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Ashlee Simpson Feet

How tall is Ashlee Simpson

American singer and actress, known for appearing in 7th Heaven, Hustlers (2013) and Undiscovered.

How tall is Ashlee Simpson

Photo by s_bukley/

How tall is Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jessica Lucas, Katie Cassidy
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (7 Votes)
5ft 4.89in (164.8cm)
CuriousPeachie said on 11/Nov/20
Weak 5’5 just like my sister.

Casey said on 15/Nov/16
She’s about 3 inches taller then her sister Jessica who’s 5’2 5’3 max.. Ashlee is 5’6 5’5 shortest πŸ˜‰

gladrunn said on 8/Sep/16
she towers over Diana Ross, who is listed as 5′ 4.5. upgrade her to 5’6 or downgrade Diana Ross.

az said on 8/Jun/15
I have seen her a lot. She’s absolutely tiny. To my 5’7.5″ I thought clearly 5’3″, same as my best friend. 5’4″ is pushing it. And I never wear heels.

James B said on 4/Apr/14
Thought she was 5’8

Aly said on 16/Jun/13
Here is Miley Cyrus and Ashlee Simpson together – Click Here
Here is Ashlee w/ her sister Jessica wearing similar shoes – Click Here

I don’t think she’s near the 5’6” she claims

Tendy said on 2/Sep/12
Yeah, sure Ashlee Simpson is 5’3 feet. Her height matches her anatomy. She is indeed a very beautiful singer. I like her so much.

roses said on 1/Aug/12
I have seen her in real life twice before; once at the airport security where her shoes were off. She is about 5’3″, and she was with Pete Wentz at the time who was not that much taller. She is really not that tall.

nada said on 9/Aug/11
rihanna’s toe platform is almost as high as Ashlee’s heel. That isn’t even touching on Rihanna’s huge spike heel. so yeah 5’5″ or 5’6″

Alex V said on 20/Jul/11
5’5 of total perfection
burger said on 21/Apr/11
@anonymous 1/feb rihanna is 5’9″

hey said on 20/Mar/11
she is not 5’3 becuase she would be the same height as jessica simpson and she is waaayyy taller than her. plus “oh yeah” that picture proves nothing becuase rihanna is wearing bigger heels than her.

Oh Yeah said on 8/Feb/11
5’3″ for sure

Anonymous said on 1/Feb/11
NO way! Haha. Here is a pic of her with Rihanna. Click Here Rihanna is 5’8. And you can see that there is a huuuuge difference between them. She cant be taller than 5’2.

ikbtops said on 22/Apr/09
She’s a fairly tiny girl. 5’4″ tops. Either way she can fart in my dinner anytime.

anon said on 22/Apr/09
she’s taller/the same height as pete.
so I’d say 5’6.

kristen said on 20/Apr/09
idk if this is right. when she stands next to her husband, Pete Wentz, she almost always looks taller and he’s like 5’5-6″ tall

Dayanna said on 8/Apr/09
Hey runt, she’s bending her body
jenny said on 27/Mar/09
not over 5’4 1/2 i guess.

ice said on 22/Feb/09
Thank you, Rose! I thought I was the only one who noticed that. It’s rare to see, but when you catch her without heels, Pete Wentz has her by about 2 inches, and he is not over 5’6. That makes me think Jessica is fighting for 5’2.

Rose said on 14/Feb/09
She’s not 5’5″, 5’6″, or 5’7″. She just wears big heels. On E! they had a special on Plastic Surgery and Ashlee was number one with her nose job. They had a picture of her and her husband (she was reaaally pregnant in this picture, she wasn’t wearing in heels) and he’s clearly a couple of inches taller than her. I’d say 5’4″ at the most.

clearly right said on 28/Dec/08
well runt if you took more then a secon to look.
she’s bending right over + them heels are dainty so shes porbably taller then she seems on that photo with her heels off, making her 5’6-5’7.

ice said on 24/Nov/08
You know, Pete Wentz is 5’6 at the most. So, this picture really makes me think Ashlee is 5’4.

Sure, we can’t see feet, but I have never seen Pete in anything higher than a standard tennis shoe. This may be one of the few pictures where Ashlee is obviously not in heels.

