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Alessandra Ambrosio Height

How tall is Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian Model. According to her agency she is 5ft 9.5.

How tall is Alessandra Ambrosio

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How tall is Alessandra Ambrosio

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Average Guess (100 Votes)
5ft 8.16in (173.1cm)

Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 25/Jan/23
Fernanda Motta and Ana Beatriz
Click Here

Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 14/Nov/22
@Rob how much difference there are between Adriana Lima and her in those beach photos?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

In some photos from their beach get together, could look near 2 inches.

Mary olsen said on 14/Jun/22
In this show it is very clear that Izabel is much taller than Alessandra,

Mary olsen said on 14/Jun/22
Alessandra with Heidi and Karolina Kurova

Mary olsen said on 14/Jun/22
Alessandra with Heidi,Tyra and Candice

Cold Water said on 14/Apr/22
171.3 cm
Daniel Lee said on 3/Apr/22
Candice 5’8 1/8
Ambrosio 5’8 1/8
Miranda Kerr 5’7.75″
Cold Water said on 19/Mar/22
171.8 cm

Cold Water said on 17/Mar/22
171.8 cm – Night, Before Bed
172.3 cm – Lunch
173.7 cm – Morning, Out Of Bed

Ozi said on 19/Jan/22
The footballer Andres Iniesta is 171 cm and they took photos together and she is exactly the same height as him. Check it out Click Here

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

She looks like she might edge Neymar though.

sw said on 3/Oct/21
final results:
174 seems right. alessandra looks about the same as izabel goulart.
elsa hosk is no more than 172. ax is right. she’s closer to 5’7″.
candice swanepoel is about 175. I stood 25ft from her in 2015 in nyc

Stefania said on 1/Jun/21
I think 5ft8 +/-
Haley cooper said on 28/Feb/21
2 inch shorter than adriana

Stefa said on 19/Feb/21
Amazing, how much lies about the height of models!
In agencies, they are all credited with a height 178 cm (some kind of bewitched, ideal number). Many of them are 174-175 tall, but they are still credited with 178! Why?! πŸ˜€

gohoven said on 26/Jan/21
remember she was listed as 169cm at the start of her career I don’t think she’s grown up much after it which makes her on 5’6 range

unknown139 said on 29/Nov/20
Alessandra is 1.75 m

Peter Sun said on 27/Oct/20
She looks around 5’9, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a solid 5’9 but I think she does a look a bit taller than that in all of the photos that I’ve seen of her.

LV said on 2/Aug/20
I worked on a lingerie shoot with Alessendra back in 2001 and also 2003 for a higher street brand. There is no way she is shorter than 173cm. I would estimate that she is 174cm.

JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
She isn’t taller than Irina Shayk , both are 173 cm or 174 cm max

Sandy A Cowell said on 11/Apr/20
πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ Happy Birthday Alessandra! πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

A Very Happy 39th Birthday to Alessandra Ambrosio, who gets a Birthday Guess for 5ft8.5. πŸ˜„πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘πŸŒΊ

Pamela said on 13/Mar/20
Alessandra and Heidi Klum, what do you think Rob?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

Well she seems smaller there, they might have similar kind of posture.

mf said on 17/Feb/20
It is hard to make a determination from those photos as far as who of the two — Alessandra or Izabel — is taller. A better comparison would be to Neymar, who is listed as 5’8″ or 5’9″, and who is shorter than Alessandra in the photo you linked to and in any other of the photographs of the two of them together that I’ve seen. Indeed, Neymar appears to be at least 2 inches shorter than Alessandra. So even if we take the low ball figure of his height, that would still point to the likelihood that Alessandra is approximately 5’10 in stature. Having seen her in person, I would think this to be the accurate statistic.

Fatith said on 16/Feb/20
Alessandra AmbrΓ³sio and Izabel Goulart in the same high heels, and I confirm what I already said, Izabel is taller. Look at the difference in the legs, Izabel has giant legs, for me less than 1.76 cannot be. Alessandra at most 1.74.

Fatith said on 16/Feb/20
Alessandra, Heidi Klum, Lily Aldridge and Kate Upton

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Feb/20
Alessandra can’t be below 5ft8.5 – she just CAN’T be! She could pass for even taller because of her sensational bod!

