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Cat Deeley Height

How tall is Cat Deeley

English TV Presenter, known for SMTV Live and So You Think You Can Dance.

How tall is Cat Deeley

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He’s [Conan O’Brien] so tall. I’m 5-foot-9. The minute I put heels on, I’m 6-foot. I’m surrounded by all these bird-like graceful dancers, then there’s me; I look like I should be their bodyguard.
— LA Times, 2009

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Average Guess (8 Votes)
5ft 9.5in (176.5cm)

Nik Ashton said on 20/May/20
It’s interesting that she is 1.75” shorter than her husband Patrick Kielty! 😀👌

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/19
😺💐🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Cat! 🎈🎂💐😺

Wishing Cat 🐈 the loveliest Birthday ever – to match her purrfect appearance!

I will go for 5ft9.25, half way between the average and Rob’s guess.

Kayne’s Best Prodigy said on 6/Nov/17
Man, I’m 5’9 and she seemed a lot taller than me when i posed for a picture with her. I’d say 5’11 and maybe like 6’3 in heels. Mmmm, those loong legs.

Rojina said on 18/Dec/16
Rob-did you downgrade her recently? I could have sworn you had her listed as 5″11 not so long ago

Cat Deeley Height

Editor Rob

Rojina, this is one page you can safely say that started 5ft 9 and stayed there.

BilboBaggins said on 10/Nov/16
BTW, I seem to recall Cat Deeley saying back in the early 2000s that she used to briefly be a model in the earliest part of her career.

BilboBaggins said on 10/Nov/16
@ lollipop below – I think Cat Deeley meant that she stands at 6’0″ minimum when she puts on your average pair of high heels (heels which are usually anywhere from 3″-to-5″). Never forgot the time she was backstage with Bono from U2 at one of their concerts, and Bono was like R2D2 next to her, lol.

Jewel said on 25/Dec/13
i think she is pretty. Watching her on sytycd she is much taller. If the avg male really was 5.9/10 it wouldnt be too much of a big deal. Maybe the dancers really r just on the short side – plus, it makes sense that they r shorter cause to dance well u gotta be strong and short to defy gravity and promote lightning fast movements. You cant shrink so that others may shine. Big heels are a thing of the day – even hollywood recognises that – by far most women in hollywood are as tall as or taller than their male counterparts – its somehow becoming normal. Thaks to them big heels. Its fashion.

Csannac said on 19/Aug/13
Cinnie. U say “please fire her stylist”. Then U have to fire Cat. Because she styles herself almost every show. She has said a couple of time “what was I thinking”. But just a couple of time.
Everyone has different taste. And I like Cat’s dresses 95% of time

Elijah said on 7/Feb/13
@Jan overman: BS, to both your points. Tall women exaggerate their height too, just like men and shorter women do. And she is definitely not over 5’9″ either.

stoodnext2 said on 26/Sep/12
Click Here
At 0:12 – 0:25 she is next to Jimmy Kimmle and CLEARLY shorter than him in her 4 inch heels.

Can’t find the Clip but Cat Deeley CLEARLY is TALLER than Jimmy Fallon when on his show 6/7/2012. She has a tricky height

lollipop said on 14/Sep/12
Rob what size heels do you think cat is talking about? 3inch heels wouldn’t give a 3 inch height increase so do you reckon she was talking about wearing 4inchers?

Cat Deeley Height

Editor Rob

I’m not sure, maybe she’s just being specific about saying 6 foot although in some heels she’s worn she’s going to measure near 6ft 1.