Katie said on 5/Nov/08
she’s 5ft6
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/08
she looks way too shorter than 5’5”

runt said on 30/Oct/08
Why is Ashlee simpson in heels around a head shorter than 5-10 5-11 Nick Cannon in sneakers. For a minute there I thought it was Jessica.

Big T said on 12/Sep/08
ok, explain this to me. Ashlee in heels with Pete Wentz= 1 inch taller
Rihanna in heels with Pete Wentz= 7 inches taller

and people on Rihanna’s page are claiming she is only 5’5″ or 5’6″. which I guess means either Ashlee is 4’11”, or Rihanna wears 9 inch heels lol

miyase said on 2/Sep/08
Yeah she could be that height.In this pic Ashlee,Jessica and Kate Beckinsale stood together,they were both on high heels(my guess Kate’s heels were lower than them) and 170 cm Kate Beckinsale is the tallest.Click Here

Jessie said on 31/Aug/08
I agree. This is very accurate. I think next to tiny jessica she looks taller so thats why people are thrown off.

Anonymouschicken said on 6/Aug/08
I always thoought she was 5’7 she looks taller then 5’5

diana said on 4/Aug/08
this height seems accurate maybe even 5’5.5
and CC miley cyrus is not 5’4
no way at all she was 5’4 maybe 2 years ago

CC said on 3/Aug/08
There is no way Ashlee Simpson is 5’5. She needs to be downgraded or Miley Cyrus(5’4) needs to be upgraded:
Click Here

You can tell that Miley is not wearing heels in this picture:
Click Here

RIHANNA ISABEL.B. said on 1/Aug/08

Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I agree with Kady, she must be somewhere between 5’4″ and 5’5″. I mean if Jessica is barely 5’2″, there can’t be that much difference between the two sisters. They share the same genes and they are both female!

Debbie said on 26/May/08
Wouldn’t Ashlee have been wearing heels when Glenn or anyone else met her? Maybe she’s shorter. she is ALWAYS wearing heels.

bryan said on 6/May/08
no i meet ashlee she is like 5’7 cause im 5’6 and we were about the same hieght

Holly said on 26/Apr/08
I think it’s looks better when a couple almost are at the same height.. I wish I was like 5’9 insted of my 5’3 so that I would just be 1 1/2 shorter than my BF

Linda from Australia said on 11/Apr/08
To Kady and the supposed Ashlee Nicole:
You are both wrong. Ashlee Simpson’s REAL middle name is Nicolle. I suggest that you both conduct some simple research before making such claims to avoid future errors.

Jane doe said on 22/Jan/08
she isn’t that tall because she is shorter then pell james by a half inch or more..and pell james is 5’4.5″

Kady said on 31/Dec/07
5’4 – 5’5″.
And to ashlee nicole- nicee. but you don’t really sound like ashlee- since the real ashlee simpson’s middle name is spelled with an “h”. Ashlee Nichole. yupyup.

Anonymous said on 4/Dec/07
Can’t see their feet, but she looks a fair amount taller than boyfriend Pete Wentz. I really haven’t seen any photos where he looks taller than her.

Jen said on 19/Nov/07
Look at this picture of Ashlee and Jessica. Jessica appears to be several inches taller than Ashlee, even though she is a fraction ahead of her in the photo and Ash’s head is slightly tilted. If Ashlee was 3″ taller than Jessica then she would still look to be taller by about 1 or 2″, taking their positioning into account, and I can’t imagine either of them going out without heels on, so take that into account also.

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Ashley said on 27/Oct/07
In pictures of Ashlee and Pete Wentz they looked the same height and they pretty much are the same height. I’ve always liked it when the guy is about the same height or a little taller then the girl. Just like me and my boyfriend, he’s only 2 inches taller than me!

Crissy said on 26/Aug/07
Glenn, I think Ryan Cabrera is actually about 5’10, if you add on his hair, and he looked significantly taller than her

Rachelle said on 26/Jul/07
Bombay, I’ve never seen any of the people you mentioned in person, except for Nick, but it was for a quick second, so I can’t really re call his height or anyone one else’s for that matter. And I only think it’s legit to comment on their height only if you’ve seen them in person.

glenn said on 20/Jul/07
i met nick recently.sweet guy.5-9, 5-9.25.