I go for 5ft8.75. πŸ‘©πŸ’πŸ‘

Reginald said on 12/Feb/20
she must be same Height as me but longer legs

Clarisse said on 7/Jan/20
ALessandra and Heidi Klum

Squash said on 30/Dec/19
Rob, if she is listed 176 cm (5 ft 9),so for she 5’8.25″ should be better.
Personally i see her at 5’8 1/8

mf said on 2/Sep/19
“Sheill said on 10/Feb/19
Alessandra not so tall, next to Cindy Crawford who is maybe 1.75 she is much smaller and the shoes are the same”

From a full figure perspective (see the link above), you see that she’s the same height or taller than Cindy in these set of photos and appears to be about the same height or slightly shorter than the statuesque — and reportedly 5’10 1/2 to 5’11” — Nicole Kidman.

See also a photo of Alessandra with officially 5’10” Candice Swanepoel, where both are bending their knees and are the same height:

Based on the photos I’ve seen of her and having encountered her in person, Alessandra can not IMO be shorter than 5’9″, and I would guess that her current height would be just below 5’10”, if not 5’10” on the dot. What makes determining her height a bit of a challenge is the fact that she is constantly bending her legs in photos with others.

Karin said on 5/Jul/19
Alessandra and Bruna Marquezine brazilian actress that measures 5’7″

Jancys said on 25/Jun/19
She is not tall at all. I think she is 5’7. Rob what do you think, can she be 5’7?

Alessandra with Ana Barros (182 cm)
Click Here

Pamela said on 15/May/19
Alessandra and Izabel goulart what do you think, they are in the same shoes height

Marry said on 26/Feb/19
Alessandra and others models.

Marry said on 26/Feb/19
Alessandra does not have long legs, or is not so tall. In my view she is smaller than Isabeli maybe 1.72 would be the ideal time.

Sheill said on 10/Feb/19
Alessandra not so tall, next to Cindy Crawford who is maybe 1.75 she is much smaller and the shoes are the same

Alessandra w/ Brazilian actress Grazi Massafera – who gives her height as 173cm.
Aren’t them the same height in the pictures?

Mimi said on 24/Nov/18
There’s a photo on her instagram with Cindy Crawford and Nicole Kidman wearing about the same style heels. She looked a hair shorter than Cindy and at least 2 inches shorter than Nicole assuming she was standing straight

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Oct/18
174cm is about right!
Nik said on 20/Sep/18
She is about Rob’s height!

mf said on 16/Sep/18
“Allie said on 29/Feb/16
Rob, here is Alessandra with Neymar whom you’ve listed as 5’8.25. They’re both barefoot and on the same ground. And beside her is 5’7 listed Iniesta. She’s on her tippytoes!
Click Here”

In the photo in question, her left foot is in a tip toe position because she is bending her left leg in order to appear shorter than Iniesta and Neymar. Taller women will often do this around shorter men.

I encountered her in person; she was taller than me, and I’m 176.5.

Nastaran said on 29/Jul/18
She is 171 cm for sure she is 5cm shorter than adriana lima

CarlosTdad said on 20/Jul/18
Click Here

I hope this link works. this is her in heels next to Boban Marjanovic

Wendy Del Fuego said on 14/Jun/18
I fully believe she must be what is stated here in the site, as she shows almost no height difference when with Bar Rafaeli and Heidi Klum in similar shoes (see pics in internet).

breutl said on 16/May/18
Alessandra, Izabel Goulart, LaΓ­s Ribeiro

sad said on 19/Feb/18
I see her in the range of 169-172 cms. Not a cms more.

MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
As the Picture above suggests that Alessandra has long torso and short legs which can be considered as drawback for modeling. She is known as one of the models with short legs. What would her leg length be rob?

Mark said on 21/Nov/17
Alessandra isn’t tall look this video

John said on 20/Nov/17
Even more proof from Victoria secret pics on wireimage. She is a little shorter than Lily Aldridge who isn’t even 5-7. please already downgrade her

Alertx said on 19/Nov/17
For this vΓ­deo you see the real truth height models

John said on 19/Nov/17
Either you need to change her down or Kloss up bc there is more proof based on recent Mercedes event in China on wireimage. They are standing on the same mark in their respective pictures and if you put the pics next to each other, she, in heels, comes to the bottom of Kloss’s nose. You can’t blame camera angles or heels bc they are both wearing similar heels.