Cinny said on 10/Sep/12
I wish I had Cat’s height, it’s really a blessing! BUT along with other comments, when you see her towering over the dancers it really takes the light off them & onto the “extremely tall” host – she can show her amazing height anytime but I agree that she needs to tone down the heels on the show so the dancers can be the focal point. Plus I hate to say but she’s such a beautiful girl PLEASE fire her SYTYCD stylist. She has worn some of the most unflattering outfits I’ve ever seen. Cat your great but please – shorter heels & let the dancers have their rightful spotlight on the show. 😁

That tall girl said on 8/Sep/12
I can’t believe some of the horrible comments on here, she’s glamorous and an amazing host. A lot of professional dancers are actually quite short, and tall girls should be able to wear whichever shoes they like. I’m 6″2 and I love my 4 inch heels – anyone jealous of my 8 feet of leg can go jump

abhilash said on 15/Aug/12
i’ve met her once in los angeles and i’m 5’6″ talll. and the moment i asked for a photo with her she stood atleast a foot taller than me. n to my surprise she just cradle carried me in her arms have me taken a photo.

ROJINA said on 12/Feb/12
JFP21 you are dead LUCKY! Those who put down TALL women are just JEALOUS-if theres one thin you cant change its HEIGHT. As for the MEN who claim that TALL women are a TURN-OFF,all I can say is there are PLENTY of MEN who would give their RIGHT ARM to be surrounded by a LEGGY LOVELY. Im around 5’6 (I think) but I still dont put TALL women down

Dani said on 25/Dec/11
Jesus, people. 5’9” isn’t even THAT tall, you’re allowed to be “whoah, you’re so tallll” when a woman passes the 6’2” mark. Like JFP21 said, if 5’9” people aren’t allowed to wear heels, then 5’2” people shouldn’t be allowed to wear flats, right? Plus, so what she towers over all of the dancers? Doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s absolutely gorgeous, plus a great host.

JFP21 said on 16/Dec/11
I’m 5ft 11 and wear heels all the time! What’s peoples problem? Just because shes talk doesn’t mean you can’t wear heels gees. It’s like saying short people can’t wear flats.

Ruby said on 9/Dec/11
I love the show and shouldnt say it , but. I cant handle it, she is like an Avatar. This isnt about her personality ,that she has in buckets. Its just so off putting seeing her nearley smother those dwarfs! Take off the shoes at least!

Josie said on 20/Nov/11
I agree with Carol comments on the height of Cat Deeley’s Shoes on SYTYCD 27/07/11. I mentioned this to my family whilst watching the show, and I noticed she Giants above all the dancers, It is absolutely stupied, as she is so tall, she does not need to enhance her height with the ridiculous shoes she wears on the show. It has put me off the show so much, that I couldn’t bare to watch her any more. I’m so glad that somebody else as noticed, I mean it is stupied she has to bend down so low to speak to the dancers.

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silver said on 5/Nov/11
shes already tall, and wears heels too!

Jan overman said on 1/Oct/11
Cat Deeley is taller than 5’9!”
Women downplay their height.
Men exaggerate their height.

Pat Mahiney said on 28/Sep/11
Oh I just love Cat, sure she is unnaturally tall but she has a great personality

stoodnext2 said on 12/Aug/11
On the Teen Choice 8/7/11, she was the EXACT SAME height as LL Cool J, while wearing her 4-inch heels. I think she is a SOLID 5’9 Barefoot, Maybe even 5’10 out of bed.

Amy said on 6/Aug/11
She’s not 5’9″ no way. Likely 6′. I agree. SYTYCD needs a more relevant host. Aren’t there gobs of former dancers who would want the chance to host and who could offer something interesting to talk about?

Model Monique said on 5/Aug/11
I have self esteem issues? I don’t think so. I think that I’m very beautiful and you are obviously just jealous that I get to be a model and you probably don’t even have a job because your face is uglier than my big black rear end! Oh and yes she is 5’9”.

Bootney Lee Farnsworth said on 4/Aug/11
Anyone who says she has to be 5’9 because she was a model and she would know because she is one is a self absorbed female douchebag with self esteem issues. Cough cough model monique ahem caugh caugh.