Bombay Rocker said on 19/Jul/07
In many pics with wilmer valderrama, ryan cabrera, nick lachey, she looks tiny and i think wilmer has atleast 5 inches on her, maybe even 6 and ryan cabrera has atleast the same amount on her as well, maybe even more. (Don’t know how tall ryan is though) nick totally dwarfs her even when she is wearing her regular 3 – 4 inchers and i figure nick is closer to 5 feet 10 then 5 feet 9 listed here. What’s your take on these heights Rachelle and Glenn?

glenn said on 16/Jul/07
about a week or 2 after i met you i was still meeting some people.cant remember who offhand.obviously nothing exciting.for the last 3 weeks ive been kinda on a break.just some old rock names.

Rachelle said on 16/Jul/07
Nah, I haven’t met her. I haven’t met anyone else either lately. What about you?

glenn said on 15/Jul/07
5-5 sounds a little high,no? 5-4 tops.5-3 is a small possibilty too.she is bigger than jessica,so i guess 5-4ish is more correct.what is your estimate rachelle? have you met her? you been out lately?

Rachelle said on 14/Jul/07
Glenn, what do you say Ashlee’s height is?

glenn said on 10/Jul/07
everytime i go meet him,i get somewhere too late and miss him.i hear 5-6 to best guess is 5-8.

Bombay Rocker said on 9/Jul/07
Hey Glenn, any news on ryan cabrera. any guess. have u met him or any of your known people who have met him. what did they have to say. i have always read very short but he’s not that short as media makes him to be. Hey rob, what’s your general guess on ryan cabrera. talk of talks i saw pic of ryan with jay leno and jay is obviously wearing dress shoes and ryan is wearing his converse( although it’s hard to believe lifts in converse but he wears those same shoes a lot and i mean a lot). and he looks maybe 3 inches less than leno who i believe is truly 179 – 180 so that makes 172 – 173 without the shoe disadvantage cause converse give less than .7 inch where as dress shoes give an easy 1.2 inches and who knows what leno might be wearing under those.Then there’s another pic with kanye west who is 173 – 174 and he looks atleast 2 inches, if not more shorter but you can’t see their shoes but it seems that ryan is as usual wearing converse and kanye is wearing those 1.2 inchers. In one joe simpson pic, he looks less than an inch short and in others he looks atleast if not more 6 – 7 cms short and mind you most of them are full body shots. With will ferrell looks atleast 5 inches short probably close to 6 but that still makes him 5 feet 9. no way can a 5 feet 9 guy be called very short or tiny and in most news articles he is either called dark and handsome green eyed ryan cabrera or what he lacked in height, he made up with his music and one magazine even went to the extent of calling him tiny in comparison to adult standards and said that the reason he is popular with teenage girls is because he himself looks like a teenager who seems to grow some inches by next year with a growth spurt but most magazines listed his music good and said that he has talent but he’s not channelizing it properly. So what’s your guess rob and glenn? πŸ™‚

Flower said on 1/Jul/07
hahaha I read she was 5’7″ nah its obvious Glenn. you are a way taller than her.

Crissy said on 1/Jun/07
ashlee nicole, haha u wish u were ashlee simpson

ashlee nicole said on 1/Jun/07
Hi guys! My sister just showed me this page. It’s hilarious how much you guys care about my height! I just got my boyfriend to measure me. We couldnt find a tape measure so we used a ruler and made markings on the wall. I’m exactly 5 foot 5.25 inches. Sorry if I ruined the fun you were having making judgements on it. xx

Alex said on 24/May/07
5’5 for Ashley and 5’2 for Jessica sound right?

JessicaFann said on 12/Apr/07
She is taller than Jessica Simpson, 5.4/5.5 is her height. It is for sure

Blondie23 said on 20/Feb/07
I’ve interviewed Ashlee and when we were both stood up next to each other I’d say she was about three or four inches taller than me. I’m just 5’1 so that would make her 5’4 or 5’5 at the most. I’d say closer to 5’5 really. I was quite shocked as most pop stars are usually smaller than you’d imagine, whereas Ashlee was taller.