John said on 12/Nov/17
Based on the background images of the baby gala images on wireimage, she is exactly the same height (in decent heels too) than Jennifer Garner and 2 inches at least smaller than Molly Sims. She is NOT MODEL TALL

Yellsa said on 3/Nov/17
Alessandra and Marisa

Bee said on 5/Oct/17
Alessandra and Doutzen and Izabel

Nana said on 20/Sep/17
Alessandra and Brazilian actress who has 1.66 I do not see much difference.

Martha said on 11/Sep/17

Anonymous said on 5/Sep/17
I think that Doutzen is a little big than Alessandra. Maybe She has 5’8″

Cartoon said on 16/Aug/17
Alessandra has 1,72

Sam said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, how tall would the guy be if he was barefoot.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

could be over 6ft 3 there.
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Nope she is taller than that she’s 5’9 exactly

Markon said on 11/Apr/17
Alessandra and friends models.

Marta said on 12/Feb/17
Alessandra and Izabel Goulart, I read in some places that the Izabel is 5’9 “if it’s true Alessandra is much smaller!

Inteval said on 26/Jan/17
Rob here is a pic of Alessandra in sky high platforms next to Ashton Kutcher and he still looks quite taller

Tarik said on 14/Jan/17
Hi Rob, It’s strange but in that photo of Alessandra above she looks much taller than you but your pretty much the same height.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

Tarik, her proportions are much better to look taller.

J.Lee said on 6/Jan/17
Rob, Alessandra is listed at 5 ft 9 now instead of 5 ft 10 online. Would like to see a height for Izabel.

Anonymous said on 28/Dec/16
Rob, why have not you listed Izabel Goulart and Isabeli Fontana yet?

Anonymous said on 10/Dec/16
I do not think that between Alessandra and Adriana, there is this huge difference! I’ve seen both, and are not as different in height as it shows here, here in this video is correct, and both are in 12cm shoes. For me it’s a difference of 2 or at most 3 centimeters. Many people have judged the heights of both by the Fantasy Bra show, but what happens is that Alessandra moves her hip a lot to cross her legs, and that means the difference of both, but those who see live are not all that. Alessandra for me is 1.75 and Adriana 1.77. They are not as tall as many people think, it is they parade with scarpin heels which implies in stretching their legs in video and parades.

Anon said on 5/Dec/16
LOL @ax saying Elsa Hosk is 5’6. What even? She looks like a solid 5’10 to me. This listing for Ale seems accurate though

J.Lee said on 30/Nov/16
Hey rob, so you’re saying Cindy might be shorter than Alessandra if she lost height? Also, would love you to post the exercise that you wanted Jenny to do for height maintenance

J.Lee said on 28/Nov/16
Rob is Cindy Crawford shrinking? Alessandra looks taller than her in some of these pics.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

J.Lee, with Cindy, it could be she drops a bit more height in posing at times, but she is at an age where a fraction of height loss is more likely.

Even though many models near 50 may still look great, it doesn’t mean they are immune from physical changes within discs/bones through the menopause age.

John said on 25/Oct/16
She is standing next to Amber Valetta at a recent event (look at wireimages). She is clearly about a 1/2 inch shorter than Amber. This site has Amber at 5-8.5 but people who commented claim she is 5-7.5. Can you please admit that she is not over 5-8 and list her as such?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

to me they look very similar, I think actually she could have the slightly poorer posture, but these things are harder to tell.

Ale said on 27/Sep/16
Sorry, but Alessandra has 172/73cm . Her friend, Matheus Mazzafera lying about his height. I saw this video and the difference is huge. He wears shoes with heels like tom cruise

Fran:He is her friend and has 1.74 ! It is greater than he, I believe it has more than 1.74 , especially video !! 7:39
Click Here

Miley said on 18/Sep/16
In this video Alessandra is accompanied by Irina Shayk , what do you think the difference of heights ?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

it is a tricky clip because of the ground and the dancing going on. I’m really not sure of what the difference really would be there.