Cyndi said on 28/Jul/11
I don’t care for her personality, but I did wonder how tall she is. According to a reputable (certain) pedia article, she’s 5′ 9″

Bill said on 28/Jul/11
If she’s 5-‘9″ then every dancer on So You Think You Can Dance is 5′-3″ or less, including the guys. She’s got to be at least 5’-11″ then she wears the 5 or 6 inch heels. She’s a foot taller than many of the dancers. I used to date a woman her size and that’s my estimate.

Carol said on 27/Jul/11
I think Cat Deely is a horrible pick for host of SYTYCD. She is so tall and completly towers over the short, petite dancers. It just makes her look like an Amazon. The differences in height is so distracting that is all I see when she is interviewing the dancers. It seems like someone in charge would notice this too and at least ask her to not wear those gigantic heels. It is the only thing that sticks out as being “off” on that show. It bugs me so much that I had to find a blog where I could comment about it. Thanks!

Model Monique said on 16/Jul/11
She is 5’9” because she was a model and models have to be at least 5’9”.
I would know because I’m a Fashion and Runway Model and 5’10”.

abcdef said on 30/Jun/11
Cat is 5’8 – tops!

Tom said on 4/May/11
5’9″ is about right, although her legs aren’t as long as someone like Cilla Black who is a few inches shorter.

Pinoy said on 5/Apr/11
I think Cat Deeley is at least 5’7” and at most 5’8”.

Renee said on 25/Mar/11
I’m 5’11” and love wearing 3 or 4 inch heels. I get very frustrated everytime I see a fellow tall woman slouching. Put those shoulders back and embrace your height.

patrick said on 21/Jun/09
at is about 5.9feet is very tall for a women plus she is thin so it just adds to make her look for her face is is kind of funny but she is very cute .even her talkinn and emoting expressions make her seem really cut she is ot super model material but yeah she looks a lot hotter than most women!

jacob said on 18/May/09
Cat 5-8, Karen Kahlon I know her she always wears different clothes showing off her leggs and ass in skirts normally, I like her when she has her hair long and wears a tight skirt, it shows her ass more, she is fit I agree but she knows it that’s why she shows it, She bent over by me before I just checked her ass out.

james said on 16/May/09
Cat deeley 5’8, Karen Kahlon, Dudly College Tutor is a Babe, she is fit, she has a nice big ass and great legs, she is not as sexy as women like leah remini etc tho obviously but is still fit, I would still tap her anyday.

hazza said on 27/Apr/09
Yes I agree Jo Joyner is very sexy, she is 5’3 she has a nice body, Cat is 5’8, tall for a lady still.

aaron said on 14/Mar/09
Cat Deeley is 5’9 tall for a women, Karen Kahlon is not a hot babe, she has a nice ass but is not that hot at all, the ladies sevv said Meagon Good and Kyla Pratt those are fit babes and also Jo Joyner is very fit, Jo is 5’4 she is sexy.e

damien said on 8/Mar/09
I go to dudley college, karen kahlon is a babe, she is 4’11 but is well fit she has sexy legs and nice ass.

Cat deely is 5’9 she is fine too.

sevv said on 7/Mar/09
Cat is 5’9, my top babes are Meagon Good, Kyla Pratt, Jennifer Freeman,those girls are stunning, all around 5’4-5’7 range.

luke said on 20/Feb/09
Cat is 5’9, Jo Joyner is the fittest babe, she is 5’4 she is very sexy, Roxanne pallett too is sexy and Emily symons she is very sexy its ubelievable depite her age she is still gorgeous.

MAZ said on 7/Feb/09
Dudley college have some fit teachers too, Natasha Millward is the fittest, Melissa Price yh she is a sexy girl, about 5’5 i think, real sexy and Roseanne Evans too both of them babes are fit, any guy would do them, as far as cat deely goes he is a tall women about 5’9.

jacob said on 31/Jan/09
yh I know, Natasha millward too is mega fit, another lady to check out is jo joyner, how tall is the gorgeous jo joyner I would guess around 5’4.

jacob said on 26/Jan/09
Yh cat is 5’9, she was okay on stars in their eyes ages ago, she’s a local girl,I know karen kahlon at dudley college she is well fit, her ass is nice she is only small under 5’0 a bit probably but is a babe.

jack said on 17/Jan/09
cat deely is 5 foot 9 and sexy, she is nice

Karen Kahlon ( Dudley college teacher is fit too, she’s like 5’0 but she has a nice ass

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5 ft 3.2 said on 13/Jan/09
ONLY 5’9″? Because all the male dancers look like dwarfs next to her!!

