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Balenciaga Shoes Fake

How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Triple S


The main things you should pay attention to are the stitches, the overall shape of the shoe, and the materials. Stitches on OG Balenciagas tend to be very clean and smooth. Speaking about the shape, fake pairs do not hold their shape as well, which is especially visible around the heel area if you place them side by side. It is worth noting that the authentic sneakers are very heavy, and the replicas usually tend to be much lighter. As for the materials, authentic Balenciaga Triple S are made from breathable, elastic and highly durable fabrics, from mesh overlays to shoe laces and insoles.

How to legit check Balenciaga Triple S?

  • Examine the “Triple S” logo
  • Analyze the size tag
  • Authenticate the midsole
  • Verify the toe box
  • Inspect the size number on the toe box
  • Investigate the heel loop
  • Do not forget about the shoelaces
  • Check the footbed
  • Make sure the insole is original
  • Are Balenciaga Triple S out of style?
  • Does Balenciaga Triple S run big?
  • How to know my Balenciaga Triple S is real?

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How to spot fake Balenciaga Triple S: The “Triple S” Logo

Let us start off with the “triple S” Balenciaga logo located on the tongue of the sneaker. As you can see, this logo has a 3-dimensional look, slightly rising above the tongue rather than being printed or embroidered flat on it. Due to this, the logo may become damaged over time, as visible on the left picture from the Balenciaga Triple S fake VS real comparison that we provided. However, this is nothing to be afraid of and it does not prove that the item is fake.

What does prove it, though, is the texture of the letters. Both the letters and the surface they are glued on feel like thick, high quality rubber. The letters are attached to a matte surface, not glossy like on the replica below.

Another note is that the tongue should be elastic and rather firm. The fakes are often empty and made of cheaper, simple fabric, therefore, they fold easier and don’t hold their shape as well as original ones.

Lastly, the tongue has a different shape. The top of the tongue should have a curvature, whereas in the fake Balenciaga sneakers the tongue is just straight, not curved.

How to spot fake Balenciaga Triple S

Balenciaga Triple S Fake VS Real: The Size Tag

Next up is the size tag. The most obvious advice about it would be to google the product code, but it does not immediately prove the authenticity, because product codes can easily be replicated.

Before we begin, we want to give you a warning. Do not be confused by the “made in China” text, as it does not mean that the product is fake. It is true that Balenciaga used to produce their trainers in Italy, but a couple of years ago they announced that they are moving the production to China. We can only hope that the quality did not suffer from this decision!

The main things to observe here are the stitching and the fonts. The stitching should be clean, each separate sew equal in size and shape to every other one. However, it is also quite big. The fake pair here sports smaller and much messier stitching, which can’t be a good sign.

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As for the font, the fake one has slightly bigger letters and fuzzier shapes. It means that the letters are not as clear, and appear to look more blurry. The authentic font is more clear, but also small.

Balenciaga Triple S fake VS real

Balenciaga Shoes Fake

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Balenciaga Triple S Legit Check: The Midsole

The midsole of Balenciaga Triple S is a bit tricky, since it has so many details it’s easy to lose track. We are going to name just a few to help you with Balenciaga Triple S authentication.

First and foremost, check the midsole (and the outsole, for that matter) for any glue stains or glue traces. Obviously, for a sneaker as expensive as this one, the production should be nearly perfect, and no traces of glue should be visible. If you do notice them, it sho uld ring a bell as a possible sign of counterfeit.

Next up is a little smiley face that you may notice on the midsole. They are practically identical on the fake VS real, however, the real one is a little bit more prominent and visible.

After that, take note of the stitching, as it is always the most important detail in determining the quality. Here you can see that the stitching of the replica is bigger and messier, with bigger distances between the stitches. Another flaw is that the sews are too smooth, whereas on the legit pair the sews create little angles.

Balenciaga Triple S legit check

Balenciaga Triple S Authentication: The Toebox

The most important thing to pay attention to in the toe box area is the mesh overlays. Of course, the mesh should be high quality, just like every other detail of these trainers, so the difference here is obvious. The mesh should be smaller and have a more sleek, delicate look, as well as being more durable and firm. The fake, on the contrary, would be bigger, less durable and overall cheap looking.

As for the other details, on the comparison you can note that the toe box details should be matte, not glossy like on the fake. The stitching also seems bigger and wider.

Balenciaga Triple S authentication

Real VS fake Balenciaga Triple S: The Size Number

A very unusual detail of Balenciaga Triple S sneakers is that the size number is located on the toe box, rather than on the inside of the shoe.

