Maybe her short legs make her appear shorter than she really is.

Strife said on 19/Jan/09
Wow she always seemed taller, like 5’7. Anyone else noticed how everyone looks taller on tv?

5 ft 3.2 said on 11/Jan/09
Jessica has nothing to worry about. Her legs aren’t long but they aren’t really short either. But she is wrong; she is not 5 foot 4.

Anonymous said on 12/Dec/08
Hey, runt, I believe Ali’s 5’8”, here’s a pic from a better angle. And note, though, that Ali is the queen of slouching-without-anybody-noticing. Click Here

runt said on 29/Oct/08
Hey Anonymous (4/Sep/08) are you sure Ali is 5’8″ and not 5’7″? I believe that’s Kelly Rowland on the left and she’s only 5’7″ and appears as tall as Ali. The camera angle is bad though.

anonymous2 said on 21/Oct/08
She looked short next to nick lachey. Nick lachey is about 175cm. In dukes of hazzard she was shorter than sean william scott by at least 20cm and she has heels on. I would say she’s five foot 3 at most. She gets a lot of negative feedback from people but i don’t think she’s that stupid.

runt said on 17/Oct/08
Here she is with legit 5’3″ Carrie Underwood

And here she is with 5′.25″ Eva Longoria

All 3 women are wearing heels obviously. But Jessica is closer to Eva than to Carrie.

Anonymous said on 4/Sep/08
She looks extremely small here next to Ali Landry. Ali’s 5’8”, is even slouching a bit, and looks at least seven inches taller.
Click Here

Brad said on 31/Aug/08
Has anybody ever seen her without the heels/wedges? With Romo on a beach or something? She’s all over from 5′ 1″ to her 5′ 4″ lie.

Anonymous said on 11/Aug/08
OK Rob, I take that “legitimate 5’3” statement back. in this article, Rachael Ray admits to being “5’3 on a good day”. that really means 5’2 – 5’2.5″ I assume.
Click Here
Therefore, Jessica Simpson is probably a little under 5’3″.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

ah, I will add Rachael though, now you pointed out she gave a quote.

Anonymous said on 11/Aug/08
Next to 5’3″ Rachael Ray (TV personality/”cook”) Jessica looks a legitimate 5’3″.
In this YouTube clip, at 1:47, you can see that their heels are the same.

Masel said on 3/Aug/08
People, look at this picture of her standing next to Nelly Furtado (5’2).
Click Here Both wear same-size high heels so there’s no way she’s 5’2. More like 5’0.

Brad said on 31/Jul/08
Wears wicked heels. Nobody can tell really. Good camera angles in all she does to make her taller.

Anah said on 31/Jul/08
5’2 is more realistic for her, although she could even be shorter than that. Her legs and arms are really short so I never thought she looked taller than 5’2 even with heels on.

hugh said on 18/Jul/08
simpson is probably a legit 5’3”give or take a quarter of an inch get over yourself. i doubt men fall over themselves for you and you sound arrogant saying it

damo said on 18/Jul/08
Wow – I thought she was at least 5’6. In her movies and her commercials for proactive she looks at least average height, but I suppose since she’s so thin she appears taller.

John said on 17/Jul/08
Alan says on 21/May/08
The hell. I thought she’s 5’7″. Even her sister’s taller than her.
Ka says on 16/May/08
It’s crap that men like short women! I am 1.75m and men fall over themselves at me! That includes short ones, I have had plenty of teeny men coming after me even like 1.65m type men! My ex was 1.86m and he wished I was taller.
Men who feel inferior and lack confidence maybe like women a lot shorter I dont know!–

Yeah, I agree men who prefer shorter women generally are just too self-conscious and aren’t confident enough. Petite women are nice, but I think taller women (As long as they are shorter than 6 foot) generally have better bodies and carry weight better.

Joe said on 15/Jul/08
shorter women are more attractive than taller women. she looks about 5’3 but its so hard to judge when you take into account the footwear women have.

Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
She is just a couple of inches shorter than the American average for women. Instead of wishing she was tall and unhealthy looking like a model she should focus on trying to get an education so she won’t sound that dumb in the future.

Alan said on 21/May/08
The hell. I thought she’s 5’7″. Even her sister’s taller than her.

Ka said on 16/May/08
It’s crap that men like short women! I am 1.75m and men fall over themselves at me! That includes short ones, I have had plenty of teeny men coming after me even like 1.65m type men! My ex was 1.86m and he wished I was taller. Men who feel inferior and lack confidence maybe like women a lot shorter I dont know!

rose said on 8/May/08
she is about 5’3″. she was about 1.5″ taller then me when she was wearing about 3″ heels and I was wearing flats with about 0.5″ . I am 5’4.5″ bare foot. you all say how honest and ‘real’ she is. why not trust her own judgement in her height. she says she is 5’3″. accept it.

Romo’s A Homo said on 28/Mar/08
High Heels do wonders. Look at this video she is taller than Ellen when she comes out.Click Here

Anonymous said on 9/Mar/08
I saw her while she was filming “employee of the month” in Albuquerque. I am five nine and was a good 10 or 11 inches taller than her. She is a tiny person with very small features.

Herb Buetow said on 17/Jan/08
Their is a video of her and Jewel Kilcher doing a duet from Jessica’s former variety show. The song is Jewel’s “Who will save your soul”. Jewel says she is 5’6″ tall. In the video Jewel appears to be substantially taller than Jessica. Great voices on both performers. Click Here

JBullet said on 19/Dec/07
Definetly 5″2 with heels. She could definetly be a model though, shes gorgeous. You only have to be tall if you want to do the catwalk thats it. She is around 5’2 but that is with her monster heels. I know because I have done lots of modelling myself and in magazines etc you give you height with heels. Its a comonly done thing, and right enough if she always wears heels then thats what it is, 5″2 or 3. But without she wouldnt be 5″

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Anonymous said on 18/Dec/07
Jessica is 5’2 at the most. and to the guy who said that all guys like longer legs, sure.. I would probably agree with you.. but that’s never a deciding factor on whether or not that person is attractive. I think Jessica is beautiful and she’s herself. She’s successful because she isnt phoney. it pays to be honest and to be yourself! Way to go Jessica! xoxo I live my life the same way!

