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Audrey Hepburn Shoe Size

Audrey Hepburn Measurements


Audrey Hepburn measurements are above. 34″ Bust with size A cup, 20″ waist, and 34″ hips. A perfect hourglass. Her 20 inch waist was quite usual among other actresses during her time in show biz. There are even some other waists measuring even tinier, for example, Brigitte Bardot‘s 19 inch. I have also learned that a young Elizabeth Taylor once had an 18 inch waistline. Audrey Hepburn receives a lot of bad attention for making the thin, skinny bodies on women popular. However, when she was starring in lead roles, she was not the body type desired and the skinny look was definitely not popular.

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Audrey Hepburn Shoe Size

10 1/2

Audrey hated how big her feet were. They were quite large for her size.

Audrey Hepburn Weight

103 lbs (47 kg)

In her career, Audrey Hepburn has kept her weight under 110 lbs. This does not count during her pregnancies. She had suffered from severe malnutrition during the Nazi invasion of her homeland. This has made it difficult for her to gain weight. Scientists have hypothesized that Audrey Hepburn’s genes had made an epigenetic shift and that studying her genes could be the key to solving the obesity problem in America .

I gathered some information on what her diet was and what she ate from this book that Audrey’s son, Luca wrote.

Audrey Hepburn Height

5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

You might be wanting to know how tall Audrey Hepburn is? Audrey Hepburn measurements in height is 5’7″. Audrey wanted to become a prima ballerina growing up; however, this would be hard to achieve due to her tall height. Her teacher, Marie Rambert, absolutely loved her and told her that she was extremely talented and one of her best students, however, many male dancers during that era were not as tall as Audrey and it would be hard for her to achieve prima ballerina status. Her teacher told her it may benefit her better if she was the second dancer.

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Audrey Hepburn Bra Size


During Audrey’s time in show business, her body type and chest size were not the desired type. The body types that were desired at the time were more voluptuous types like Marilyn Monroe. An A cup size for Audrey Hepburn measurements in bra size is expected since she does not possess a large chest.

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Astrology Sign

Taurus … for more information check Audrey Hepburn’s full astrology chart.

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