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Best No Tie Shoelaces

7 Best No Tie Shoelaces of 2021: Increasing Ease and Comfort

Best No Tie Shoelaces

Ever found yourself wearing a pair of your favorite shoes and thinking to yourself “what if I didn’t have to tie these every time they came undone while I’m doing x, z, y?” Well, here is your lucky day because there are options for you to fix that with no tie shoelaces! No tie shoelaces are a great choice for someone that wants to remain safe, with that classic shoelace style, of course, and on the move, too.

Today’s guide is going to take a look at the world of no tie shoelaces. We’ll answer any questions that you might have about them, look at what makes them unique, and then we will rank some of the best ones out there on the market in 2018 as well. What started out as an invention for runners has become a craze that many people are starting to get in on, and you, too, can join the growing movement!

Top No Tie Shoelaces Comparison Chart

ProductLace TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Lock LacesElastic$Check on Amazon
Xpand No Tie Elastic LacesPolyester$Check on Amazon
Homar No Tie ShoelacesSilicone$Check on Amazon
Diagonal One No Tie LacesElastic Silicone$Check on Amazon
Hickies 2.0 PerformanceElastic$$Check on Amazon
Inmaker No Tie Dress ShoelacesOxford$Check on Amazon
Stout Gears Reflective No Tie ShoelacesElastic$Check on Amazon

No Tie Shoelaces Buying Guide

A Runner’s Dream

Maybe to you, the idea of not having shoelaces in which you have to tie is a crazy and trivial idea. But for a runner, it can be an absolute dream come true. Let’s say you are in a race, it’s a tough one, and your rival is just ahead of you. You’ve never beaten them before, and this is the closest you’ve come yet. Your well ahead of your personal best, too, and you only have a mile left to go. And then boom. Your shoe comes untied and you just lose it with anger. They get away as you tie your shoe, as quickly as you can. You never get back to them and you drop below your personal best. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been through it, or something similar to it. It’s a terrible situation to be in, and it’s just something that you don’t want to have to do. It can also put you in a bad spot in some races. So, to avoid it, you can turn to no tie shoelaces, like so many big runners have started doing in the last few years, to help you get to the finish line without losing your mind.

Other factors also can limit your dexterity and ability to tie your laces altogether. Things like Arthritis can hold you back from them, while you also could be in the cold, making your hands numb and thus unable to tie your shoes. You could be wearing gloves or something else that gets in the way as well, so it’s not always about time, it’s about knowing yourself and your body that means you will want to move away from the old school strings.

You Just Hate Tying Shoes

We’ve all seen this person. Maybe they were in your kindergarten class, maybe you met them later in life. But some people just don’t like tying their shoes. Then, why don’t they wear shoes without laces, or with Velcro, you ask? Well, they could. But there is just something about a pair of shoes with laces. That’s just how they are supposed to be, and that classic, traditional look isn’t something some people are willing to sacrifice.

If that sounds like you, but you just hate tying your shoes, then this is the way forward for you. If you love just taking your shoes and throwing them on, or tend to take your laces and just stuff them in your shoes haphazardly on a whim, then a pair of no tie shoelaces could be just the answer you have always hoped for.

Great for Kids!

If you have kids that just don’t like to tie their shoes, or just aren’t quite able to yet, no tie shoelaces are a great option for them. I was never all that good at tying my shoes and it took a long time to grasp the concept for whatever reason, and that led to a lot of worrying about my shoes coming untied. It can be annoying to tie shoes for kids, as an adult, and it can be time-consuming if it keeps happening at recess or during sports. So, if you want to take that out of the equation for your child, you can do just that with no tie shoelaces. No matter the reasoning behind it, this is a solution that can help you solve an age-old problem for sure!

You Want a ‘Slip On’

Slip on shoes are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. They are very quick to put on, they are comfortable to a ‘T,’ and they are very lightweight and most of them fashionable, too. Because of that, people have began moving to them when it is possible. However, there are just sometimes situations where it’s not a good look or idea for you to go with. In those instances, you need ‘tennis’ shoes or the like to hold you over. But if you still want a pair that can be turned into slip ons, then you can get just that feel with no tie shoelaces to help take your day to the next level.

They Are Easy to Maintain

If you are a very clean person, you will know that cleaning your shoes and maintaining their looks over time can be very tough. One of the chief culprits to a good looking shoe is the shoelace. Shoelaces are just not easy to take care of. Once they get dirty, especially if they are white or mostly white, they can be nearly impossible to clean fully. You never get that sparkly white look anymore, and it’s just frustrating to know you’ll never have that fresh out of the box look to show off any longer. With no tie shoelaces, though, there is an answer. Maintenance is extremely low and easy with most pairs, with many never requiring any cleaning at all. For those that do not need to be cleaned, it is a simple process that will take mere seconds to go through. Far better than the minutes- if not hours- that it can take to clean your shoes otherwise.