FilmFan said on 7/Nov/07
I think she looks taller because she’s proportioned like a tall girl, much like Shania Twain. She may not be model tall, but she’s model-pretty.

Anonymous said on 18/Oct/07
she’s def 5’2. no smaller, no taller. she’s a big girl. i think she has to work really hard to get and stay in shape. typical build for a short girl. amazing how most people think she’s taller. maybe cause she has a big head. lol

PC said on 9/Oct/07
Based on these pix from JessicaFann Click Here she looks more like 5’1″. Even wearing platform heels she looked so short next to John Mayer who is listed 6’3″. I’m 5’1″ and my husband is 6’4″. I always wear heels but not those big shoes Jessica wore in the pix. In pix our height difference is similar to Jessica and John.

JK said on 6/Sep/07
I agree Alex
Alex said on 5/Sep/07
Jessica is 5’3 at the most, but she’s not under 5’2 neither.

qwerty said on 12/Aug/07
Wow, she’s tiny. I always thought she was taller, I guess because she has a tall person’s face shape, if you know what I mean.

Franco said on 3/Aug/07
she does look 159cm in one of the “hot” calendars where she’s barefooted, i would’ve said 164cm at the least but after my usual research i came to the conclusion she’s 5’3 flat or 160cm.

glenn said on 22/Jul/07
under how much,im not sure .

Anonymous said on 21/Jul/07
so, glenn, what’s your take on her true height? more of 5’3 or 5’2? similiar in height to sarah michelle gellar? she looks it to me.

glenn said on 20/Jul/07
thats is 100 percent correct on all you said.stunning in person.

Anonymous said on 19/Jul/07
for some reason, this isn’t a good pic of jess. i think she’s one of those good looking girls that prob doesn’t photograph as well, but looks great in person. is this true, glenn? and she’s real tiny in person, right??

jayem said on 19/Jul/07
Flower, that is complete crap. I’m not a tall girl either (5’4.5 if I stand up straight), but to say that all men dislike taller girls is ignorant. Everyone has a different preference.

Margaret said on 18/Jul/07
Hi all! I’m so excited to say I bumped into Ms. Simpson the other day coming out of the gym. (I NEVER meet anyone famous!) She was in sneakers and didn’t seem to want to be bothered by fans (there were no cameras around, so maybe that’s why). I was in similar sneakers and I’m 5’3.5. She was much shorter than I expected. And her legs look like those you’d find on a 4’11-5’0 girl! My guess is 5 feet even, or 5’1 max. She is not tall at all (or even average height). Just my two cents!

Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Viper, at 6’3 I’d say a good height for a girl for you would like be 5’9-5’10. I think with guys a good height for a girl is 5-6 inches shorter than them. I myself love short girls too but I’ve seen taller ones I like too.

Viper said on 8/Jul/07
Its all a matter of preference. Longs legs looks sexy but I still prefer short girl.

glenn said on 7/Jul/07
she is a total sweetheart.

TNTinCA said on 7/Jul/07
“By the way men like short women not tall women. sorry for the tall people but thats the way life is”

I call bullsh*t. I’m a man and I like taller woman. Men like long legs. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
flower, you’re obviously a short woman to say that. men are people, humans, and they all have their owm prefrences about height. i know men that like both tall and short women, so it varies depending upon the person. don’t be so insecure, be happy whether you’re tall or short.

Flower said on 1/Jul/07
She really looks short there. By the way men like short women not tall women. sorry for the tall people but thats the way life is.

Mike said on 11/Jun/07
My gf chatted with her at Sundance. She’s 5’5″ and she basically said Jessica is around 5’1″ OR 5’2″–the shortest celeb there by a long shot. She also said Jessica is one of the phoniest people she met.

Anonymous said on 24/May/07
ugh-saw a recent pic of her and her new brown hair-i finally realized why it took my forever 2 figure out she is short-around 5’2 or 5’3-i always thought she was at least 5’5-5’6-it’s b/c she’s a big girl-very wide frame-and large chest and back give her a broad, powerful appearance. but, it is now quite
clear that she is indeed short. should have stuck with the blond hair, too. glenn, was she sweet? i hear she’s a terror in person and totally not into the fans.

Alex said on 24/May/07
5’2 for Jessica and 5’5 for Ashley sound right? Or was there even 3 inches between the 2?

RentGirl said on 22/May/07
In E! True Hollywood Story about the Simpson family her mom described her as 5’2.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

Mother’s do know best. well, not my Mother, she has described me as 5ft 7 before. I ain’t happy about that!

Brad said on 19/May/07
At least we don’t have to see her getting height destroyed by her singing boyfriend anymore.

Alex said on 18/May/07
She does look very short there but its from a distance. I’ve seen people in person from a distance look shorter than they really are then I get up close to them and they’re taller.

Kris said on 17/May/07
She doesn’t look no more 5 feet to me judging from this picture.

Alex said on 16/May/07
The picture is real, thats extreme camera angles for you right there.
I never thought she was 5’6 or near it. I always thought she looked 5’3 and this is going back to 1999. Now I still think she’s similar height. 5’2.5 is my guess.

. said on 13/May/07
On TV She Always Looked At Least Maybe 5’6 Or So I’m 6’3 So If I Was Next It Look Like I Was Standing Next To A Little Girl.