Lara said on 30/Dec/08
That sounds right. One of the reasons she dwarfs people on shows like “So you think you can dance?” is because a) she wears heels and b) dancers are not normally especially tall people.

tom said on 22/Nov/08
cat is 5’9, a note on michaela miah, i know her well,she went gto my school in dudley, west midlands she flaunted her hotness, she was pretty as were chloe rock and megan letts, chloe rock was the sexiest, michaela is nice tho, sexy.

Domingo said on 10/Nov/08
She herself said 5’9. Agreed with many comments that she is odd looking and somewhat goofy facially. Also, she does have bony locked knees. and that is typical of taller girls.

Anonymous said on 2/Nov/08
Nah, she’s definitely not taller than 5’9. She wears massive heels and besides, dancers aren’t that tall normally. I think she’s gorgeous though 🙂

david said on 27/Oct/08
cat is 5’9, liked her on stars in theiur eyes, she was tall and nice, a girl in my school was on their michaela miah who was a babe, all the guys liked her she is very sexy, i thought she was okay, cat and michaela looked good though always.

Michaela you are very sexy, and nice too i remember seeing you on site hope you do well girl, keep it up, good luck and god bless chick

petra said on 14/Oct/08
If shes only 175cm, american guys must be small.. because ive never seen any contestant taller than her. Even with 4″ heels shes no more than 185cm. In north europe thats the avarage height for guys in their twenties.

Alucard said on 6/Oct/08
She must be taller! Plus 5’11 at least!

Danni said on 24/Sep/08
Oh dear if she’s 175cm she’s shorter than me! Im 176 and thought she would be way taller than me coz I dont look that tall next to so many people. Man now I feel like a giant, if thats what I would look like next to all them dancers. is the world shrinking??

Joe said on 12/Sep/08
Cat is 5’9 but have to agree that she is one GOOFY looking chick with weird spindly legs. This site is very good. Peace.

just saying said on 28/Aug/08
I also love Cat Deeley but this season, Nigel asked her how tall she was and she said 5’9″, however, the tall Courtney said SHE is 5’9″. At one point courtney did a ballroom dance and was wearing heels that were not as tall as Cat’s but were only 1 or 2 inches shorter at most and Cat was still at LEAST 4 inches taller than Courtney

Lacy said on 17/Aug/08
I love Cat Deeley! She’s always so supportive of the contestants and has such a great bubbly personality. I’m 5’9 and love to salsa, so hey, not just short people can shake it =^.^= Come to think of it, i wonder if Cat dances at all?

Andy said on 1/Aug/08
i saw her entering one of her shows about 3 years ago. she was performing barefoot. im a 5’10 male and passed her as she was walking in. she was at least 3inches taller than me. that must make her a strong 6′ or even 6’1.

Taylor said on 26/Jul/08
Haha they make her seem so tall on So You Think You Can Dance like anonymous said she must wear some HIGH HIGH heels because. Shes hot and has a cute voice

Anonymous said on 24/Jul/08
I don’t think she’s ugly whatsoever (I think she’s cute). She’s just not ridiculously plastic.

I never thought she looked ridiculously tall (she looks 5’9″ on the dot), but she does look around 6’1″ in those 5″ heels of hers. Many people seem to forget that most of the contestants on SYTYCD aren’t very tall (most dancers aren’t period). Most of the women are in the 5′ (and sub 5′) range, whereas many of the men are around 5’5″.

