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Flannel Tied Around Waist 90s

How to Wear A Flannel Tied Around Your Waist

how to tie a flannel around your waist

Tying a flannel around your waist is a fun addition to your outfit. But we don’t want to add bulk, so try these tricks for getting it just right.

Tying a shirt around your waist is a cool layering idea for fall

Tying a shirt or flannel around your waist is a fun way to add some interest to a basic dress or jeans and tee outfit in the fall.

It works like a belt to accentuate your waist, but also it can easily add bulk to an outfit, so let me show you a few tricks to styling a flannel shirt around your waist.

outfit details:


1. Choose a lightweight shirt instead of a jacket.

Some people think that they’re camouflaging their backside by tying a jacket or shirt around their waist. But if the jacket or top is at all bulky, it just makes you look bigger.

So choose a lightweight chambray shirt, flannel shirt, or sweatshirt (not a hoodie) instead of a denim or anorak jacket.

2. Double knot your sleeves.

Here’s a little tip! When you tie the shirt around your waist, add a double knot so it stays in place all day!

The shirt is sure to move throughout the day, so double knot those sleeves to keep it in place. Also, it’s much easier to double knot the sleeves of a lightweight shirt than a jacket!

3. Should you button up your shirt before you tie it around?

You can either button up your shirt and then tie it around your waist, or keep it unbuttoned before tying.

I personally prefer unbuttoned because you get less bulk, and also unbuttoned gives you more of a “shirt around the waist” look rather than an “apron on your backside” look.

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4. Tuck the collar.

When we’re trying not to add extra bulk to our backside, keep the collar of the shirt in mind, because it can add bulk when it’s tucked back in the back.

If your shirt is buttoned up, it will definitely add bulk, so fold it under and flatten it down as much as you can. Then position it right in the small of your back, at the smallest part of your waist.

5. Tie the shirt around your narrowest part

When I first started doing this a few years ago, I tied my shirt around my hips. But that was back when we were all wearing low rise jeans. This made my “waist” look much wider, since my hips are much wider than my waist.

Now I tie the shirt around my natural waist, and, like a belt, it creates a line around my narrowest area and gives me a really nice shape.

If you carry weight in your stomach, you can tie it below at your more narrow area. If you’re pregnant, tie it under your baby bump.

tip: tuck your top into your jeans when wearing it around your natural waist — don’t let your top hang out under your flannel shirt.

Now go try tying a shirt around your waist!

I hope that helps when you’re tying shirts around your waist!

Here’s a Video With All the Details:


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Natali says:
Such a great example on how to wear a shirt around your waist! Very chic, stylish and comfy!
Julie says:

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Any chance you could do a tutorial on how you altered that white dress from Old Navy? I bought the same exact one a couple months ago in a much larger size with the intent of taking it in, but I’m stumped on where to start because of the lining. Any help would be appreciated…

This is a very common look for my sisters and me, but I’ve never thought to button the shirt. Great tips! Shae @

I totally love how you styled this!! Such a simple and easy look to pull off! Xo ig: @stylemelauren:disqus

Paige Cassandra Flamm says:
I love that striped dress! I need one like that in my life! Paige

I’m really glad that you did this post because I have been pretty confused and baffled on how to style a tied shirt. Great tips! I hope to use them soon! Have a great day! Sarah

I actually wore a chambray just like over the weekend and got a surprising number of compliments. The 90s are back! I definitely agree about double knotting the sleeves, keeps everything in place. Kristina does the Internets

Zehra says:

When will you start selling clothes Merrick? I’m tired of coming to your blog and always thinking ‘I wish I had all of Merrick’s wardrobe’.

Maybe it’s the 90s girl in me but I love wearing shirts and light jackets around my waist. Sometimes it’s just practical because it might get cooler later, but most often it’s just a nice finishing touch that brings the outfit up a notch! xo Mary-Katherine

Love this look! Thanks for the tips on how to wear it. I’m a little iffy about trying it myself, but I may have to now! 🙂
Unique Geek

See also  Flannel Tied Around Waist 90s

Gorgeous! You are looking stunning in this outfit. I am obsessed with these styles and want to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Wow… adorable! I’m in love with this striped dress. I am addicted to wearing this type of dress. These can turn a boring outfit into an outstanding outfit. Thanks for sharing.

Donald Mason says:
Wow! This post is just supreme. You are so beautiful and your husband is the luckiest man on earth.

My mom’s birthday is fast approaching, which is why I’m currently looking for an inspirational book that she may read in her free time. Well, thank you for suggesting this; I’ll make sure to look for a Mixbook. I’ll also keep in mind to look for a Blue apron that is a meal subscription.

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