Things to Look For

Here are some of the things that you should be looking for as you search for a pair of no tie shoelaces. Keep in mind that each person’s use of them is going to be different, so you will have to weigh all of the factors and then make up your mind before purchasing.

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Easy to Install

One of the main reasons a person would move from tying their shoes with normal strings to a no tie shoelace is because they are easy to use. Thus, you have to find a pair that is easy to install. If it’s too difficult to use, then you are negating the whole purpose of the exercise for many swathes of people. The best way to make sure that you will find it easy to install them is to try and locate information about the types of shoes that they fit. You can also find pictures of how they are to go through the eyelets- the place where your strings are supposed to fit in. If you happen to see that the eyelet looks small, the best approach might be to look for a pair that is thinner to squeeze through there.


Depending on what you want to use your no tie shoelaces for, durability can play a key role in the selection process. For some, durability might not play a very big role at all. You just need something that won’t make you fool with them when you use them but you won’t wear them that much, so it’s not a big deal. But maybe you have a child and want him or her to have something that is going to last a while, because you just don’t want to have to fool around with their shoelaces anymore! Playing outside, and possibly in the wet, provides new challenges, so you might be looking for some ultra durable shoelaces to hold you over for a while.

Has to Stay in Place

If you are buying a pair of no tie shoelaces, you will have to know that they are going to be staying put in place right where they are supposed to be. If you don’t get this, then you will have every right to be upset because these are meant to replace your regular old strings, which weren’t staying in place already. Don’t worry if you don’t see perfection right away. Like with your normal laces, you will have to find out what is best for you. It will take you some time to adjust them to your specific needs and desires, but you will eventually get them there with some time and work.

To find a pair that sticks where you want them, look for those that retain their ‘memory’ and don’t move much. If you find some, or hear of some, that stretch out and thus ‘move,’ then you’d be wise to avoid them. If you find a pair that has a lock on them, look for one that is sturdy in its design. If you find anything on it to be loose, like its spring or some other mechanism, then your laces will slip. But those with a tougher design, that feature a strong spring in them, will stick in place right where you adjusted.

Even Pressure

The term ‘even pressure’ might seem to be a scientific term of sorts, but in reality it’s just about how well the pressure of the shoelaces are applied across the foot. What you want in any pair of shoes is to feel comfortable first and foremost. Anything that takes you out of that comfort zone is likely to lead to injury or annoyance somewhere down the line, and that is the case with this. Even pressure is more about how you feel. You want to make sure that the laces are applying the pressure evenly throughout the foot, so as not to put too much pressure on any one part of the foot. If you experience too much pressure, then it can just get uncomfortable.

A lot of times, you can adjust your shoelaces- just as you would do for your ordinary ones- but sometimes you just find a pair that simply don’t disperse it evenly no matter what you do with them to try and change it. Because this is the way that shoelaces are going to affect your comfort, you need to make sure that you aren’t feeling a clamping feeling on your foot. If they are too tight, it can restrict blood flow in the worst of circumstances and leave you aching in the best. Also, if the pressure is too much on certain areas and minimal in others, you just won’t have much of a chance and could, theoretically, come out of your shoes just like a poorly laced up ‘normal’ shoe with regular ‘ol laces would.


Just like anything in life, finding value is essential to being happy. There are no tie shoelaces out there that will fit a lot of different budget types, but you have to be prepared to pay for the best stuff. Some products out there are going to be very good for you in terms of quality, durability, and in price. Some will be better than that, and others will be both expensive and just not very good for you. It’s not always cut and dry to figure out what is going to be the best for you, so you have to know what your budget is and be honest about how much you are willing to spend.

One caution to note is that you are going to be paying more for a pair of no tie shoelaces than you would for a regular pair of shoelaces. That much should be obvious, but it is worth noting right off the bat. You are paying for something that is not going to give you as much trouble, and that convenience then is just going to cost you a little bit more. Don’t be alarmed, though, because none of them are for exorbitant amounts of money.


Being fashionable and stylish is always a contributing factor when you are looking to buy a pair of shoes, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that your laces also affect how you look and then feel about yourself and those around you. Depending on the look you are going for, different shoelaces are going to be more appropriate. Some pairs of no tie shoelaces are made with athletics and sport in mind. If you are looking for something sporty, then it’s no problem at all, but if you are looking for something dressy and/or professional, then this would not be your way to go. By the same token, there are examples that look great on dress shoes but would just end up looking goofy on your if you are in sneakers or tennis shoes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are going to be some that just don’t look as good as others in their design. Even if they are a quality product, they are going to look a little ‘goofy,’ even if they are intended for your purpose. If this is the case, and they look a little bit ‘off’ to you, then they typically will be a little bit cheaper or offer a bunch of more laces in a pack than others. You might want to steer clear of those for the wonky looks, or you might just like how they look and make you stand out even more from those who have already made the switch away from traditional laces.