Andy said on 12/Jul/08
She is about 5’8 and 5’9 but I have to admit I agree with many who claim is she is UGLY. She might have ‘modeled’ but lets be honest, the type of modeling she did was AVERAGE at BEST somewhere in the backwoods of Birmingham.

edwardluver said on 10/Jul/08
she looks SO much taller than that! but then again, when u add the 6 inch heels i guess it adds a little bit, but still. i would think shes at LEAST 6’1″ if not more

Yaspaa said on 8/Jul/08
Woh,Twitch looked more than inch shorter than Cat.

Phil said on 5/Jul/08
She said 5’9″. Must be 6’1″ in heels because she looks 2 inches shorter than 6’3″ Matt, who I think was barefoot. The short guys must be 5’5″-5’6″ and the girls 5’2″. It’s also said that Courtney and Gev are the shortest couple. I saw on some myspaces that Twitch is 6’0″ and Comfort is 5’3″.

Yaspaa said on 4/Jul/08
Did she actually say she was 5’8 on the show,if so ,I must have missed it.

Anonymous said on 29/Jun/08
wow I always thought she was at least 5’11” until last episode when she said 5’8″. that means the dancers on the show are a LOT shorter than i thought they were.

Kels said on 27/Jun/08
In the last episode of sytycd she said she was 5’9 without heels.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/08
She looks like shes at least 6’0

Karen said on 21/Jun/08
wow then the dancers are very short! because where i live 175 is not THAT tall. i thought she was like 183 or somthing.

Linds said on 19/Jun/08
she seems taller to be honest. one couple on sytycd said they were 5’9″ and 6’3″ i believe. Cat is taller then lynd by a near 2 inches, both in pretty big heels. and Cat is maybe only 1 inch smaller then kourtneys 6’3″ partner. Its impossible for he to be getting 5 inches of height from the shoes she was wearing. (and as a side note, 5’9″ could mean 5’9.5″ most friends I have say they are 5’9″ and I know for a fact they are taller)

Yaspaa said on 17/Jun/08
Cat Deeley is a minger?? What ambulance did you fall out of? She modelled on several TV shows and reached the final of’ The Clothes Show’ modelling contest thing. She has hosted several high profile events,she also seems like the nicest person in the world. If you watch her on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ she’s crazy. in a good way.

scotty said on 31/May/08
I would say 5’7-5’8 she is always in huge heels on, and she towers over the stars on So You Think You Can Dance, because most dancers are small in the 5’0-5’6 range.

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Paul said on 26/Apr/08
Being someone who knows of her humble beginings, it is fair to say that she 5’8 BUT that she NEVER really was a model. Though she is cute she is not photogenic, has HIGHLY FLAWED features and a less than attractive body for being a print/catwalk model. ALSO, even as a presenter she is AVERAGE hence why she is 32 and still doing Media TV insted of more heavy stuff.

Anonymous said on 14/Mar/08
I don’t like her or hate her, but she looks 5’9, and she does look very pretty when she’s done up. As far as peole saying she has a crooked nose etc. and being a weird-looking Brit, that’s only because Brits don’t have anywhere near as much surgery as Americans. What you don’t think there are as many Americans born with crooked noses? Credit to her for not giving in to the pressures of having surgery, and still looking good on it. She might be a bit bony, but Newsflash, so are most of the world’s famous actresses and models, and she looks good in whatever she wears. Bony looks better than chunky any day.

Andy said on 3/Mar/08
To James, Haha that was funny man about Cat being a stunner. Of course she is if she has got the BIG FEET you claim she has. She does seem 5’9 but no more and don’t forget that in 4 inch heels she will be over 6 feet tall. But she is one weird looking chick. sorry Brits. and her body is just bony and shapeless. Need to eat a burger sister. Amazing site.

selva said on 1/Mar/08
T thought she is much taller than that
Dominique (from so you think you can dance) said that she is 7 feets with the heels

Melissa R. said on 17/Jan/08
5’91/2 seems right for Cat Deeley

Alex G. said on 23/Nov/07
5’9 seems right but have to say that she has a distorted face and a lot of people highly dislike her presentaton skills. Seems like America is not fond of her.

