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Alexa Demie Height And Weight

How tall is Alexa Demie

American actress, known for playing Maddy Perez on TV series Euphoria. She also appeared in film Mid90s.

How tall is Alexa Demie

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How tall is Alexa Demie

Ryan Simpkins & Alexa
Photo © / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
5ft 1.03in (155cm)
Alanna said on 13/Dec/22
Click Here
Definitely nowhere near 5’6.

Jodie said on 17/Nov/22
She looks 5’2 flat in the photo with Ryan and it looks like they’re both wearing the same heel advantage.

Insil said on 8/Oct/22
Next to her co-star Sydney Sweeney, she looks 5’2. Most notably 157cm.

Leesheff1985 said on 7/Oct/22
Lee, Hailee looks about five inches taller than her there. Five one is right for alexa

Kee said on 27/Sep/22
Click Here Click Here what’s the height difference between Sydney and Alexa?

Kee said on 27/Sep/22
Click Here does that mean hailee is also shorter than 5’6.5″?
Or its exactly how the height difference supposed to look like?

Leesheff1985 said on 20/Sep/22
Sorry kee but this girl is definitely not above five foot one. She has a footwear advantage on Ryan sympkins here who is five foot six and still looks 4 to 5 inches shorter than her. Five one at the tallest

Kee said on 19/Sep/22
@jackie Lee
Alexa is definitely not 5’6″ but she’s also not lesser than 5’3″. And definitely more than 5’1″.

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Jackie Lee said on 29/Jul/22
Yeah that is true many people judge by proportions which isn’t 100% accurate but there’s no way Alexa is 5’6″ don’t tell me you actually believe that.

Kee said on 19/Jun/22
She doesn’t look that short when she and hailee Beiber are barefoot together.
I think most comments here judge people’s height by their body proportions. Which isn’t the correct way. Some people look petite but aren’t. Like Lily Cole?

ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 3/Jun/22
Even if she was in Guatemala, she’d be less than 1/2″ taller than the average woman there. That’s not enough to call her “above average”. That’s like calling a 5’9.25″ American man “above average”. When I think of more above average, I think of 5’10” or 5’11”.

Jackie Lee said on 29/May/22
Exactly duhon. If 4’11” is the 50th percentile then many women will be below that. Absolutely right 4’11 wouldn’t really be considered tall anywhere unless around pygmies. At best it’s above average but not tall. Average Indonesian women are on average 4’10 so 4’11 would be above average there.

Duhon said on 28/May/22
4’11” is an average height for women in nations like Philippines and Indonesia but it wouldn’t be a tall height outside of literal pygmy communities.

Jackie Lee said on 27/May/22
I didn’t say it was tall did I? I live in Southeast asia where people are generally short. Maybe you should visit there someday and see for yourself. It’s uncommon for a girl to be over 5’6″ here.

ChristianPerkins said on 27/May/22
What country and region do you guys live in? I just find it extremely hard to believe that 4’11” is a tall female height anywhere.

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Jackie Lee said on 27/May/22
I am telling the truth if you do not believe then that’s on you. My friend is legit 150cm and there are many women shorter than her from what I have seen.

ChristianPerkins said on 26/May/22
But no way can 4’11” be taller than “many” women. Even the country with the shortest female average, Guatemala, is 149cm. (about 4’10 5/8″) Height is exaggerated for sure, but not that exaggerated, lol.

Jackie Lee said on 26/May/22
People have no idea how tall a legit 5ft 6 girl is. Height is exaggerated so much it’s insane. My 4’11 female friend is taller than many women in public and it’s not nearly as short as most people make it out to be. A legit 5’6 girl is solidly tall imo especially if it’s in Asia.

Alanna said on 10/May/22
Sorry I meant to say “No way”
Alanna said on 9/May/22
Bo way she’s 5’6”. At best she’s 5’1”.

Nina18x_ said on 22/Mar/22
She’s definitely not 168cm! She looks like she’s around 158-161cm if you see her next to Sydney

Natalia Z said on 18/Mar/22
There is no way Alexa is 5’6, that she is the same height as Barbie Ferreira, that is very unrealistic. I thought she was 5’3 – 5’4 and most of the time she wears heels, she has a pretty small frame and for God’s sake I can’t believe she’s 31, she’s pretty well preserved,and very stunning,she easily looks 24-25

Jackie Lee said on 28/Feb/22
I’ve read online where people actually believe that she’s 5’6 lol. If so she makes people think 5’6 is much shorter than it actually is. This girl looks 5’0-5’1 max

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Duhon said on 3/Feb/22
Looks great for 31.
kylie said on 2/Jul/21
idk why everyone thinks she’s 5’6. she looks 5’0 to me could even be less
Yoana said on 5/Feb/21
5 foot barely 5’q
Jean Tirado said on 25/Sep/20
Yeah no, she’s definitely not 5’6”

Lara mazzolin said on 25/Jul/20
finally, a website that has the correct information, like idk why everyone believes that she’s 5’6

Jam Cherry said on 4/Jun/20
She’s tiny compared to Zendaya and Hunter Alexa is more like 151.5 cm

Silverleaf said on 21/Feb/20
I have NO idea where these people got anything over 5 feet. She’s a tiny peanut.

AShortWOman said on 29/Jul/19
She is definetely around 5″.

Not 5.7 as reported elsewhere.

Silverlead said on 22/Jul/19
All sites list her as 5’6 but that’s pure crap. Sure next to Jacob elordi she looks tiny because he’s 6’4, but next to Barbie Ferreira she’s so small and next to Sydney Sweeney she looks s butbshorter. She’s a tiny girl in my opinion.