Tom z said on 12/May/07
Well if she 5’3 so what. she only on inch shorter then the average 5’4 women. In japan the average women is much shorter. Anyway, drew barrwymore is about average for a girl so JS should be happy she near average for a girl. If glenn photo’s are correct then she not too bad off. Too bad girls dislike short guys like me. it sux hehe. oh well. Wish guys could wear 4 inch heals, but noooooo.

Viper said on 11/May/07
I cant explain that picture. Is that for real? Look how bloody long her legs look. Back in the day I thought she was like 5-6 at least because she always looked kinda tall on TV.

Alex said on 10/May/07
Tiny and 6’0 at the same time. haha
Can’t tell how tall she is though, plus she has heels but probably around 6’0. 5’11 at least. HOw tall is John Mayer though?

Jessica claimed 5’3 in the link posted by anonymous. I think she’s in between 5’2 and 5’3.

Drew said on 4/May/07
Wow JessicaFann, that pic shows just how incredibly deceiving photos can be.
Brad said on 1/Apr/07
She looks 6′ tall there but she’s tiny.

JessicaFann said on 1/Apr/07
Hahahaha look at this picture, she looks taller than John Mayer. she looks like a giant LOL Click Here

Brad said on 3/Mar/07
Gawd, now I know how I’d stand next to Ms. Simpson and I’m taller than JM by a few. I’d feel like I’d be with a little girl. No wonder she breaks out the 5″ heels.

Anonymous said on 21/Feb/07
Click Here
Petite Jessica Simpson with her tall new boyfriend, John Mayer.

Jessica may not appear very petite standing alone, but when she’s next to tall people, her height shows..

Brad said on 21/Feb/07
Only Stevie Nicks puts on heels like that 24/7 and 365 a year. Must be insecure.

Teresa said on 17/Feb/07
I was always under the impression that she was about 5’4, she doesnt appear to be that small. If she was under 5’2 she wouldn’t exaggerate it up by three inches because people would notice even if she wore heels, so I think maybe 5’3. 5’2 at least.

Anonymous said on 24/Jan/07
I am 5.5 and when I stand next to her, I tower over her. She’s 5.1-5.2 at the most. When Ken cuts my hair I am taller than him by maybe 1-1.5 inch, therefore compare the two in photographs and you can see she is shorter than him.

Ellie said on 23/Jan/07
she seems very insecure with her height. i think she’s lying when she says she’s 5’3″, her heels are always like 5 inches and then she’s as tall as ashlee, who’s 5’6″-ish. i think jessica is between 5’1″ and 5’2″

Alex said on 2/Jan/07
Viper, Eva is pretty short but under 5’0 seems a bit too short, but Parker does have her by a solid foot. I can see Eva at 5’0 flat though and Jessica looks at least 5’2 to me. My estimates are 5’2 and 5’0 for each.

Viper said on 30/Dec/06
Alex, I cant see Jessica over a flat 5-2. Id even say she might be 5-1 1/2.
Viper said on 30/Dec/06
Id say Eva is 4-10 1/2 now. Just look how much 6-0 Tony Parker shrimps her.

Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Jessica isn’t a tall girl, a little under average for a female but she looks tall compared to Eva. If Jessica’s heels are a little bigger than Eva’s that still puts Jessica 2 inches or so taller. Eva is 5’0-5’1 so put Jessica at maybe 5’3.

Anonymous said on 28/Dec/06
In that second pic, Jessica’s heels have the advantage of a platform toe, which gives her more of a height-boost than Eva’s shoes. They both have killer heels though. I say Jessica 5’2″. Eva 5’0.

Brad said on 19/Nov/06
Wicked heels, she can fool the jokers off a deck of cards. Knows how to walk in them, like Pam Anderson.

Anonymous said on 16/Nov/06
Actually, last year I was watching a program on VH1 on Jessica’s life and in it, her high school teacher described her as being 5′ 2″ at the age of 15. Personally, Jessica strikes me as being 5′ 3″ today, but her actual height depends on whether she grew after 15.

Alex said on 11/Nov/06
I could be fooled by her footwear and thinking she is 5’3. These girls aren’t easy to pin down because of their heels.

Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
5-3 is now out of the question for me. 5-2 Max or slightly shorter.
Alex said on 7/Nov/06
I think she could be 5’3.

Becky Shuman said on 4/Nov/06
jess doesnt look 5’2.5″ to me! i think shes wearing 5 inch heels to make herself look 4 inches taller although shes 5’3″!

TNTinCA said on 30/Oct/06
Remember that 5’4″ is average height for women. In North America anyway. So 5’3″ is not exactly a “stumpy dwarf”. 🙂

anon said on 29/Oct/06
She claims 5’3″. Her sister claims 5’7″ and is clearly from Glenn’s pic only 5’5″ at the most. Ashley always seemed about 4″ taller than her sister, on their tv show or when photographed together. I would say she is no more than 5’1″. Her dad seems to control everything and I am sure he lied about their heights. Furtado is always listed at 5’1″ and they seem to be the same height, standing the same way, in picture added below. Clearly Jess is not 2″ taller.

