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Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos


Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery has downgraded her looks to an extent that it’s impossible to revert the changes. A slight touch of the knife could have upgraded her looks to a whole new level, but the tinkering went well beyond that. She denied the claims that she’s had work done, but Ellie Goulding’s before and now photographs is all the evidence you’d ever ask for.

Ellie Goulding is an English singer and songwriter. She rose to fame with her debut album Lights in 2010 which has been sold over 870,000 copies in the UK alone. With musical success, fame and glamour, she felt insecure about her not-so-aesthetical looks. And that could well be the reason she’d to undergo few cosmetic changes. Ellie Goulding was her normal self before but with fuller lips and bigger breasts she went a little too far to dab her insecurities.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Goulding’s altered face came into the limelight when she appeared at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy gala, held at the grand Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, this year in 2016. Her fuller lips and bust ogling from the skintight blue gown certainly surprised the audience for all the wrong reasons. Let’s discuss the seemingly changed appearance of Ellie Goulding in detail.

Ellie Goulding Lip Injection


That’s Ellie Goulding’s in 2010. Her lips were just the right size for her adorable face. Compare it with Ellie Goulding’s current photo and you’d note that her pout is much plumper than she’s in need of. Note how unnatural her face has become. A little more of Restylane injections and she’ll definitely be on par with Kardashians. It’s very easy to ruin the au naturel looks by tinkering a little more. And it’s extremely hard to control the usage of the chemical in one’s face. Fortunately, the impact of lip injection would eventually fade away with time and she’ll be her natural self again.

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Ellie Goulding Breast Implants


Has she or has she not? It’s a million dollar question for a 29-year-old successful singer. When confronted, she attributed these changes to vegetarian diet and her smaller waist. Now if only you could boost your bust by opting a vegan diet!

It’s hard to say what kind of work she’s opted for. But a sudden increase in her bust size has surprised her fans all over the world. There’s no doubt it could well be the work of good genes or a good plastic surgeon. Which one’s the case, it’s hard to say. But Ellie Goulding’s before and now photos speak volumes about her stunningly changing appearance.

Ellie Goulding Nose Job


Getting a nose job is fairly common among the rising stars. And it’s hard to shape the facial features without ever touching/tweaking the nose. It looks like she’s had her nose twitched to perfection as evident from her before and after plastic surgery photos. The narrow nose proved a perfect complement to her face. Though the rumor is yet to be confirmed by Ellie Goulding’s representatives. Till now, we can only support the claims with the change reflected in the photos.

Ellie Goulding Ears

I don’t know if it’s the hairs hiding them in place or she perhaps had them pinned back. What I know is that there’s a subtle change to notice in her looks. Ears, we’re talking about. Ear pinning surgery, otoplasty moves the ear closer to the head, so that you don’t look like a real-life Hobbit.

I don’t know if she’s need of fuller lips, protruding bust or a nose job. But Otoplasty, heck yes. Whoever carried out the Ellie Goulding’s ear pinning surgery has brought her ears in proportion with the face. For a detailed analysis, take a look at Ellie Goulding’s plastic surgery before and after photos.

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Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery – Insecurity Banter

There’s no doubt that Ellie Goulding was insecure about the way she looks.

‘At one time, I was getting all this musical success, but I wasn’t getting all the things that went with it, like magazine covers,’ she told ES Magazine in 2014.
‘I was convinced for a long time I wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. I would have to angle my face to hide the side of my nose, or my chin.’

And she overcame these securities by putting out a different energy, by not caring at all or by going vegan or opting for a healthier lifestyle, in so short a time. I doubt!