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Almond Toe

The Different Types Of Toe Shape

Almond Toe

Almond Toe

Do you often find yourself getting confused when deciding which toe shape to choose? Occasionally, some of you may leave shopping with more questions than you have started with because of being unsure of what is the right choice for your purchase. After all, there are also many factors that define which is a good shoe purchase, apart from each person’s personal style. It is very important to also think about how tailored it is to your measurements so that it can fit you perfectly. The comfort element is relatively very important and, especially when you have wide or petite sized feet, it;s not easy to make the right choice! When it comes to shoes, women should also be thinking about the different types of toe shape and which one of them is a good fit for their feet.

Which are the different types of toe shapes?

Generally, there’s 3 types of toe shape, Almond, Round, and Pointed. In our shoe collection, we have added a new trend, which is the Squared style. Below, you can find some major differences between them.

Round Toe

Which shoe? Brogues, ballet pumps

Bespoke loafers

Subtlety never hurt anyone! Out of all the different types of toe shape, the round toe is arguably the most comfortable, especially for women who have wide feet or suffer from bunions. The wide toe creates a wardrobe staple, as they’re traditionally a workplace essential. To decide on a shoe style that features well with the round toe shape, we recommend a pair of ballet pumps or brogues. With a deep curve, the round toe brings a traditional, classic look to your outfit

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Find your favourite shoe with this toe style available on our Shop the Look page. Or, if you’d like to create your own pair, visit our 3D Designer page.

Almond Toe

Which shoe? Court Shoes, Loafers

Almond Toe

The almond toe style lies somewhere between the round and pointed toe. This is the most popular choice as it fits the most common foot shape. In terms of the look, it’s till a pointed toe, but not as narrow, so, you still get the glamorous effect a pointed toe brings to the table. Also, even though it might seem narrower than the round toe, it can be tailored for those with longer middle toes. The almond shape can also help your legs look longer to completely polish up your dressy look. The shape still provides enough space for your toes to move while the softer and less prominent curve is sure to give your outfit a contemporary and alluring feel.

Being chic doesn’t mean being in pain! You can still have your favourite almond toe style with our made to order option. Learn more about our Bespoke Service here.

Pointed Toe

Which shoe? Court shoes, Pointed toe Flats

pointed toe style

The pointed toe is the most daring option of all because of its very narrow style. Usually, women prefer this toe style for their stilettos because it adds extra glamour and fearlessness to their total outfit. However, not everyone’s foot shape is made for this style as your toes could easily be too snug to cause discomfort. Rather than us trying to get used to a shoe, the shoes should be getting used to us! In case you are searching for show-stopping power shoes but worried that you’ll have to compromise on comfort, come and design your very own pair on our 3D Designer, then choose the bespoke service for them to fit your exact feet measurements. This toe shape is calling you to be that little more adventurous! However, it’s not only court shoes that have to be constructed with a pointed toe, as pointed toe flats have become a striking trend lately.

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You can find out more about how to design flats, with a vintage pointed toe, here.

Extrta tip: shoes will vary in length and shape, depending on what toe shape and heel you have. So, not all of your shoes will be the same size in length.

Squared Toe

Which shoe? Backless Loafers and Sandals

Ladies’ backless leather loafers

The squared-toe style is a new trend that has become a personal favourite for many women. It can be featured in various shoe styles giving a particularly striking effect on any look and extra room for your toes. If you’d like to opt for a squared-toe backless loafer to elevate your style at home or your supermarket run, we are bringing this new toe style as a surprise that came just in time. Extra tip: the squared-toe style goes very well with block heels.

How can you have your very own favourite toe style for your shoes without worrying about feeling uncomfortable?

Usually, shopping in standard sizes when having wide/ petite feet, or even different sized feet, means that you might have to stick to a specific type of shoe that feels as comfortable as possible to you. We are so happy here at Solely Original to be able to provide solutions to this kind of struggles. With out PrecisionFit service you’ll be able to have your own design handmade to your exact foot measurements. This means that no matter what fitting issues you may have, no style is off limits anymore.

We believe that fashion is all about confidence and you can’t be confident in uncomfortable shoes!