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Donny Osmond Plastic Surgery

Donny Osmond’s Plastic Surgery 2022: Facelift & Botox Injections Explored!

Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond was rumored to have taken the aid of plastic surgery, notably facelift to look young. However, Donny never admitted to this whereas he has revealed that he had tried Botox once but discontinued it because he didn’t feel good about putting toxins in his system and he didn’t like that his facial muscles didn’t move. Apart from that, he had a bump removed from his chin.

Donny Osmond is an American singer, host, performer, and actor, who came to fame as a member of The Osmonds, a popular American family music group, where he performed with four of his older brothers in the 1970s.

He is also widely known as a co-host of the Donny & Marie variety show, which aired from 1976 to 1979 and was a massive success.

Donny Osmond has also notably been a part of several reality shows. He won Season 9 of Dancing With The Stars. He was also a runner-up in Season 1 of The Masked Singer. Besides that, he also hosted the game show Pyramid from 2002 to 2004.

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Did Donny Osmond Have Plastic Surgery?

Starting his career as a teen idol and going at it till now in his sixties, Donny Osmond (@donnyosmond) does it all. Singing, dancing, performing, acting, and hosting – he has done it all and he is still doing it all.

The world has watched him as he grew up as a teen idol and transitioned into a solo musician and slowly diversified into acting and hosting. He also saw success in musical theatres. He grew up in public eyes ever since he was a child and evolved into a mature adult.

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Donny Osmond was born on December 9, 1957, which makes him 64 years old as of now. But he doesn’t look like he’s only six years away from his seventies. He looks young for his age. And exceptionally fit for someone in his sixties. So it’s only natural that he is followed by speculations of plastic surgeries.

Donny is believed to have undergone facelift surgery to look the way he looks right now. But has he really because while he does look young, he doesn’t look 25. He looks like he is in his forties.

He doesn’t look unnaturally young with his face all tight and stretched out the way facelift makes you look. Plus, he is not totally devoid of wrinkles. This should probably rule out assumptions of him getting a facelift.

Also, Donny has never admitted to having undergone a facelift while answering if he had gotten any plastic surgery done.

Once when Donny Osmond was asked why he was amazingly youthful with only a few lines and very odd grey hair that made him look like someone in his mid-forties, Donny quickly and hilariously shot back with ‘so, the surgery worked’ before he began seriously that he had, in fact, never done any pampering with cosmetic treatments.

He explained that he had tried Botox once but that was it because he never planned on doing it again as he loved the movability of his facial muscles.

Donny Osmond seemed to believe the reason for his youthfulness and fitness was good genes (rather than plastic surgery), for which he had his mother to thank. Or it could be also that he worked out a lot and was careful about what he ate.

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In an interview with Daily Mail, he revealed that he had a little bump on his chin, which he had removed. He further added that he had, at some point, had Botox injected in his face. But he didn’t continue on with it as Botox is but a toxin and putting toxin into his system on a routine basis scared him.

Although Donny Osmond didn’t go under the knife, save for the chin bump-removing, for cosmetic reasons, the 70s icon had to go under the knife in 2019 when he discovered his spine had shifted due to dancing injuries. Health-wise, everything was going well for him until November 2019.

Osmond was performing the final number in his Las Vegas show with his sister Marie. The brother and the sister were concluding their Donny & Marie residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino when suddenly, Donny couldn’t feel his arms and then legs.

Donny Osmond somehow managed to keep dancing and finished the show. But what followed was not pretty. He found out that his spine had shifted as a result of multiple injuries, including his stint on Dancing With The Stars in 2009. He had to undergo back and neck surgery.

Osmond thought that would be it and in no time, he would recover. But little did he know that his hard time was not ending soon. He contracted a secondary infection which rendered him unable to move at all. He feared that he may never be able to walk again after that. But fortunately, he made a full recovery.

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For non-cosmetic reasons, Donny Osmond also had to have vocal chord surgery back in 2017. A hemorrhagic polyp was found on Donny’s right vocal cord during a check-up, which had to be removed by surgery.

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