Lady67 said on 9/Aug/16
He is her friend and has 1.74 ! It is greater than he, I believe it has more than 1.74 , especially video !! 7:39
Click Here

Rebelka said on 4/Aug/16
Click Here
Alessandra is greater than Cindy ! 1.75 1.76 to Alessandra Ambrosio .

YUH78 said on 12/Jul/16
Alessandra Ambrosio now says it has 1.78 kkkks the models have to stop lying so much. It is not so high but it is one of the most famous in the world .

Anthony said on 4/Jul/16
Rob, could you please, take a look at these pictures of Izabel Goulart and Shannan Click:

Shannan click (jack huston’s wife) is a solid 5ft8 girl, maybe 173.5-173, and izabel’s heels might have a slight advantage over shannan’s in the first pictures.
The difference i see between them is about less than 1 inch (like 2cm?), so it seems izabel is rather a strong 5ft9 (175-175.5) rather than 1.77m.
Izabel might be 1.76 though, but that would make her 5ft9.2, not 5ft9.5.
Pictures like this makes me think alessandra really is under 5ft9, because alessandra isnt very different than shannan in height when next to izabel. And shannan really is a 5’8, so not a chance for 177 alessandra, the max she could be is 5ft8.75.
So, rob, does your guess for izabel stays the same?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

with models, I think sometimes you have to look at a good amount of photos because some of them will stand good one moment, then drop an inch the next and their heights can vary a fair amount.

Fran said on 3/Jul/16
Rob, could you please take a look at the pictures in this link: Click Here

What is your guess for the height of the taller brunette next to alessandra?
She is a brazilian model and actress, camila queiroz, and she is listed at 177cm by her modelling agency, though i think she is rather the same height as alessandra, so 174 or 175 for her?

MaryAnne said on 3/Jul/16
yes izabell pleasee
J.Lee said on 23/Jun/16
Rob can you do a height for Izabel?

Anthony said on 5/Jun/16
So, Rob
What would your guess be for Izabel?
She is listed at 5’9.5, but i think she is rather just a solid 5ft9.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I can see the 5ft 9.5 being possible.
MaryAnne said on 1/Jun/16
I agree Izabel needs a page.

Anika said on 23/May/16
Ale participated in the Elite Model Look 1996 at the age of 14. I think they have pretty strict restrictions regarding height. You can’t enter unless you’re 172 cm and you can’t get far unless you’re taller than that. At least 175 I think.

Anthony said on 21/May/16
I think with these pictures you can get a better idea of what is izabel goularts height:

Izabel has small plataforms and is about the same heights as adriana lima in most of the pictures. And adri isnt wearing plataforms, so i think 5’9 for izabel is fair enough. (Izabel agency always losted her at 5’9.5, but i think she is closer to a solid 5’9)
Ale’s listing should really stay at 5’8.5, 5’9 is actually the most ale could be, nothing more.

See also  Amy Schumer Height

So what would your guess be for izabel,rob?
Could you create a page for her, she is so hot i think she deserves one for her as well LOL

Anthony said on 21/May/16
Rob how tall do you think Izabel goulart is?

Maybe 5ft9?
She looks a little taller than ale in this video.
The heels they are wearimg are the same size.
What do you think?

M said on 29/Apr/16
@data I do beleive to ax..It has also been confirmed to me by some people who worked many years n modelling industry.

data said on 18/Apr/16
@ax do you believe of your words? loool

John said on 17/Apr/16
Sara Sampaio, who people here say is 5-5 but listed here at 5-6.5 in a small boot is taller than Alessandra who is in flats. More proof of her being no taller than 5-7. It is the new pics from wireimage.