First of all, this number should have a distance between the two numbers. As you can see, the counterfeit lacks it, and the two numbers are practically merged with each other. It is also worth noting for anyone who’s not familiar with this model that the numbers should be embroidered, not printed.

Real VS fake Balenciaga Triple S

Replica Balenciaga Triple S: The Heel Loop

For this method, you need to closely inspect the heel loop on the back of the shoe. Firstly, you need to pull the heel loop back and check the stitch below it.

The first obvious difference you may notice is that this stitch is much bigger and more noticeable on the replica Balenciaga Triple S. The real product has this stitch well hidden and almost not noticeable at all. The other difference is that, on the authentic, the back loop is placed much higher.

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The heel loop is not the only detail to point out here. You should also focus your attention on other heel details, like the mesh tab in the bottom. The inauthentic one is clearly much smaller and has threads poking out of it, creating a cheap and messy look. Lastly, notice the tab that the loop is attached to. In the authentic pair, this tab is matte, while the fake one is shiny.

Replica Balenciaga Triple S

Are you curious to learn more about Balenciaga authentication? Make sure to read our guides on other models: Balenciaga Speed trainers , Balenciaga Track sneakers .

Balenciaga Triple S fake: The Shoelaces

As far as shoelaces go, it might seem there’s not much of a difference between a Real VS Fake Balenciaga Triple S. However, the main difference is in the way laces are constructed.

The genuine laces are much higher quality, so they should be firm, thick and durable. On the other hand, the replica has soft, more stretchy and less durable shoelaces. One way to check it is by taking a shoelace and trying to pull it apart. If it pulls apart easily and spreads into individual threads, it is definitely a cheap, fake shoe lace.

Another difference is the pattern on the shoelace. On the authentic one, the white marks are smaller. As you can guess, it is also due to the lace being constructed differently. The authentic is dense, made from a lot of tiny threads tightly squeezed together, while the fake is made from bigger threads with less density.

Balenciaga Triple S fake

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How to legit check Balenciaga Triple S: The Footbed

This method is a bit tricky, because it requires you to remove the insole and see the surface underneath it. It may not seem important, but this element perfectly showcases the overall quality of the product.

In this case, the material the insole is made of is very different in quality. You may notice the obvious difference in color (grey VS white) and the stitching (real stitches are brown, while fake ones are black). However, it is not the main issue here, since the color does not impact the quality. What does impact it, though, is one small detail that we will investigate right now.

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What you need to do is spread the shoe or try to move it around, and see how the footbed behaves. If the sews move when you move the shoe, but the footbed stays tightly glued and doesn’t move, the shoe is definitely high quality and possibly authentic. On the fake one, the footbed moves around, but the sews do not, which tells that the shoe is made cheaply and is less durable.

Apart from that, notice that the genuine one has a hole at the bottom, while the fake Balenciaga Triple S lacks it. This is simply due to how Balenciaga shoes are made, and the hole has no real purpose that we know of, but it still serves as an indicator.

How to legit check Balenciaga Triple S

Even though these methods of authenticating Balenciaga Triple S are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates.

We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good.

You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Triple S: The Insole

And, for our final tip, let’s discuss the insole itself. It comes off easily, so, thankfully, you should have no problem removing it from the shoe.

First, let’s talk about the physical feel of the insole. It should be elastic and foldable, but durable at the same time. The counterfeit one, though, is more firm and stiff. The front side of the insole, which isn’t visible on the comparison below, has a Balenciaga logo printed on it. If you are able to, inspect that logo for any inconsistencies and flaws, then flip it on the back side.

The back side of the insole should have a pattern stamped on it. As you can see, this replica is probably among the cheaper ones, and does not have the same level of detailing. Not only that, but the edges are also not so smooth.

Fake VS Real Balenciaga Triple S

Are Balenciaga Triple S out of style?

With new variations and colorways of this model dropping pretty often, as well as the classic ones staying as popular as ever, it’s safe to say Balenciaga Triple S are here to stay. Sadly, it also means that the price to get your hands on them stays hefty – about 1000$ if buying on the official website.

Does Balenciaga Triple S run big?

Many owners of these trainers say that the shoes fit a bit loosely, especially around the toe box. You can buy true size for more comfort, or go down a size for a perfect fit. Remember that it also depends on the width of your feet, though!

How do I know if my Balenciaga Triple S is real?

If our guide was a bit too confusing for you, or if you simply need a little extra help, we’ve got your back! Contact our legit check experts who will gladly assist you with authenticating any brand item. Check our service here: Balenciaga legit check .

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