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18 Photos Amber Heard Probably Regrets Today

She’s an actress and model who was born and raised in Austin, Texas.

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Many of us know her face, but not her name. She was the woman who was constantly at the side of actor Johnny Depp. A lot of people learned her name thanks to a very unfortunate assault allegation. However, Amber Heard is more than just a girlfriend or a beautiful face.

She’s an actress and model who was born and raised in Austin, Texas – she lived the typical “country Texas girl” lifestyle (riding horses, hunting, the Southern works, basically.) Tragedy struck a little too close to home when her best friend died in a car accident. Then, Amber moved from Texas to New York City.

In the big city, Amber made her way as a model before jet-setting to Los Angeles in order to give acting a try.

Life hasn’t been all smooth sailing for her. Here are 18 pictures that Amber probably regrets.

18 Whispers Of A Rumor

Before she started dating billionaire Elon Musk, Amber starred in music videos before moving onto the small screen. with parts in now-canceled TV shows (like the WB’s Jack & Bobby and Fox’s The O.C.) Back then, her love life wasn’t exactly a hot topic because she was just getting started in the Hollywood industry.

17 Regret The Hair Or The Man?

Since becoming famous, whenever Amber is seen walking the streets with a new face (like James Franco in the pic above), people always first think there’s someone new in her life. Sometimes, she’s just shooting a scene for a new movie or television show. Amber’s love life has now been put under the microscope, which has to be frustrating for the young actress.

16 When The Past Just Won’t Quit

Amber’s ex-husband, Johnny Depp, filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard, over her op-ed in The Washington Post, about being a victim of domestic abuse. A bunch of different actresses, including Depp’s own ex-girlfriend, Winona Ryder and Johnny’s close friend, Penelope Cruz, have defended the actor. We’re thinking that Heard probably cringes whenever she sees photos from the ‘Amber and Johnny’ days.

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15 On Display To The World

Back in 2016, Heard filed for divorce from Depp and managed to get a temporary restraining order against him, as well. She said that he was verbally abusive toward her and physically abusive, too. She walked out in public with bruises on her face, showing the world what had happened.

14 Well, It Is The Met Gala

Every year, the annual Met Gala has a theme that everyone must abide by – guests dress according to that specific theme. So, everyone pretty much looks AMAZING, but pictures taken out of context can be rather baffling. Like, it’s not every day we see actresses like Heard wear such extravagant headdresses.

13 Messy Hair And Messy Ex-Boyfriends

After her split from Depp, Heard started dating businessman, Elon Musk, who made his first millions from co-founding PayPal. He became a billionaire by heading Tesla. Is Musk a ladies’ man who runs around in high powered circles? Well, he’s been married three times (twice to the same actress) and dated Amber for about a year.

12 Dress Barely There

Okay, we’ll admit it – we ALL have clothing malfunctions at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable. The good news is that, for us normal people, it’s not usually caught on camera (unless your friends are particularly mean and post your mistake on social media). If you’re famous, the paparazzi is ever-present and waiting. Just like here, with Amber’s barely-there dress.

11 Fed Up With It All

You have to admit that Amber has been going through some pretty rough times lately. She’s dealing with rumors that she’s back with her ex-boyfriend, while she and Depp are metaphorically at each other’s throats via the press and courtrooms. It’s only fair that she appears fed up with it all while out in public.

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10 “Say What Now?”

Shortly after they supposedly parted ways, it was rumored that Amber and Elon were back together again. They were seen brunching and walking together (they appear to be in a serious conversation in this particular picture) for a couple of months after the split…only to announce they were…splitting yet again?

9 Too Much Going On

Since crashing onto the Hollywood scene, Amber seemed like the type of person who never really had to answer to anyone about herself. She was simply just being her most authentic self and she didn’t care what anyone thought. But the more famous she became, the more reserved she seemed to get about the image she was putting out there.

8 Odd Angle

Haven’t we all taken pictures exactly like this one? I wasn’t sure what sort of selfie Amber was aiming to get. Was she trying to capture marks on her person in order to prove a point to the outside world. perhaps the naysayers who claim she made up claims against Johnny Depp? Or did she just want to show the world her nose?

7 We’ve All Been There

Guaranteed, if you don’t like this happening to you as a normal person who is grocery shopping, you 100 percent hate it if you’re famous and get approached while grocery shopping. The good news here is that Amber appears to be friendly with the person she’s speaking with. The bad news is, well, the paparazzi are everywhere.

6 Uh Oh.

Back in 2016, Amber alleged that Depp “launched an iPhone” at her face, leaving her with bruises all along one cheekbone. Shortly after the incident was said to have taken place, Amber was out and about with her friends, smiling and laughing, with no visible bruise on her face. We’re not saying it wasn’t there (makeup, hello) but the pictures are pretty interesting.

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5 Ignoring The Look

Amber, here, is basically every woman who is really just trying to ignore the creepy guy staring weirdly at her. Now, are we saying that actor Rami Malek is creepy? Of course not, that’s just how he usually looks. We’re just talking about the unfortunate timing of this particular shot.

4 WB Dayz

It seems like forever ago when Amber first appeared on the Hollywood scene. This is a shot from the set of Jack & Bobby, a show that follows two young brothers – one of whom goes on to be the President of the United States (we don’t know which, but we can guess if we paid attention in history class).

3 Rethink The Hat And The Man

Do you think that Amber regrets going BACK out with Elon and starting all the buzz that they were seeing each other again? Doubtful, since she has to live her life and has stated before that she was very much in love with Musk. She says they are still very close friends, which is good. Btw, Elon claims Amber dumped him.

2 When Life Was Simple

The one thing that you know Amber does regret is her marriage to Depp. It’s turning into one giant soap opera right now (as if it wasn’t before), with more people involving themselves in the drama. You have to wonder if she regrets the happy times she had with him. if she even remembers any at this point.

1 Lipstick Marks And Smiles

Amber has had her share of ups and downs when it comes to her relationships, but at least, when it came to Elon Musk, she appeared to be really in love, so she MIGHT not really regret this photo of him with her lipstick mark on his face. They both appeared really happy at that moment.