Xan said on 24/Oct/06
So many of us ladies on this comment page are 5’3! I am, too, and I just keep thinking: If she’s 5’4 I’d look like the stumpiest dwarf if I ever made it in Hollywood.

stylist said on 18/Oct/06
Jess is so tiny, I went to a party for her a while back and I am 5’3″ she was maybe my hieght or shorter. The real mystery is why vanessa and nick think they are so tall.. Isaw them in NYC a last month she grabed my arm and pulled me next to her. shes tiny but beautiful. Nick is not tall he stood right in front of me 2 inches away from me I didn’t have to look up to talk to him.

venus said on 10/Oct/06
I give Jessica 5’1.5 the most, she be wearing 6 and 7 inch heels, she has strong legs and her back must be made of steel!

cristina wise said on 9/Oct/06
I met her and nick after the music awards in Las Vegas a 3-4 yrs ago. she’s freaking short, i remember thinking that (i’m only 5’3 too) she was not in heels. but she was not wearing make up or anything. still cute.

anonymous said on 9/Oct/06
Jessica Simpson is 5’3″ tall. I walked right next to her on the beach and asked her for an autograph. We were both barefoot and I’m 5’3″ tall. By the way, Glenn cannot possibly be 5’8″ tall. I think he’s 5’5″, 5’6″ MAX. He isn’t even leaning that much into Jess. We need to stop using him as the standard. He’s not telling the truth about his height.

anonymous said on 28/Sep/06
Looking at the picture she looks about 5’1″ with Glenn, if he is wearing about 1″ shoes and she has her typical 3-4″ (sometimes even 5-6″) shoes. When she first came out as an artist, I remember people saying everywhere she was 5’1″. Then as the years go by they grow an inch and then another inch.

Brad said on 12/Sep/06
5′ 2″. As said below: she wears wicked heels and never looks tall. If somebody said 5′ 1″ I’d buy it also. Mystery height gal.

Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
Who has seriously met her? What do YOU think?
Alex said on 6/Sep/06
Nick looks at least 5’9, maybe 5’9.5.

Yo said on 4/Sep/06
If Nelly Furtado is taller than her or about the same hieght then there’s no way in hell she’s 5’3 when more sources say Nelly is 5’1 Click Here

Viper652 said on 3/Sep/06
Nick is for sure no shorter than 5-8 1/2.

anonymous said on 1/Sep/06
I met Nick Lachey and he is not 5’9 – somewhere between 5’7-5’8. Seeing the picture of Jess in 3″-4″ heels and still being 4″ shorter than Nick, I would say she is 5’1. The pictures of Jess and Eva Longoria only say Eva isn’t 5’1. You got to figure if Nick and Jessica are pumping up their height, I doubt Eva is telling the truth at 5’1 – probably more like 4’11.

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Anonymous said on 25/Aug/06
Definitely 5’3 at the most. it seems like she may be rounding her height up.

Xan said on 16/Aug/06
I really think 5’1 5’1/2 for her. Not only does she wear high heels, but she wears thick-soled platform high heels. I saw a few pairs of her shoes from her line, and I was really surprised at how high they were. I have some wicked high heels (4 3/4′) and Jess’s shoes were just as high and when she wears them she NEVER looks tall.

Alex said on 15/Aug/06
She was listed at most places at 5’3 for a long time. The 5’4 I didn’t see often. Shes def no taller than 5’3 and 5’2 is a possible but no less than that either.

Anonymous said on 1/Aug/06
I found this article where Jessica states, “I like flip flops and stuff,” she said. “But I’m a girl that likes height because I am only 5-foot-3-inches.”
>Click Here
I think that she 5’3 at the most. 5’2.5 seems more accurate but it’s hard to tell.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

that’s a recentish quote, she’s given her height up and down like a yoyo last few years, 5ft 3, 5ft 4, 5ft 3, 5ft 4.

Tim said on 31/Jul/06
It’s kinda hard to judge by a picture. You can’t tell if she’s 5’1 or 5’4 just because her legs are so stumpy. And how you can compare her to another celebrity considering that most of them apparently exaggerate their heights.
I agree, Jessica is not blessed with long legs but that may be down to that she’s not well proportioned like e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker whose legs look much better than most of the “tall girls” despite she’s only about 5’3.
But I saw the picture of Jessica with two other women and she really looked quite short compared to them.

victoria said on 26/Jul/06
sorry, i didn’t see that eva not wearing heels pic. but avelin does have a point with the sunbeam pic. she looks 5’s and they’re both wearinmg heels

avelin said on 26/Jul/06
no i meant the pic sumbeam posted she looks 5’3ish.

danni said on 25/Jul/06
victoria, in those pics with jessica and eva longoria, eva is not wearing heels. she’s in flip-flops, whereas jessica has on the platform stilletos.

JDD said on 25/Jul/06

Amanda said on 24/Jul/06
all i can say is if you are short count your blessings.. 1 you can find guys taller than you 2. you can wear heels and not look stupid and 3 you can find jeans to fit.. all be it they may be too long but too long is better than too short. The only advantage i have found of being a 6’3 female is sports.

diana said on 22/Jul/06
Theres NO WAY Jessica could be 5″3. When you look at her next to stars like Eva Longoria they look around the same height. I would say Jessica is in a height range from 5″1-5″2. But who cares. the average American woman is 5″4 and under and many men consider her the hottest woman like ever. Many celebrities are petite such as Jessica, Eva Longoria, Christina Milian, The Olson Twins, Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguliera, Hilary Duff,Jojo, Kelly Ripa and so many others are all under 5″3. As I always say, in my opinion, shorter is better because you date all guys of all heights in huge heels and even if you’re not pretty youre still cute!

Nelly said on 19/Jul/06
To Sianna, I like tall girls, for sure. I like girls with long beautifull legs. But I don’t like my girlfriend being taller than me, i’m 6’1. I think that 5’8 is a nice height for girls. Why are u asking, are u small or what?

Haylie said on 15/Jul/06
Has anyone seen her new video which Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, and Christina Milian are all in? It’s a pretty good way to judge all of their heights. I’ve only seen a picture of it being made but from what I can tell, Eva is the smallest, Jessica and Christina Milian are very close in height, and Christina Applegate is the tallest (though not be that much)

sam said on 14/Jul/06
Sianna, I think Groucho Marx said it best for most guys: “You girls have everything, you’re short and tall, and slim and stout, and blonde and brunette. And that’s just the kind of girl I crave!”

sianna said on 13/Jul/06
to any guys on u prefer tall girls or petite.