Anonymous said on 25/Jan/07
IE 6.0 – AOL | Member Directory me and ashlee i stand only 5’3 and im about 5’5 in 2.5 inch heels . ashlee had on 3 inche heels making her 5’2 or 5’3 1/2 the talles

bombay rocker said on 8/Jan/07
Glenn and rob i think she is at the very most 5 feet 5, maybe even 5 feet 4.5. What did her shoes look like (i guess they were flats with around an inch heels). Looking at your pic and comparing both of you, since youy are 5 feet 8 theres no way she is 5 feet 7. That means jessica simpson is 5 feet 2 and nick lachey is 5 feet 8 or 5 feet 8.5. Wilmer valderrama too then will not be more than 5 feet 7. What about ryan cabrera then?

Brad said on 6/Dec/06
Yeah, both J & A have strange noses (bump). I think A got hers fixed. She changes her hair more than Britney. Just keep it like sis. She looks 36 above. Too much eye shadow. She needs Cindy Crawford’s make-up book. That book is the best present for a girl. I give one away and 5 friends of the recipient want it. Happens over & over. Crawford’s the real deal.

Brad said on 23/Nov/06
Looks 5′ 5″. She looks horrible by Glenn, sorta a young Phyllis Diller.

kelz said on 18/Nov/06
ally you also gotta keep in mind that genetics doesn’t always play that much of a role in height. lack of sleep, exercise, nutrition probably affects it more.take me for example, my mom is 5’7, my dad is 5’11” my little brother who is 14 is about 5’6″ and I am 5’1″ 1/2

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ally said on 24/Oct/06
my friend who is six foot had a pic taken with her had an entire head length between them, she may have been slumping a bit if we wanna be generous, so I would say, I dunno, 5’4″.. oh and it is weird about 1 sibling being tall and the other not, I’m 5’7″ whilst my younger sister is 5’9″, just the way genetics goes sometimes.

doviena said on 3/Oct/06
Hmm i saw another picture with ashlee and jessica they were probally both wearing 4 inch heals. but they only looked a little a part. IT looked like Jessica was 5’3 and ashlee was 5’5 or 5’6. Also isn’t it wierd that one sibling can be short and the other can be tall?

Alex said on 30/Sep/06
Ryan looks to have a good 6 inches on Ashlee there. We can’t see footwear but Ryan could be a little closer to the camera to make him appear a little taller. Not the best picture there.

victoria said on 21/Sep/06
look at this pic..both wearing heels and ashlee apears inches taller. about 5’6-5’7 should be rights

Anonymous said on 21/Sep/06
5’3 and no more. Here is Ashlee and Jessica. Ashley is barely one inch taller than her sister. Jessica tends to slouch but standing straight up here they are. Click Here

Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
Yes Ashley is 5-4 tops. Here is a pic with 5’4.5 Pell James.Click Here
jess said on 9/Sep/06
she is 5-3 max.its true.Γ½ saw her and she is looking only 160 cm

Anonymous said on 9/Sep/06
ashlee is not 5’5. first of all look at that pic where shes standing next to around 5’3 fergie and theyre the same height or maybe fergie’s even taller.
Click Here
here she is with 5’5-5’6 pete wentz.

shay said on 16/Aug/06
yes. 5’5 is spot on. but lol anybody got braxtons height? if ashlee is 5’5, I think hes 5’7

Alex said on 12/Aug/06
Glenn, I agree with your 5’5 estimate of her. The 5’7 claims are too much but those 5’3-5’4 claims are too low as well.

Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
No way is Ashlee 5-7.I saw her again last week.5-5.

Volleyballkim said on 3/Aug/06
Every week i buy all the fashion magazines. And it was before Nick and Jess broke up, and Ashley and her boyfriend and Nick and Jess all went on vacation together. There was a picture in US WEEKLY that showed Jess and Ashley walking directly beside each other. Jessica is said to be 5’3 and Ashley is said to be 5’7. I believe this to be true. Because Jess had 3 inch heels on and ashley had on flip flops. Jess was the same size as Ashley.

victoria said on 27/Jul/06
fergie is 5’4.5. i thought she was 5’3,lol. i still think ashlee is between 5’5-5’6. no shorter.