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Reflective Properties

Another thing that could come in handy, or be vital for the right person, is having reflective shoelaces. If you are a runner and want to run at night, or as it is getting dark, it might be a real life- or daylight- saver for you to get some shoelaces that have some reflective qualities to it. These shoelaces are also a good idea for anyone that just really like glows in the dark stuff, too, so it’d be a cool thing for kids to have, or anyone that just really loved disco back in the day for that matter. Glow in the dark is very cool in 2018 with the hipster crowd and the ‘cool kids,’ so that might also drive you to wanting a pair of reflective shoelaces to help you stay safe and stand out in a big and creative way.

How To Size

One thing that can prove to be a little tough with no tie shoelaces is figuring out what size to buy. First of all, you have to see what type of material is being used. If it is elastic pieces or pre-cut silicone, then you may need fewer pieces for your child, for example, than you would need because the shoe is simply shorter. If it is a one-piece, likely made from elastic material, the ‘standard’ size should fit any normal athletic and/or casual shoe out there. Some brands also offer extended laces for boots, but you should always check and make sure before ordering some and hoping they work out for you.

Best No Tie Shoelaces Reviews

1. Lock Laces

Lock laces are exactly what they sound like. They are shoelaces that use a locking mechanism to keep you in place. One of the many great things about these is the fact that they look JUST like ‘real’ shoelaces, too, with the exception of the lock that runs down the middle. That makes them cool in two ways: one they look normal and two they have that lock that people will be asking about. On top of that, they have a ton of awesome colors that you can pick from. The locking clamp keeps the laces in place one you set it, and on top of all of that, they are resistant to water, which is a major plus to have! One possible problem is that the clip does have the chance of falling off, which would ruin the fun for sure.


  • Lock clamp keeps them in place
  • Looks just like ‘real’ laces
  • Resistant to water


  • Clip might fall off

2. Xpand No Tie Elastic Laces

Unlike the prior option, the Xpand allows the wearer to hide that they are wearing them if they choose, giving another range of fashion to the mix. On top of that, they look really great and mimic the appearance of a normal shoelace so much so that it is tough to tell much of a difference at all. These also differ from the Lock Laces in that they are flat instead of rounded, which helps lock in the ‘memory’ of the elastic polyester used. Once locked into place, the Xpand will not allow your laces to move at all. They are very easy to install, but there are a couple of issues to be aware of. They are one of the more expensive options out there on the market, for one, and they also have issues fitting all eyelets as well, so that is something that you will have to look out for and try to judge yourself when purchasing.


  • Can hide that the system
  • Very fashionable
  • Laces won’t move after installation


  • Pricier than almost all options
  • All eyelets won’t be a match for them

3. Homar No Tie Shoelaces

Coming in a wide array of colors and for both adult and kid’s, the Homar is a good choice for someone that is looking for a good pair of no tie laces for either casual or athletic use. They are a flat pair of laces, like the ones from Xpand, and as a result are very good for hardcore and high intensity workouts and running regiments. One of the major upsides of the Homar system is that they are also waterproof, which is a big time gain for someone that is going to be outside a lot and doesn’t want to worry about them being ruined. They also are easy to clean as well, like most elastics in this line. One thing that might be a bit of a worry is the fact that they don’t look as nice as others out there. If you look hard at them, you can tell that they are not real shoelaces, which for some people will not meet what they are looking for. They also come in just the two sizes, adult and child, so there is also that to consider.


  • Lots of colors to pick from
  • Handles workouts very well
  • Waterproof to help you slog through anything


  • Just comes in two sizes
  • Easy to tell they aren’t ‘real’

4. Diagonal One No Tie Laces

Coming in a bunch of very bright colors, including a trippy rainbow set for your kicks, the Diagonal One will be the one that stands out most should you choose to buy them and equip yourself with them. These laces are meant more for functional use either via casual means or while exercising. They also have a flat look to them like the last couple we have looked at, and that helps them retain the memory of where your best fit is and keep you locked in. They are quite durable, as they are intended for kids, but adults can also wear them as well, so no worries there for you.

One of the frustrating parts about them is that they are a lot like the Homar due to just looking different from other, normal pairs of laces. Also a problem has been spotted with the heads of the laces. They have a tendency to rub and sometimes can irritate users, especially those that are just looking for the same, consistent feeling over and over again.