Jenny said on 12/Jul/06
Click Here In the 3rd photo at her beach party, she stands on tip-toes for the picture. It’s the only one that’s full body.

anonymous said on 11/Jul/06
Why are some people saying: “so maybe 5’3″ isnt actually wrong” and “maybe she is 5’2” and all this stuff? I mean, yeah, it’s not actually or probably or maybe. it’s the truth, guys! Jessica is that short!

Anonymous said on 9/Jul/06
She is definitely not much taller than eva! It looks like she is wearing very high heels in those pictures and eva is not wearing any. 5’2 sounds good to me

JDD said on 2/Jul/06
Yeah she may look taller because first of all. If you notice Jessica’s shoes on on the set of her new video..they are pointy PLATFORM so they have an extra height under the front of the sandal..and also in another picture on the site it shows a pic where eva is not wearing any heals and shes standing near jessica whos wearing like 5 inch heels: Click Here ( notice jessica’s heels in this they have an extra platform)

sianna said on 29/Jun/06
in the pic that sunbeame posted. jess looks a fair bit taller than eva whos what..5’1? so maybe 5’3 isnt actually wrong

M said on 28/Jun/06
I think she is more like 5’1 or 5’2. Looking at this picture, she is the same height as Eva, and Jess is wearing MUCH taller heals.
Click Here

sunbeame said on 24/Jun/06
Actually, after seeing some recent pics of Jess next to Eva Longoria, i am actually thinking 5’2 or 5’3 is not that far from the truth!! She looks about 3 inches taller, or an absolute minimum of 2 inches taller. Eva is apprently 5’1.
Click Here

Alex said on 31/May/06
Sunbeame, those sneakers she has on give a good 1.5 inches. I got a pair of New Balance with chunkish heels that give 1.5 inches. My other sneakers give just an inch. New balance are known for the 1.5 inch heels.

Alex said on 31/May/06
Glenn, I could see Jessica as short as 5’2 but no less than that though.

J. said on 31/May/06
In defense of Jessica, in the pic that sunbeame posted, her legs are crossed and she’s not really standing straight. However, it does prove that she can really be in the 5’2″ range! It’s weird because I could have sworn that she looked an average height girl back when she first came out!

Glenn said on 31/May/06
kind of looks that way doesnt it?
Glenn said on 29/May/06
5-3 tops.5-2 more realistic.

sunbeame said on 29/May/06
Pic of Jess in flats (well..chunky sole uggs)
Click Here

Looking quite short! 5’3 really isn’t THAT short, i think she looks shorter.

Wicked Kid said on 29/May/06
Glenn!! Are you really sure it’s not 5’3″ with her 4″ heels. Her legs are soooooo short I would probably only believe if you told me she’s 5′.

Glenn said on 29/May/06
5-3 tops.I took the photo for conversation piece.

Alex said on 28/May/06
Decent picture by Glenn. She does look short there but those guys also appear pretty tall. Hard to guess her height in that picture since we don’t know how tall those other guys are for sure. What did Glenn estimate her barefoot height anyway?

A. said on 24/Apr/06
She was such a wrong choice for Daisy Duke, that was really when her height kind of donned on me, the first thing I noticed in her photos was how stumpy her legs appeared. even at size 0!

All the sources for Catherine Bach are 5’8 (and she looked it, even taller wearing her heels, maybe you should do a height on her Rob?) and at size 1 her legs looked long and great. If Jessica was really 5’4 she would have been able to look taller, and the shorts usually make the most of increasing a persons illusion of height, but she still looked pretty small. I’d say she’s around 5’1.5, 5’2 at the most.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

bach will be added in future and on dukes did look near that yes

Vivi said on 17/Apr/06
On one of the episodes of “The Newlyweds”, Her fam was making fun of her for wearing high heels at the pool. She stated somthing like “I always wear heels I’m only 5’2”.

Alex said on 16/Apr/06
Jess could get away with 5’3 and thats her at the max. 5’2.5 seem a bit more accurate.

sf said on 14/Apr/06
I don’t mind her short legs either, as I find them quite gorgeous.

cheryl said on 13/Apr/06
kate i really do agree with you!so what if she’s got short legs.i wouldn’t’s cute.she is something between 5.1-5.3 and whatever her height is it is fine and her height!people should be pleased with their sis cute being short anyway jess in my opinion!

Kats said on 13/Apr/06
Totally crazy Rob! She certainly appears to have short legs, but her parents had to be insane to do that! Just insane! For starters, how could they think that would work, and more importantly how cruel were they to put her through that? IDIOTS.

ice said on 5/Apr/06
I give her a strong 5’2, which would be like 158cm. This would make sense with her sister at 164cm.

Alex said on 5/Apr/06
No way is Jessica as low as 4’11-5’0! LOL
Shes not as tall as 5’4 for sure. Rob’s estimate is good though, but she’s def in the 5’2-5’2.5 range.

sf said on 22/Mar/06
On Entertainment Tonight, or Access Hollywood, or one of those idiotic shows that I somehow happened to be watching a few nights ago, she was talking about some designer shoes coming out in her name, and how she likes heels because she is “only 5’3″.” Anyway, she said, 5’3″ – take it for what it’s worth.

cheryl said on 22/Mar/06
yeah but also nick’s sneakers have 1-1.5 inches.i do think she’s 5.1,5-5.2.she goes to nick’s nose when they’re barefoot and as nick’s 5.9 that height sounds right.

JDD said on 21/Mar/06
YEAH but dont also forget those uggs shes wearing DO have atleast 1-1.5 inches also !! I definitely have to say she is for sURE 5″1-5″2 and no more than that!!

Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Hey, could Jess be as tall as 5’3″ Rob? Here she is with Nick and she’s not in heels; he’s in sneakers. She doesn’t look as short.
Click Here

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

yes, possibly. Sometimes you are going to find photos that exaggarate differences, with sloping streets, one person mid-stride, further back etc. In those instances some might argue simpson looks 5ft 1, but in most pics 5ft 2.5-3 is what I would guess

cheryl said on 18/Mar/06
yes,i’m becoming to think she’s about 5.1.gosh,i’d wish i only was as short.i konw it sounds weird,but i do.but jess is walking a bit more on the back side than nick.maybe?

theheightguru said on 13/Mar/06
Wow, that last pic looked pretty concrete. She’s wearing MEGA HEELS and is still shorter than Nick.

Anonymous said on 12/Mar/06
Rob, I seriously think you need to downgrade her to at most 5’1″ b/c here’s a picture of her and Nick in August 2005. He is wearing flip flops and she is in what looks like 4″ heels. Nick is listed here as 5’9″. As you can see, Simpson in her heels look 6-7″ shorter. Click Here

Jeee said on 9/Mar/06
after seeing her in person Id bet money that shes five feet tall. no more. my friend is five four and she met her a few times before. both had heels on and she said she was a full head taller than jess.

cdtt said on 1/Mar/06
I met her about a year ago then I was about 5’9″ and she had on some heels about mabye 3 or 4 inches tall. I was about 5 inches taller than her. So that is about 5’1″ or 5’2″

sunbeame said on 28/Feb/06
A picture of her in trainers, looking very petite:

rae said on 23/Feb/06
I’ve heard that she’s 5’3 at the most. That sounds about right. I just don’t understand how all these average height celebs have such enormous feet!

cheryl said on 16/Feb/06
sunbeame,you are right.has anyone seen her lately?and who could tell how tall she is?it’s true,you hardly never see her without heels.even ugg boots give you about an inch or even more!

sunbeame said on 15/Feb/06
The thing you have to remember is that Jessica tends to wear very high heels, and also styles with a platfrom base also. (Check out if you don’t believe me, or pictures such as this

Such shoes will make her apear a fair bit taller than her true height!! This should be taken into consideration when working out her height.

Glenn says Carmen Electra is 5’2. Jessica may well be a bit shorter than this then, given her heel heights/platform soles. She also appears incredibly keen to mask her true height (even her ‘flip flops’ which she wears in newlyweds, and are on the jessica style website are 4 inch wedges. Plus she makes comments about how short she thinks she is.
She’s a tricky one to work out as she goes to a lot of work to fool people into thinking she is taller than she is!!

cheryl said on 15/Feb/06
our girl jess is so short but i still think she’s gotta be brother is about nick’s size and i’m 5.2,5 and our height differenze is about the same as theirs.

Anon said on 14/Feb/06
hey heres an interesting pic. I just thought I’ll post this up because maybe it could help. Its Jess standing next to Kelly Clarkson(whose kinda barefoot) and some other guy. Hope this helps you people! Bye Bye

Wicked Kid said on 13/Feb/06
Like I don’t think 5’3″ is classified as ‘real short’ as the average American Woman is 5’4″. So she’s just an inch below average which ISN’T considered ‘real short’. She’s totally bluffing. Or she’s just too bimbotic to tell inches and feets apart. I stick to 4’11” – 5′.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

I forgot what programme, but the other day I saw some footage of her and carmen electra and they really looked near enough the same height.

JDD said on 11/Feb/06
EXACTLY so if shes like 5″1.5 she’s gonna say she’s 5″3. most celebrities DO add a couple inches to her height and she obviously did. she’s NoT 5″3.

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How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

the thing is ‘really short’, isn’t 5ft 3 or 2. for ladies ‘really short’ is Christine Chenoweth range! But the point is she began by saying 5ft 3 when she was 20 odd, then as she got even more famous she then starts saying 5ft 4.

this is the girl whose parents would yank on her legs at night in some futile attempt to make her taller 😉

CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Feb/06
March 2001:
“I’m real short, I’m 5’3” and I’ve always wanted to be taller”

Alex said on 9/Feb/06
I could go as low as 5’2 for her but nothing less than that. I highly doubt she’d boost her height up by 4 inches, lol.

Wicked Kid said on 9/Feb/06
5’2.5″. Note how much Glenn has to bend to reach near her eye level.

Serene said on 5/Feb/06
Agree with Alex.. she is short.. but not as short as 5′.. that would be unfair for Jessica ( just kidding)..

5’2.5 is okay.. I think..

cheryl said on 26/Jan/06
we ALL KNOW JESS IS TRULY A SHORT PERSON,but she is definetely at least 5’1.i swear.i’ve never seen her but my brother is about same size than nick and when i’m barefeet our height differenze is about the same that nick&jess have when she’s barefeet.IMO she’s 5’2.?

Serene said on 25/Jan/06
In Dukes of Hazzard.. she does seem to be a bit short.

My local magazine also stated her as 160cm tall.. 5’3″

Wicked Kid said on 24/Jan/06
I’m still betting on 5′ though. If Glenn stood straight, they’d already be 4″ apart at least. And minus her usual 4″ heels.

heightfan said on 20/Jan/06
She is a very tough one, she doesn’t appear to be one of the true shortees (IMO an adult female 5′-5’2″) I think you have her nailed at 5’2″1/2. Also I agree with cheryl about short girls being hot.

cheryl said on 19/Jan/06
when jess is wearing about 3 inch heels and is next to ashlee she looks a lot shorter.still.and ashlee has trainers.just look at those pictures when they were shopping last year or something in ny.i still don’t (want to)believe that jess is only 5’1.i think 5’2.5’1 would make me jealous.being short is so totally HOT.