Jamie said on 6/Nov/07
She does seem to be 5’9 but no more. keep in mind that she wears much higher heels than the dancers. Also, I would have to agree with the comments re: her distorted face and bad legs.

Laura said on 27/Oct/07
Click Here

5 ft 9 seems very small when you look at that photo. That guy cant possible be 5 ft 2 or so, his body is too long.

Mia said on 11/Oct/07
Wow. I thought she was taller. She towered over practically everyone in SYTYCD.

Joe said on 1/Oct/07
Actually Mel! Cat looks far from great. She is very odd looking from her nose, to her eyes, to her chop sticks (legs). She is quite tall though 5’8 on the dot. I met her in London at a charity event two yearsd ago and she is weird looking with no breast or hips either.

Mel said on 13/Sep/07
Shallow comments! Cat looks great and is not the usual ‘plastic fantastic’! Sorry but Americans don’t have the monopoly on good looking people. I’ve been there, so I should be able to judge. Visit Australia. and see people who are attractive, both inside and out!

Miky said on 7/Sep/07
Who cares. She is one of the ugliest and dumbest people on TV..e.xcept maybe Paris. Cool site though Ed. Rob

milady Jeyka said on 31/Aug/07
no it’s impossible.. some of the guys were over 6 foot and she was still taller then all of them, I know she wore heels, but she can’t only 5’9.. that’s how tall I am

princess said on 16/Aug/07
i could of swornt hat Cat was way over 6foot but i was shocked to see that she was only 5,9. And then i was thinking about your heels. So i guess the dancers are just real short!

Jason said on 26/Jul/07
She looks between 5’8-5’9 and the reason why she towers is due to her very high heels which can easily boost her to 6’0. As far as her features/legs are concerned she is very odd looking. There are also quite a number of chat sites that complain about her useless presentation skills, and which also claim 5’8-5’9 range among other info.

A. said on 15/Jul/07
Brad1: “This girl is funny looking, maybe it is the British thing. I mean her nose is crooked and has got these bendy/weird set of legs. Her height seems more like 5’8.”

This is a little harsh don’t you think?

Hmmm said on 12/Jul/07
Really? Just 5’9″? She towers over EVERY contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance” – even barefoot. I would’ve believed 6’1″! I swear, I was watching an episode last night where the judges were teasing her for it and Deeley said she was six foot. Then again, I was vacuuming at the same time. Anyway, I guess the dancers are in the five and a half feet range, because the height different is generally 3-4 inches.

Anonymous said on 26/Jun/07
She is a shade under 5’9

Brad1 said on 19/Jun/07
This girl is funny looking, maybe it is the British thing. I mean her nose is crooked and has got these bendy/weird set of legs. Her height seems more like 5’8.

Sam said on 3/Apr/07
Haha. kind of funny what this UK person said on her. I read an article (can’t remeber where) talking about the Brits coming to town, and she was mentioned. I like the Brits, anyhow. this Cat seems 5’7 1/2 not more.Mind you, can seem tall for girl. either way has good energy!! but sort of agree with the rest about not being a hot. she does have a weird nose and what is up with those bendy knees? Brits are not known for hotness though. but they are upbeat!!

CelebFan said on 24/Mar/07
Don’t know about 5’9.exactly..though looking at “Think you can dance” seems tallish for a girl maybe betwee 5’7-5’8 and she wears high heels. Dig the accent, though not sexy..not enough curves.. like the other British import Keira. Ed. Rob this site rocks

UK said on 2/Mar/07
I think 5’8 is more like it. I saw her in London, where both of us are from and she seemed that height but not 5’9. As far as appearance is concerned she has an OK face. Cute overall but croocked nose, bendy/skinny knees (was wearing a skirt from Top Shop. UK fashion store) and quite bad skin. For some reason I doubt she will make it big in America. not enough talent.