John said on 3/Apr/16
To ax. is Heidi Klum really 5-7? 5-9 is a joke for her. She doesn’t tower over people even in her 5-6 heels she always wears.

ax said on 1/Apr/16
I have posted before and was asked how I get heights. Rachel Hilbert 5’7.5 Elsa Hosk around 5’6″, Alessandra 5’7″. Umm. Amber V 5’7.5-8. I work in the industry with all these models VS models and all high fashion. I am paid to know how tall girls really are for line ups etc. when it’s your job, after working for a top agency for years as well as top casting directors and in magazine and catalog photo shoots for decades you see lots of girls. Partly, I know my own height without delusion and the people I work with, we all either measure a new girl ourselves or to be polite stand next to a girl at a casting if her card is obviously over stating height. You really just develop an eye for 5’9″ and over since that is most important for runway. However, there are huge name models all under 5’9″ who you put on your runway no matter what if you can book them. Also, VS girls can be much much shorter. It’s about that body. Many agencies handle short girls who have tons of potential outside of runway and the tall hyper skinny body. Also, 90% of acdncy listings are upgraded 5% are downgraded (too tall is also a problem in many shows bc the sample clothes are easier to hem up than try to make longer. and the look of the lineup). I also work with celebrities. ALL of which are shorter than listed online. Like 98% at least. I’m 5’7.5″ and I’m a towering person in celebrity world. I’m a normal person or a tiny child in high fashion model world;-)

J.Lee said on 17/Mar/16
Rob can you do a height for Izabel Goulart?

Allie said on 16/Mar/16
Fray, I don’t think you’re 100% legit not because I don’t agree with you, I never said that, that’s putting words in my mouth lol.

I don’t think you’re 100% legit because you’re not showing proof. Seeing is believing. From meeting and interview claims (that I’ll also take like a grain of salt and unless pictures are ideal conditions too), she struggles to look 5’9 and comes off as in between 5’8-9 (5’8.5). Okay sure, you can’t show the pictures to us, so I’ll have to go on more solid proof that I have access to as opposed to going on the blind belief that you measured her. Plus this is the internet, even if I think you may be more likely telling the truth.

So no, I disagree that Ale’s 176/177 cm but that’s not the reason why I don’t think you’re legit. But hey, to each their own. I have more faith in this site’s listing. I also would once again like to know when you claim to have measured her, as I think it could’ve been in the morning. then I’m very sure that’s why she ends up looking 174 cm more often then not. Plus hey, if athletes end up getting measured typically in the morning then it’s possible that the girls come in to agencies or fittings for say fashion week early in the morning as well.

Allie said on 16/Mar/16
Fray, I assume Ale was barefoot? And what time did you measure her? Morning? Evening? Afternoon?
If she measured a tad over 5’9 then I could see her being 5’8.5 cm by evening. I mean, I’ve heard from people who measure models at agencies say that there are two factors on why, aside from lying, models can end up shorter, they either show up and get measured in shoes or they show up bright in the morning.

She looks around 174 cm in pictures and people on fashion forums claim she’s shorter than her listed height. The tallest I see her being is a weak 5’9 (5’8.75).

@Anna W – According to models who posted on the Fashion Spot and met Miranda Kerr in 2006 claimed that she was shorter than her listed 5’9 height. Other fashion insiders on that site said the similar things. Anyways, 174 cm is perfect imo. 176 cm in the morning and drops down to that.

Sarah said on 16/Mar/16
Rob how tall do you think her husband is?
Like same height as her?
He always wears big boots so it is hard to guess.
In these pictures she is also wearing big boots:

I think they are a same height couple.

Anna W said on 14/Mar/16
I’m sorry i have said you are not legit fray.
And im sorry i didnt know you were female
I do believe she isn’t under 5ft8.5 too
I think she is between 174-176
Above 176 seems unlikely though.
but about miranda being 5ft8 on the dot
Are you sure she isnt even like 174?
I mean, does miranda look 173 in person?
If miranda is 174 than ale might be like 175-175.5.
But if miranda is 173 than ale might be like 174-174.5
I shouldnt have said you are not legit just because there is some disagreement.

5ft 9.25 said on 12/Mar/16
I’d rather bet right on 5ft 6.5 than 2ins taller.

Fray said on 12/Mar/16
@Anna W and @Allie – I sent Rob photos of what I do, and made it clear I cannot post them here. She measured higher than 5’9″. Even if say I made an error, she is definitely not below 5’8.5″ (I would still say 5’9″).
I don’t run around looking for people to measure, it is just something that happens to be part of my job in order to produce items for them. Most of the time body widths are taken more than anything; heights are secondary unless for a casting.
I think you both make fun/interesting comments on heights, but a disagreement doesn’t mean someone is not “legit”.