Anonymous said on 25/Jul/06
Thats fine Fergie is in high heels, but look real close at the picture. Fergie’s isn’t even standing straight and Ashley is. Fergie is clearly taller than Ashley in the picture by 2 inches. Ashley is 5’4.5 and Fergie is too.

avelin said on 23/Jul/06
fergie: 5’3+ 5 inch heels =5’8. aslee; 5’6+ 2-3 inch heels = 5’8.they look about the smae height in the pic with ashlee and fergie

Skaiste said on 14/Jul/06
Well i would say that she’s more like 5’6 or 5’7. And this picture. well im almost sure that she’s sitting here. I’ve seen her pictures with the same outfit singing autographs and she was sitting. so. ;D Maybe i’m wrong but i tried to compare her with other celebrities and she’s definatly nothing like 5’5. She’s taller

Anonymous said on 14/Jun/06
Wait a minute! Did you look at the picture of her and Fergie? If Ashlee is 5’5 Fergie must be 5’8 with heels. Cause she is like 3.5 inches taller than Ashley in that picture.

shay said on 10/Jun/06
hey Glenn, im talking about Braxton Olita, her boyfriend for a long time, he plays the guitar in her band. any idea how tall he is? thanks in advance dude

Glenn said on 2/Jun/06
Forgive my ignorance,who is Olina?

shay said on 1/Jun/06
Mmm,I think about 5ft5 or 5ft4. but. does anyone know how tall braxton olita is?? Hey Glenn,how tall is braxton olita? cant find a page for him on celebheights. please help

Wicked Kid said on 29/May/06
Errr. I still think she’s 5’3″. Nothing more.

Jenna said on 23/Apr/06
I’ve actually met Ashlee Simpson and I know that she is 5’5 cuz I’m 5’7.5 and I hate my height cuz im quite tall for a 14 year old British.

Alex said on 5/Apr/06
I’d still put her at 5’5.
Glenn said on 3/Apr/06
Correct Ice.

ice said on 2/Apr/06
I think Ashlee is 5’4.5 because she is a little taller than lindsay lohan, and she is 5’4.

cheryl said on 2/Apr/06
actually,i’ve heard fergie is only 5.2.but i’m sure ashlee is about 5.4.

Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
Rob, time to downgrade Ashlee to 5’3.5″-5’4″. Here she is with Fergie (5’3.5″) and they’re the same height. You can see their heels.
Click Here

Alex said on 24/Feb/06
What is Glenn’s estimate on Ashlee’s height?
Wicked Kid said on 16/Feb/06
Lol. 5’4″. Max.
ds said on 14/Feb/06
I think she is above 5’5″, but maybe below 5’6″.
Josh said on 28/Jan/06
She really looks 5’5 next to glenn

Wicked Kid said on 24/Jan/06
Ok hello, it’s ridiculous that Ashlee’s 5’6″. Then Ryan Cabrera would be like what, 5’10” – 6′??

hello said on 22/Jan/06
IVE MET ASHLEE . im 5’4 and like 3 quaters and when ashlee came to where i live i got to take a picture with her and she was wearing sneakers (so was I)she is atleast 5’6. probably 5’7 cus she was quite a bit taller. even look at pictures comparing her and her sister Jessica. any picture weather there wearing heels or not ashlee always has a height advantage of about 3 – 4 inches on jessica.. and since jessica is 5’3 then that would make ashlee either 5’6 or 5’7

Wicked Kid said on 20/Jan/06
Why not ask Glenn how tall he thinks Ashlee is.

Wicked Kid said on 14/Jan/06
Who’s Glenn anyway? How can she be 5’5″ when that 5’8″ dude has to lean down like that. 3″ isn’t really a huge difference you know.

sunbeame said on 13/Jan/06
we cant what shoes ashlee is wearing in that pic tho.

Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
ive met ashlee about four times and im 5 ft4” and she was about an inch taller than me with two inch heels so im saying that she is 5 ft 3 or maybe 5.2” but she aint five foot 5.

