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All About Ciara and Russell Wilson’s 3 Kids

Ciara and Russell Wilson are the proud parents of three children — and they can’t wait to expand their family even further!

When Ciara met Wilson in 2015, she was already mom to Future Zahir, 8, from her previous relationship with rapper Future. After tying the knot the following year, the couple welcomed their daughter Sienna Princess, 6. In 2020, their family grew once again when Ciara gave birth to their youngest child, Win Harrison, 2.

While life with three children can be hectic, the couple says that they’ve embraced the chaos of their full house, telling PEOPLE it is “non-stop entertainment.” Ciara says their “hilarious” kids completely “run the house,” — but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ciara, Russell Wilson, and their kids

“I feel like, if I could look back in a crystal ball when I was a little girl and I looked at the idea of my family and what it would be for me, it’s exactly this,” Ciara shared with GQ.

Wilson added, “Every day I come home from work and it’s late at night, it’s after film and practice and all that, and me and Ciara are together, and we just smile from ear-to-ear in the kitchen because we realize that our family is a beautiful blended family but it’s also, you know, our family. It’s us.”

Ciara, Russell Wilson, and their kids

With their hands full with three young children, the couple still isn’t ruling out the possibility of having more. Wilson says he’s ready for another whenever Ciara is, though the “Body Party” singer says they’ve “got a little time before we get there.”

In 2022, the family of five moved to Denver. In October, Ciara opened up about the change of setting and shared that the kids are thriving in their new environment. “I’m so happy. I love our home,” the singer-songwriter said ahead of the CMT Artists of the Year awards. “My kids are happy in school. I love Denver — it’s pretty amazing.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s children.

Future Zahir Wilburn, 8

Future Zahir Wilburn, Ciara and Russell Wilson attend the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada

On May 19, 2014, Ciara welcomed her first child with her then-fiancé, rapper Future. The couple named the little boy Future Zahir Wilburn after his father. Just a few months after the baby was born, the pair announced that they were ending their engagement amid reports of the rapper’s alleged infidelity.

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In 2016, Ciara tied the knot with Wilson, who was thrilled to welcome the little boy into his life. He later said his stepson becoming a part of his family was “a blessing,” and he was his “joy every morning” and his “light every night.”

By Future’s sixth birthday, Ciara said she couldn’t be more proud of who her little boy was becoming. He had solidified his place as her constant red carpet companion and even busted out his best dance moves while joining his mom at a few events. Ciara also shared that he was a very happy child who loved reading, learning, and knowing Jesus.

Ciara and her son Future

With the addition of his two younger siblings, Ciara added that Future had become a “loving” older brother with such a “big heart” — one that is particularly apparent “in his interactions with Win.” While he’s proven to be the calmest of his siblings, Ciara says he still makes sure that everyone knows he’s the oldest.

“Future is just like the kid with the wisdom who’s probably the calmest. But also is like, ‘Hey, I’m the biggest one, so keep that in perspective,’ ” Ciara told PEOPLE.

Now at age 8, Future is thriving after his family’s move to Colorado, where Wilson is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He may even follow in Wilson’s footsteps, recently showing off his football skills while training alongside a friend. Luckily, he has one talented coach — Ciara told PEOPLE in September 2022 that Wilson is sharing his expert tips with Future.

“He’s all about the details. He’s all about the technique,” she explained, noting that while the NFL player can be hard on his stepson while coaching, “He’s firm with love though.”

If an athletic career doesn’t work out, Future has also inherited his mom’s vocal talent. The little boy, whose laughter was featured on Ciara’s 2015 song, “I Got You,” recently hit the studio for the first time with his mom and sister to record “Treat” as part of a collaboration with Kellogg’s. On top of that, Future is also learning to play piano, which Ciara says he’s picking up incredibly fast.

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“Future loves music and sports … We’ll have to see what time tells us. I think anything is possible for [my kids]. The sky is the limit and there’s no telling what direction they’ll go in,” Ciara told SheKnows.

Sienna Princess Wilson, 6

Sienna Princess Wilson

Ciara and Wilson welcomed their first child together on April 29, 2017, in Los Angeles. They named the little girl Sienna Princess Wilson, drawing inspiration from Ciara’s own middle name, Princess. In a sweet post announcing her birth, the couple shared a photo of Ciara sitting on the beach, writing a note to their daughter that said, “No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm.”

Sienna, who the family affectionately calls “SiSi,” immediately became the princess of the household. While her parents and older brother fell in love with the new addition, Ciara admitted that adjusting to life with two little ones kept the couple’s hands “so full.”

As a toddler, Ciara says Sienna’s personality truly began to shine through. In addition to her adorable sassiness, Ciara wrote on Instagram that she shared a bond with the little girl that she could never have imagined — which has become more than evident in the mother-daughter duo’s sweet matching photos.

“Sienna just turned two … she’s two going on 20. It’s a lot of fire, sassiness and attitudes up in this house. But we are having so much fun … even dancing too,” Ciara previously shared with Access Hollywood.

Ciara and Sienna Princess Wilson

The little girl’s dancing skills have only improved as she’s gotten older, and it appears she may follow in her mom’s footsteps. Now at age 5, Ciara told SheKnows that Sienna “loves music” — and just might “run the world one day.” The duo is just as close as ever, with Ciara calling Sienna her “mini-me.” And as the sole female out of her siblings, she often isn’t afraid to “let her inner lioness out.”

Like her older brother, Sienna is also adjusting well to the family’s new life in Colorado. Although she prefers to play with her Barbies or take a gymnastics class instead of hitting the ski slopes, Ciara is relieved her daughter is happy in her new home.

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“When we told them the news, everything was like, ‘Yeah! New team. Yeah! New school. Yeah!’ I don’t know if they really realize what’s going on sometimes. They’re excited about the new chapter,” Ciara told PEOPLE.

In October 2022, Ciara and Sienna channeled the Williams sisters for Halloween. The mother-daughter-duo replicated Venus and Serena’s ‘Got Milk?’ ad from 1999 as they donned milk mustaches, cornrow braids with white beads and black workout gear.

Win Harrison Wilson, 2

Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Win

Ciara and Wilson’s youngest child, Winn Harrison Wilson, was born on July 23, 2020. His first name was always a top choice for Wilson, and his middle name served as a nod to Wilson’s father, Harrison. Shortly after the baby’s arrival, Ciara shared a video sweetly singing “Happy Birthday” to the newborn in the hospital room.

“My doc, Dr. Katz, who’s delivered all my babies, he’s like, ‘You guys should sing ‘Happy Birthday.’ Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him was really sweet. It was a great joy to be able to do it, to have enough energy to get through it and sing it,” Ciara told PEOPLE, adding that she also sang to Sienna when she was born.

Win was welcomed with open arms by his brother and sister, who immediately wanted to dote on the little boy. Thanks to his older siblings, Win was quick to be on the move, taking his first steps on the sidelines of Wilson’s football practice.

Russell Wilson with Future and Win

“They say the third baby kind of moves or learns the quickest because they’re trying to keep up with their siblings, and he’s on it. He’s talking really early, he’s moving, he’s a big baby and he’s really tall, you know?” Ciara shared with PEOPLE.

She added that he’s picked up a sense of “fearlessness” from his older sister and is always “looking up to” Future for guidance. He’s also inherited his dad’s “energetic” genes, with Ciara previously telling Jimmy Fallon that a then-8-month-old Win was “so energetic” and “all over the place.”

Now at age 2, Win is the “sweetest, most energetic, and funniest” little boy. “He lights up every room he walks in!” Ciara wrote in a tribute for his second birthday.