  • Tons of very bright colors to choose from
  • Flat look locks you in
  • Durable and great for kids


  • Lace’s heads can bother
  • Just don’t look the same

5. Hickies 2.0 Performance

The second iteration of their system, Hickies 2.0 is intended for you by people that are more active, and depending on the shoe, they can look very classic and chic as well. Because they are made for active wear, they are good for people who wear them regularly, which isn’t something that you can always take for granted. They also stay in place very well and are give a lot of support, not budging while in use, which is also a big requirement when you are playing or training for sports or running.

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They use the memory elastic like most of the others so far have in order to retain the feel each time you slip them on. A problem with the Hickies is that they have a rather high cost compared to others on the market. A second issue to be aware of is that they only have one size to pick from, so if it isn’t a good fit you are up a creek really.


  • Can look very cool in right circumstances
  • Great for activity
  • Retains its feel each time you wear them


  • Premium price for this corner of the market
  • Only one size

6. Inmaker No Tie Dress Shoelaces

If you need something that is a lot fancier and meant for dressy occasions, then the Inmaker Dress Shoelaces is the answer for you. Coming in two colors, an Oxford Brown and a matte black, these shoelaces are meant to be paired with your more dressy numbers. Using a rounded look, they also don’t look out of place at all with a pair of dress shoes, which is a major plus that has to be commended. They even look like real fabric, too, which gives them all the appearance of the real thing while being totally pain free for you to use.

It’s hard to tie your shoes with dress clothes on, so this is taking a lot of the discomfort and difficulty out of that with one fell swoop. The only problems for you would be if you happen to have a rather large foot, because they might not fit, and that they don’t have the best of durability, which is to be expected since they aren’t for sport.


  • Matches dress shoes
  • Looks like the real deal
  • No more wrinkling your clothes


  • Lack of durability
  • Not for bigger sizes

7. Stout Gears Reflective No Tie Shoelaces

If you just absolutely adore reflective and/or glow in the dark stuff, then you have come to the right place with this offering from Stout Gears. These shoes are very good in terms of safety, obviously, because they help you see much better than you otherwise would be able to. They also are very easy to install and offer no big troubles in doing so. Unlike some, they can be reused for others pairs of shoes, which is a major plus if you have a bunch of shoes and like to rotate between them often.

If you are environmentally conscious, they have extra appeal with the use of non-toxic dye to color them and they will also not fade so that they won’t start to mismatch with your shoes. The lock that is used is non-rusting, too, which means you won’t have to worry about it wearing out before your laces. These are meant for athletic activity, but be cautious because they have been known to come undone rather easily with some users, thus putting them at the bottom of our best of list here.


  • Reflective increases safety
  • Reusable and good for environment
  • Lock will not rust


  • Tendency to come undone randomly and easily

Conclusion and Final No Tie Shoelaces Recommendations

When you first realize you have a problem with your shoelaces, you probably just didn’t even think there would be a solution other than to bend down and tie them. We’ve all seen the pair of shoes that have ridiculously long ones, or ones that were too tiny to even double knot- if you could even see them to tie them! But now, you’ve got no worries about any of that thanks to an ingenious invention to use elastic materials instead. You can now go online or in store and search for the pair that fits your needs best, whether you need for athletic competition, casual wear, or a classy night on the town.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Tie Shoelaces

How Do I Wash No Tie Shoelaces?

Washing them isn’t that difficult, but you have to be careful. If you need to ‘wash’ them, then a simple wipe is all that is required in most cases. However, you have to be very careful to make sure that you do not soak the laces in water. The elasticity can weaken as a result of too much water, so it is encouraged that you use detergent and cloth to wipe them clean, if you have to at all.

Can I Reuse Them?

Yes, you can reuse your no tie shoelaces if you choose. In fact, a lot of people will use them on multiple pairs of shoes, simply removing them and putting them on a different pair when they are ready. But a word of warning is that you can’t take them from a pair of boots, or a similarly larger type of shoe, to a smaller pair of shoes, because they will be stretched too much and won’t fit any longer. So be careful with that! They also can change from one pair to the next, even in normal shoes, so it isn’t recommended but is possible to use one pair on multiple pairs of shoes.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Almost all of examples of the shoelaces come in a one size fits all size, so you shouldn’t have to worry if they are long enough. You also, then, don’t have to worry about them fitting the eyelets of your shoes, either, because they will small enough to fit just about anything thrown at them. This does not mean that all of them will fit your shoes, however, so you have to be careful and do proper research before you click buy and assume that they will fit your needs and purposes.

How Far Can They Stretch?

Most no tie shoelaces can stretch out to about 72’’, which is quite a lot really. This makes them able to go on both shoes and boots, if you choose to do so with them.

What Materials Are Best?

There can be many different materials used to make no tie shoelaces, but the ones that consistently get the most attention and have the highest ratings tend to be the ones that use elastic. Silicone rubber is another material that can be used, and it also does well with the ratings, too, but they have slightly different properties that make them unique.