Anonymous said on 8/Jan/06
ok, i met ashlee 4 times, shes about 5’6″. jessica is about 5’3″.

Ann said on 7/Jan/06
she certainly has a much better height than her sister, Jessica.maybe if she were two or three inches taller, she would be perfect

sunbeame said on 18/Dec/05
Ok, what about this – some pics of ashlee with ryan carbrera.
She’s clearly wearing 4 inch heels – if you scroll down there is a pic of ashlee with her back turned and you can clearly see the height of her heel. She looks, i would guess, 2 inches shorter than him,even in these heels.But as he has his sneakers on we’ll say 1 inch. Ryan is listed here at 5’8 so Ashlee minus the height difference (i inch) and minus the heels (4 inch) would seem to be about 5’3 max??

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Wicked Kid said on 8/Dec/05
Editor Rob, I think the difference between the sisters is 2″ too. So is there no chance of Ashlee being like 5’1″-5’2″? I mean, I find it hard to believe the photo myself. But we could see that a few celebs were taller than him. One example would be Ashlee’s dad, Joe Simpson like I said. So that Phil guy’s really not tall.

Anonymous said on 4/Dec/05
so how tall do you think ashlee simpson really is then?

Wicked Kid said on 4/Dec/05
Lol, she’s obviously standing. Why isn’t editor Rob downgrading the Simpson sisters’ heights though?

Ashlee Simpson Feet

Editor Rob

I was looking at both sisters. I think the difference is 2 inch. sometimes it can appear more though. Those heights are tied together, but maybe she can lose 1/2 inch for now.

Anonymous said on 2/Dec/05
to emma:

she is standing in this pic! and he definately is 5 foot 8, editor rob emailed him. plus ive i see him everyday.

emma said on 2/Dec/05
In the picture of ashlee and that guy whos reportley 5ft 8
Ashlee is sitting its at a singing!

sunbeame said on 2/Dec/05
Wow! But if Ashlee is only 5’1 then that makes jess like maybe about 4’11?? I don’t think she’s quite as short as that?? But obviosly not 5 foot 3 like she claims. It’ll be real interesting to see get these simpson sister’s heights finally sorted!!

Wicked Kid said on 2/Dec/05
Lol. My goodness. I wonder if Editor Rob will downgrade Ashlee to like what, 5’1″ cos of this. Hopefully. But I doubt so. Jessica Simpson is 2″ shorter than Ashlee. It’s like some HUGE collaboration between the celebs to lie about their heights. So Lindsay Lohan is not 5’5″ either.

Anonymous said on 1/Dec/05
yea see phil is 5 foot 8, and i guess editor rob asked him..
so ashlee is way shorter than 5 foot 5
and then jessica simpson.
WOW wow wow. their good with tricking the public

Wicked Kid said on 1/Dec/05
Ooh. Well he definately can’t be more than 5’10” though. (Cos Billy Martin’s taller than him)And Joe Simpson’s taller than him ; Unless of course Joe’s like 6’3″. Oh I think in the pic with Ryan C, his knees were bending severely. Lol. Shocking discovery ain’t it? And we don’t even know what kinda shoes Ashlee was wearing in the photo with him. Now, can we finally downgrade the whole Simpson family as well as Ryan C?

Wicked Kid said on 30/Nov/05
You know what, I reckon the Anonymous, who has the 5’8″ friend, who has a photo with Ashlee, is telling the truth. Take a look at this photo: ; Billy Martin had to lean in for the photo. So I say at least 2″ height advantage, yes? Billy’s listed at 5’11” most of the time. So Anonymous’s friend is 5’9″ max. Ashlee doesn’t even reach up to the bottom of his ear. So he’s got a minimum of 7″ height advantage. Assuming he’s 5’9″ and not 5’8″ like his friend said, Ashlee would be 5’2″. Unbelievable. Oh and here’s another of his photo with Ashlee: ; But question, how did Ryan Cabrera become taller than him?: ; OK, who’s volunteering to email that dude? Cos he even has a pic with MTV’S Vanessa: ; and she’s shorter than him by 1″, given that she’s leaning in. BUT, I’m sure she’s wearing heels. So if someone asks him for his height, (and remember to ask about how Ryan Cabrera is taller than he is) we can clear up loads of wrong heights. Thanks!

