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Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

Ashley Judd, Before and After

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

Was there a plastic surgery? What did the beautiful Ashley Judd look like at the beginning of her career?

In 2012, 44-year-old Ashley Judd appeared at the premiere of the film “Missing” with an unrecognizable face. The cheeks of the actress seemed more voluminous, and the skin was fresher. Then Judd began to be inundated with questions about whether she had plastic surgery.

Ashley Judd in her youth and now

Ashley was born on April 19, 1968 in California. When she and her sister Naomi were still young, her parents divorced, the children stayed with their mother. The early years of the future actress were bleak: the family needed money all the time, and because of the constant moving, Ashley changed 12 schools, which is why she could not make friends for a long time.

Everything changed when Ashley’s mother Winona Judd — a country singer — recorded a duet with her eldest daughter. The single immediately became popular, money began to appear in the family. At that time, Ashley, looking at her sister, considered herself ugly.

After school, Ashley studied literature and French at the university. During the same period, she began working as a model, but this period in her life did not last long. In 1990, she dropped out of school to devote herself to an acting career.

Ashley moved to Los Angeles, where she attended all the auditions she found out about. Her film debut took place in the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1991. But she couldn’t dream of a posh life then, in order to make ends meet, Judd worked as a waitress, and at the same time attended acting courses.

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Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

In 1991-1994, Ashley Judd played a role in the television series “Sisters”. Soon her career went up, she starred in the films “Smoke”, “Heat”, “Kiss the Girls”, “Double Jeopardy”, “Where the Heart Is”, “Frida”, “High Crimes”, “Dolphin Tale” and many others.

In films, the actress easily transformed from blonde to brunette and back. In the late 1990s, Ashley Judd became one of the most sought-after and highly paid actresses in Hollywood.

Judd had an impeccable reputation, she did not flash on the pages of the gossip columns in the scandals section. She was married only once. Her marriage to racing driver and actor Dario Franchitti lasted 12 years. But over the years, the actress realized that the feelings were gone, and filed for divorce.

The couple had no children. In her youth, Judd survived violence and became pregnant by a criminal. She had to have an abortion. Since then, Ashley has been defending women’s rights to legal termination of pregnancy around the world. “The possibility of receiving this medical service once relieved me of the obligation to raise an unloved child from a rapist,” she says in her speeches.

She did not want to give birth to her children consciously: “There are so many abandoned children in the world who need love and help. I consider them all my own.

Judd had affairs with such famous men as Robert De Niro, John Stewart, Brady Anderson.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

Now Ashley still does a lot of films. Judd devotes a huge amount of time to volunteer and charity work. She travels all over the world, visits third world countries, where she helps those in need. And with her longtime colleague and friend Salma Hayek and other feminists, Ashley Judd defends women’s rights.

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Plastic surgery

In 2012, Ashley Judd appeared at the premiere of the film with an unrecognizable face. The changes in appearance did not escape the attention of gossip columnists and fans of the actress. Ashley has always been a chubby beauty with cheeks. But this time she posed for the cameras with a puffy face with high protruding cheekbones and radiant smooth skin.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

The actress was immediately accused of overdoing it with Botox injections and fillers, and that her slender figure dissonates with a swollen big face.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

Ashley Judd was forced to comment on the situation with her appearance, although she was very offended by the journalists. She explained her unusual appearance with edema — a reaction to medications. “And my smooth and radiant skin is the result of self skin care,” she added.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

The actress has repeated many times that she does not accept surgical intervention and does not tolerate artificial beauty. She does not use self-tanning, tries to avoid bright makeup, prefers natural hair color.

Did Ashley Judd Have Face Lift

Ashley Judd actively leads Instagram, in which she does not hesitate to show herself without Hollywood gloss: without makeup, styling and chic jewelry.

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