Glenn said on 17/Jan/06
wow.I had no idea she was supposed to be that short.but im putting my foot in my mouth cause she had heels on here and im bending and leaning into her.I would guessed 5-4.maybe she is 5-2 ish.

Toni said on 16/Jan/06
Hmmm. I would have to say that you can’t go by pictures like this..She could be leaning in to him also.I have plenty of pictures with people that I look shorter than them just because of the way we are standing.

Viper652 said on 16/Jan/06
How the hell does Glenn meet all these celebs??

sunbeame said on 15/Jan/06
Also i was wondering, at 5’8 Glenn is only an inch or so shorter than Nick Lachey, but there always seems to be WAY more of a difference between them two?

Anonymous said on 14/Jan/06
Glenn what would you guess she is in barefeet?

sunbeame said on 14/Jan/06
So what do you rekon then Editor Rob? I know you can’t see the heels, but you can assume they are her usual 4 or 5 inches. She has admitted herself that she always wears heels this big. Glenn is STILL taller AND is leaning.
I really do think from all the photos/tv shows i have seen, that she is a very petite person. The general consensus on this page strongly places her at about 5’1.

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

Glenn, what did you reckon she looked when you saw her?

Anonymous said on 14/Jan/06
I can’t see the picture of Glenn with Jessica? Does anyone else have that problem? Is there a link to it where i can see the picture? Thanks

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

it had an s missing in the filename so shows now

Sarah said on 14/Jan/06
I’d say she is 5″1′. I’m 5″1′ also and even in 4″ heals she looks the same as I do next to average height girls. When she stands next to other celebrity girls that aren’t that tall themselves she still looks small. My boyfriend just noticed how short she was on the award show she just did. When she presented she stood way off to the side to try to make it less noticeable.

Rilson said on 8/Jan/06
I was watching E!news the other day and they showed a video clip of jessica on the red carpet at some event, and i have to say i was really shocked at how tiny she was! I’d always assumed she was around 5’3 but i don’t think so anymore. The camera was looking down the red carpet so you could see her in comparison to other people and she just looked like this tiny little doll. (thats not ment to sound derogatory – i think she’s beautiful!!). Anyway this is obviosly with her heels ON – without them, i dunno, i’d also be inclined to say 5’0 or 5’1 i think. But admitedly in some pics she can look taller, but probably just through bigger heels.
Ashlee – i agree, maybe 5’3.5/5’4.

Sarah said on 6/Jan/06
Jess is definitely 5″1, but I don’t think Ashlee’s only 5″3. I think 5″4. she seemed taller then that. and don’t forget also that in pictures next to Jessica, not only are her heels usually smaller then Jess’ but also she slouches a lot when she stands, giving the effect that she’s shorter then she is !

Wicked Kid said on 6/Jan/06
Well so that kinda settles it doesn’t it? Jess is 5’1″ max, and Ashlee’s 5’3″?

Marc said on 2/Jan/06
I met her one time when she was in Flip flops. I’m 5’10, and I had a little bit more than a head over her (maybe about 9 inches, since my head is about 8 inches). She complained to me that she wished she was my height (even though i’m a guy. weird) since I’m the right height to be a female model. Too bad I’m not 6’3″ like I want to be, but short hot girls always make it all better.

anonoymous said on 2/Jan/06
she is defnitely 5’1″ because she says herself she usually wears 5-4″ heels- and if she was really 5’4″ like she says she would be about the same height as Nick Lachey! And in all pictures she is about 3 or 4 inches shorter than him.

sunbeame said on 17/Dec/05
So how tall would you say she is then, Bobbyb?? Would you agree with the rest of us that she is more 5’1 than 5’3??

Anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
yea i’d say 5 foot 1. shes so short! LOL
but short girls are much cuter

Anonymous said on 6/Dec/05
if nick is 5’9 exactly then jessica looks like she is closer to 5’1, if nick is taller than 5’9 (which most people think he isnt) than she is taller maybe in the 5’2 area.

sunbeame said on 5/Dec/05
Here is another one where they’re both standing a little straigter:

sunbeame said on 5/Dec/05
Some rare pics of jessica in trainers, may help to give some perspective. I still think smaller than 5ft 2.5, remember Nick isn’t majorly tall himself at around 5ft 9.

Anonymous said on 2/Dec/05

look at how SHORT ashlee sim looks in this pic next to this guy whos 5 foot 8.
wow and jess is 2-3 inches shorter.

hannah said on 2/Dec/05
she says she’s 5ft 3,but i guess she might be shorter.i’m 5ft 2.5 and i really hope she’s not shorter than me cause she’s the cutest and i don’t want her to be shorter.i’m jealous.being short and tiny is SUPER!!and jess IS TINY!!

Wicked Kid said on 30/Nov/05
Apollo, a pity we can’t see their heels. Mandy looks to have about 8 inches height advantage over Jessica.

Wicked Kid said on 23/Nov/05
Well the editor Rob has to listen to both sides. So at least he’s starting to downgrade Jessica. Half an inch is still something. Though I’d still be pushing for the 5’1″ she deserves.

sunbeame said on 23/Nov/05
There’s no point downgrading her just half an inch – everyone seems to be saying she’s not that tall, and from pictures i’ve seen i agree! If you’re going to downgrade her at least it make it worthwhile!! Some of these female celebs seem to get away with lying too easily.

Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
Yeah, Jess’s clearly 5’1″ MAX to the MAX. I wouldn’t be surprised that she’s 5’0″. Why is she listed at 5’3″? Since Nick Lachey’s height’s been downgraded by an inch, shouldn’t Jess’s height be downgraded too?

How Tall Is Jessica Simpson

Editor Rob

I’m thinking 5ft 2.5. but 5ft 1 is well, people can get away with 2 inches
anonoymous said on 20/Nov/05
Why do you still list her height as 5’3″? She is clearly 5’1″-5’2″.

sunbeame said on 19/Nov/05
On here and in the ashley simpson page, there sure seems a lot of evidence for a downgrade? I think she is 5’1.

