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Alicia Keys Feet

Alicia Keys’ Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Relationships & More

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is a multi-talented personality renowned for her contribution to the R&B and Hip-Hop genres of music. Her name strikes first when one thinks of an iconic pop star who has changed the scene with her charm and multifarious work ethic.

Read along as we unravel the success story of this euphonious diva, along with her body statistics, dating history, and diet & fitness tips.

Insights from Alicia Keys Stardom

Alicia Augello Cook is an Actress and accomplished Hollywood personality who has achieved the zenith of success. She was born on 25 January 1981 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, United States. She inherited African, American, Scottish, Italian, and Irish descent from her parents.

Alicia Keys got inspired by iconic artists like Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, and Stevie Wonder for pursuing a career in music. She attended the Professional Performing Arts School to major in choir singing and even started playing the piano and writing songs at a young age.

Alicia Keys’ stardom was embarked on her album’s success, which made her a star performer in the eyes of the critics. In addition, she is credited with several successful collaborations with aspiring artists for musical singles and is also known for her philanthropy.

She has founded the non-profit organization ‘Keep a Child Alive’, which does commendable work globally. In addition, her career has been astounding as she has won honorary awards in the industry.

Alicia Keys’ Height and Weight

Alicia Keys’ height is 5 feet 5 inches or 168 cm (1.68m), making her a phenomenal performer. She has ruled our hearts with her on-stage presence, her figure looks toned as she weighs about 55 kg or 121 pounds that fit best for her BMI.

Alicia Keys had to eat in moderation to maintain her stellar physique. However, she has recently switched to a healthier diet which requires her to eat a lot of salad while avoiding red meat and milk in her diet routine.

She follows a 5-Meal diet plan that has helped her lose weight more healthily, without starving herself and still looking her best. She eats fruits, lean protein, vegetables, shakes, and smoothies and drinks about 60 ounces of water every day.

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Alicia Keys at the Grammy Awards

Who all has Alicia Keys Dated

Alicia Keys’ dating history is quite insightful as we learned about all the exciting celebrity crushes and relationship secrets. She has shared a fair share of her past in romantic flings and sizzling chemistry.

Revealing her dating history, Kerry Brothers is the first name that dates back to 1994 who she started dating when she was just a teenager. The couple got engaged on New years eve in 1998, but this relationship fell apart by 2008 because of irreconcilable differences.

Alicia Keys became a big name in the R&B genre, and she came across several artists like Justin Timberlake, who was rumored to have a romantic fling with her. However, she proved the rumor wrong in 2008 when she started dating rapper Swizz Beatz.

Alicia Keys got married to Swizz in 2010, and they live happily together with their two sons Egypt Daoud Dean and Genesis Ali Dean.

Alicia Keys with Swizz Beatz

  • Full Born Name: Alicia Augello Cook
  • Nick Names: Yellow
  • Occupation:Actress, Record Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Pianist, Composer, Poet, Narrator, Entrepreneur, Activist, Broadcaster, Philanthropist
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Date of Birth: 25 January 1981
  • Birthplace: Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Father Name: Craig Cook
  • Mother Name: Terria Joseph
  • Siblings Names: Cole Cook
  • Spouse: Swizz Beatz
  • Children: Egypt Daoud Dean, Genesis Ali Dean

Alicia Keys’ Body Measurements

Alicia Keys body measurements of 34-27-38 inches or 86-68.58-96.5 cm make her a worldwide pop icon fancied by a majority for her bold and sensual appeal. Her creativity and drive to be the best compliments her talents, making her a star performer in the audience’s eyes.

Alicia Keys is a fitness enthusiast who thoroughly enjoys her workout sessions. She has trained with celebrity personal trainers like Harley Pasternak and Jeanette Jenkins.

Alicia Keys has run a marathon for which she has trained for about an hour or two. She does bodyweight training, weight lifting, yoga, biking, swimming and majorly focuses on cardio to stay in shape.

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Singer Alicia Keys at the Grammy Awards

Alicia Keys’ Ample Bosom

Alicia Keys looks like a heartthrob in every attire because of her amazing breasts of 34 Inches that make several heads turn to have a glimpse of her. She flaunts a bra size of 32B, with a cup size B.