Ashlee Simpson Feet

Editor Rob

I just emailed him to double-check πŸ˜‰ and. erm. ‘5ft 8’ is what he says. the Cabrera pic, it might be like the other one where he and simpson look same height – i.e. one guy is leaning down

Anonymous said on 27/Nov/05
yeah hes 5 foot 8, same height as my dad.. and she certainly does not look 5 foot 5 in this picture.. gosh i wonder how tall jessica simpson really is then

Wicked Kid said on 27/Nov/05
My goodness. the 5’8″ guy TOWERS her. Are you sure he’s 5’8″!? Cos if he is, Ashlee is like 5’X!!

Ashlee Simpson Feet

Editor Rob

you could always email the guy.

Wicked Kid said on 23/Nov/05
To be fair, Ashlee doesn’t look short. So she can’t be smaller than 5’2″.

Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
To Madeline: Is it possible for you to at least send the pics to Rob for proof? Then we can finally solve the dispute of Ashlee being taller than 5’5″ or even 5’5″.

Madeline said on 14/Nov/05
Well, Lindsay is about 5’4″ even. Not 5’5″. She is friends with my high school friend. They have pics together and she is way shorter than my 5’5″ friend (who says she’s really 5’4 3/4″ according to her doctor). Lindsay, 5’4″. Ashlee, 5’3″. Jessica 5’1″.

Lindsay said on 5/Nov/05
I really think Jess is way smaller than the 5″3 you credit her with this means Ashlee is smaller than the 5″5 you give her too. I guess about 5″3-5″4 for Ashlee!

What said on 27/Oct/05
Yeah. I thought everyone knew Jess was 5’1″. It’s not a flaw, you know. I met Ryan Cabrara and he’s 5’6″. He can lie 5’8″ because the hair really is that impressively tall. But he’s a tiny dude. In Texas, people who know Ashlee know she is around 5’4″. Not even 5’4″.5

Wicked Kid said on 24/Oct/05
Eh, I think Anonymous could be right. I’ve said before that Jess’s lower legs are really short for a 5’3″. So she could as well be 5’1″. It ain’t ridiculous at all. And Ashlee could be 5’3″-5’4″.

heightgirl said on 24/Oct/05
That’s ridiculous Anonymous – at a BARE BARE MINIMUM, Jessica is 5’2. Probably more like 5’3.

Anonymous said on 11/Oct/05
5’5″ my booty. I fitted Jessica for a dress a couple years ago and she is 5’1″ without shoes. Ashlee was bout 5’4″. Read any sighting. jess is real real tiny and cute, she actually barely met 5’1″ full on. Ashlee is not that much taller.

anonymous said on 2/Oct/05
I think 5’5 is correct. Her older sister, Jessica is 5’3 and in this picture, Ashlee is about 2 inches taller than she. picture:

Wicked Kid said on 4/Sep/05
Hey, look, Ashlee claimes a 5’7″, look at this myspace blog (scroll down to comments): link (by the way, you might not believe it, but that’s the real Ashlee and Jessica there, proven with Salutes) Enjoy!

Wicked Kid said on 31/Aug/05
I second Z2’s opinion. Or Ryan Cabrera could be like 5’7″, a more reasonable height. Somehow 5’6.5″ just seems really short for a guy. Ashlee is no way more than 5’5″.

belyrng said on 1/Aug/05
Jude Law is 5’11 and I agree, she looks nothing like 5 feet 7. I’m with everyone else, she’s about 5’5 to 5’6.

ChickKick said on 23/Jun/05
I’d say she is about 5’5 and a half because I’m 5’6 and when I met her she was slightly shorter than me. Plus she’s about two inches taller than Jessica who’s 5’3.

Anonymous said on 12/Jun/05
She doesn’t look 5’6 to me,but she is about 2 inches taller than her sister,Jessica,so she could be about 5’5.

Anonymous said on 15/May/05
She looks more around 5’6″. although on her show she looks to have really big feet. Plus her sister and her mom are like dwarfs so it’s unlikely that she’s 5’7