Viper652 said on 13/Nov/05
Sean William scott is no more then 5-10 though

sianna said on 13/Nov/05
im seriously doubting that shez even 5’3! i mean look at here in “The Dukes of Hazard” in the scene when Jess, Jonny ans Seann r in the bar, it is clear that jess is wearing 4-5 inch heels, and she barely reaches the 6″ Seann William Scotts shoulders! i think she is 5’1.

Kianna said on 11/Nov/05
i’m glad that jessica is 5’3 because i’m only 5’2 and she is so beautiful. so she is like a role model to me if she is that short and still looks that beautiful then i could look that beautiful too.

sunbeame said on 9/Nov/05
The more i look at pictures of her standing next to other people, the shorter she seems. Pictures of her next to her co-stars of Dukes of Hazard, appearing at TRL, she looks really small even in her heels – probably about 4 inch ones.

If she were 5’3, then she should be like 5’7 in these shoes, but next to the others she doesn’t look near that, in my opinion. I wonder if she could even be more like 5’1, but just disguises it as much as she can.

Anonymous said on 6/Nov/05
it says she is 5’3” everywhere but i wonder how can she not look so fat when she is that small. cuz she have big breasts and everything. i think she looks taller.

Sarah said on 28/Oct/05
she admitted herself “I always wear 4 inch heals, when I want to look taller I wear 5 inch heals.” From In Touch Magazine. see her heals are enormous. but shes the best!!

Anonymous said on 28/Oct/05
You guys really think she is shorter than 5’3″? I guess she always wears really really high heels then?

What said on 27/Oct/05
I think evidence is sufficient for a downgrade. 5’2″ is still generous, but Jess deserves generous.

Serena said on 26/Oct/05
You HAVE you downgrade her to 5″2 i’ve met her too and I’m definately 5″4 (just been measured) and she was more than an inch smaller than me!

Sarah said on 25/Oct/05
sorry sweetheart but i didnt have a camera with me when i met her. please do me a favour and look at all the pictures of her with ne celebrities. ie like nicole richie who is 5″1. u can see their pic somewhere on gettyimages and even with other celebs. shes shorter then them. beside carmen who addmitted to being 5″2.5 shes also a bit shorter..k so sorry but im right ok byeeee hun

heightgirl said on 24/Oct/05
Heh – SORRY Sarah – but it’s very easy to claim you’ve met someone on the Internet. Pictures are the only evidence I take seriously.

a 5’9 girl said on 23/Oct/05
Now when you downgraded Nick to 5’9 you can downgrade Jessica to 5’2

SARAH said on 22/Oct/05
YES MISS height girl. she does look 5″2 because i met her. shes soooooooooo small. goo meeet her then come talk okay buddy

heightgirl said on 22/Oct/05
There’s no way she’s shorter than 5’3. I’d say somewhere between 5’3 and 5’4.

Sarah said on 22/Oct/05
jessica doesnt look 5″3
J. said on 17/Oct/05
That pic also proves that Lachey ain’t 5’10”.

Sarah said on 15/Oct/05
It really is true. I think that she says her height WITH her heals because when i met her she was wearing some uggs of some sort . with like maybe 1 inch heal..and im a tru 5″4 with flats. she was definitely shorter then like two inches..(with her uggs on)

Christina said on 14/Oct/05
do you wanna hear what I really think?!
jessica is 5’1 and nick is 5’9.
i’m quite sure about this.

Anonymous said on 11/Oct/05
Ashlee is onlt two inches taller. And Jess is not 5’3″, at all.

Anonymous said on 11/Oct/05
I fitted jessica for a dress a couple years ago. She barely met the 5’1″ mark without shoes. Ash was only three inches taller and nowhere near 5’6″. We have to know that stuff. When you are super short in Hollyood it is very easy and a basic requisite to add about two or three inches to your height.

Catherine said on 9/Oct/05
I’d say 5’2.5.

Evangeline said on 5/Oct/05
i think her legs looked long when she’s in jeans,but when she’s wearing skirts,her legs seem quite short.Like in the “dukes of hazzard”,she was wearing shorts and its quite clear that she’s not very tall.But i think she’s beautiful and sweet!

CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Sep/05
In Teen Vogue September 2000, before she was saying ‘I’m 5ft 4’ she said: “If I could change something about my figure, I’d wish for longer legs. I’m only five foot three. And smaller feet. I wear 7 1/2”

Wicked Kid said on 25/Sep/05
Well if you look at more photos of her. You’ll notice that she has a really short lower leg for a 5’3″.(I can’t remember what it’s called)

christina said on 23/Sep/05
here’s a picture of jessica and nick:
jessica looks something like 8 inches shorther than nick who is 5’10
so jessica is 5’2

FJA said on 16/Sep/05
I’ve heard that she is 5’3″, but her sister is 4″ taller at 5’7″! Thats wild that Jessica is 4″ shorter than Ashley.

JDD said on 29/Aug/05
I think you should downgrade her height to 5″2. all that have met her say she is REALLy tiny in person. i think that is so cute

Marc said on 25/Aug/05
I recently met Jessica Simpson. I am About 5’10” (without my shoes on), and I towered over her.

HK said on 23/Jul/05
she does look 5’2″. it makes sense since when people always looked at her and her sister, they said 5’3″ and 5’6″. Now that Ashlee has been put at 5’5.5″, then Jessica is easily 5’2.5″.

Z2 said on 10/Jul/05
Before Jessica made it BIG, she was always listed as 5’3″. When Newlyweds came out, she “upgraded” her height to 5’4″. I think Jessica is 5’2″ in height.