Alicia Keys has been featured in several top hits of the R&B genre music videos. In addition, she has breathtaking looks that she showcases on her social media, which has gained her a worldwide fan base.

Height5 feet 5 inches or 168 cm (1.68m)
Weight55 kg or 121 pounds
Breast Size34 inches
Bra Size32B
Cup SizeB
Body Measurements34-27-38 inches or 86-68.58-96.5 cm
Chest Size34 inches or 86 cm
Waist Size27 inches or 68.58 cm
Hips Size38 inches or 96.5 cm
Dress Size6 (US) or 38 EU) or 10 (UK)
Shoe Size6 (US) or 36.5 (EU) or 4 (UK)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Natural breasts or implantsNatural

Alicia Keys’ take on Cosmetic Enhancements?

Alicia Keys was subjugated under the critical rumors of getting a rhinoplasty, but experts have said that her nose looks sharp because of the lighting, camera angle, and the natural aging process.

Alicia Keys has been at the forefront of the beauty industry. Modern cosmetic products and makeup enhance a person’s appearance in an incredible way. However, Alicia has stayed away from getting cosmetic enhancements, and her body still looks very natural.

Alicia Keys Net Worth

As of 2022, Alicia Keys’ net worth is estimated at $150 Million, and she has bagged this fortune since being signed under labels like Columbia Record, RCA, Arista, and J Records. She has also endorsed brands like BlackBerry, Citibank, Proactiv Acne Treatment commercials which have contributed to her revenue.

Alicia Keys at the American Music Awards

What was Alicia Keys biggest hit?

Alicia Keys has several platinum records, which were hailed by her critics and fans worldwide. Her biggest hits are listed below:

  • The Diary of Alicia Keys, 2003: 7 times platinum
  • If I Ain’t Got You, 2004: 4 Times platinum, more than 1.5 million sales
  • My Boo, 2004: 4 Times platinum, more than 6,18,000 sales worldwide
  • Scars to Your Beautiful, 2015: more than 1.9 million sales
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Favorites of Alicia Keys:

  • Favorite Foods: Almond Milk, Grilled Fish
  • Favorite Products: Aloe Vera Calming Gel, Eyeliner, Acidophilus Probiotic Moisturizer, X-Treme cream Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45, Bulgaricum Probiotic Mask Powder
  • Favorite Colors: Black, Grey

Awards Won By Alicia Keys

  • Grammy Award: Song of the Year, 2002
  • Grammy Award: Best New Artist, 2002
  • Grammy Award: Best R&B Album, 2002, 2005, 2014
  • American Music Awards: Favorite New Artist, Soul R&B, 2002
  • ASCAP Awards: Most Performed Song, 2003,2005,2009
  • American Music Awards: Best Album, Pop/Rock, 2008
  • ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards: Songwriter of the Year, 2005.
  • Golden Note Award, 2009. Award-Winning R&B/Hip-Hop Song, 2014
  • Billboard Music Awards: Female Artist of the Year, 2001. Female R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, 2005
  • BMI Urban Awards: Award-Winning Song, 2003,2005,2010,2011,2013
  • Guinness World Records: First Singer to replace themselves at No. 1 on US R&B/Hip-Hop Song Chart, 2008
  • MTV Video Music Awards: Best R&B, 2020
What is Alicia Keys’ Face Shape?

Alicia Keys has a versatile oval-shaped face on which every haircut looks appealing.

What is Alicia Keys’ eye color?

Alicia Keys’ natural eye color is Dark Brown.

Does Alicia Keys have curly hair?

Alicia Keys has loose and very curly hair, and her curl pattern falls between types 3b and 3c.

What size shoe does Alicia Keys wear?

Alicia Keys shoe size is 6 (US) or 36.5 (EU) or 4 (UK)

Alicia Keys has a lively aura with which she manages to charm everyone, and she has left a great impression on Hollywood with her work ethic. She is great friends with the emerging pop icon Billie Eilish who gained popularity within a short period. Both of them are credited for their outstanding contributions and selfless philanthropy acts. Their career growth is very inspiring, and we wish both the divas all the best for their future to receive all the fame and recognition they deserve.