Anna W said on 7/Mar/16
@Allie, she was 169, i can’t find the article where i read it but
See this: Click Here

The fourth picture where ale is holding hands with two other girls, the blonde one is Gianne Albertoni, who is 5’10
Now tell me she didn’t look 169.
When i find the article i will send it here.
(Ale looks like a baby there! So cute)

KK said on 3/Mar/16
Ambrossio is 1.71m and Lima is 1.73m and that is real truth..

Allie said on 29/Feb/16
Rob, here is Alessandra with Neymar whom you’ve listed as 5’8.25. They’re both barefoot and on the same ground. And beside her is 5’7 listed Iniesta. She’s on her tippytoes!
Click Here

Barefoot with Behati Prinsloo whom you have at 5’10.5:
Click Here

I saw other pics and the heel length is near the same length, with 5’11.5 listed Lais Ribeiro, standing back to back:
Click Here

In the exact same pair of heels with 5’11 Karolina Kurkova:
Click Here

In similar heels and pose with Adriana Lima:
Click Here

In flats and in heels with Karlie Kloss, in the last picture they have the exact same heel design, her jeans just cover it up:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And here with her good friend Ana Beatriz Barros whom you have at 5’11.
Click Here

Mean while, here’s Doutzen who was almost 19 when she was given the 5’9 measurement, with Karlie Kloss and Alessandra Ambrosio:
Click Here
Click Here

Don’t you still think the 5’8.5 listing is better? I admit, 5’9 range seems possible but she looks 5’8 range more often than not. So I think 5’8.5 is perfect. Besides, she’s given 176 cm in some places, it could be possible she’s 176 cm in the morning and 174 cm by evening barefoot.

Besides Anna W says that Ale said that she claimed she was 169 when she was 15. Though if Anna W, could you please show the article or video because if this the case, then there’s no way Ale grew 3-3.5 inches since then if many models I’ve seen start modelling at 16 and only grow an inch or two max.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

actually maybe it is better to leave her at the 174, heels can certainly add a fair amount at times. The blonde guy behind her is almost 6ft, at least measured at that.

Anna W said on 29/Feb/16
Rob, please, take a look at her pictures with amber valletta and tell me what you think, because i really don’t know what that means.
i am just so confused with her height! LOL
there are many girls that are same height as her in pics that are listed at 177, like isabelli fontana, fernanda motta, candice, gigi hadid.
but i just don’t think she is that tall, i think the more balanced guess would be between 176-174, anyway, 5ft9 range is quite possible, but do you think 177?
177 is almost 5ft10, it just seems too tall for her.

Anna W said on 29/Feb/16
Rob i used to think ale was a strong 5’9 a while ago but now i think she is a weak 5’9, like 174-175 after i saw these pictures of her with amber valletta(i think she is 5’9).
those pics are quite recent, like from a week ago, and ale seems to be shorter than amber.
maybe its just the picture that gives that impression, but i think ale is more like a flat 5’9 rather than 177.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I think Amber may have been a bit nearer the person taking the photo.

Allie said on 29/Feb/16
I agree with you Anna W. In pics and according to meetings, though I don’t know how trustworthy they are, Ale and Miranda are near the same height. Maybe one or the other is a little taller. I still think 174 was perfect. As sites mentioned she can be between 176-177 cm, that could be her morning height and she dips to 174ish by evening.

Two things are obvious, there’s no way Ale is almost 2 inches taller than Miranda and that Ale is only a cm or the same height as Adriana as they’ve both been listed as 177.

John said on 29/Feb/16
Check gettyimages. She is a full inch shorter than Amber Valetta. Amber is 5-8.5 on this site and people who have met her say she is a weak 5-8.

Anna W said on 28/Feb/16
Ok @Allie, i think i believe now that ale is quite under 5’9
You have to see her next to 5’9 amber valletta
There is no way ale is above 5’8.5. Amber towers over ale and they are wearing the same heels, probably at an equal distance from the cameras and doing the same posing bending one leg.
@Fray cant be right about ale. Maybe he is right about miranda being 5’8 range, because ale is that range too.
How can anyone argue with these new pictures of ale next to amber valletta?
Ale could be 5’9 if amber was 5’10-5’10.5
But amber is 5’9, so i guess ale did bump her height listings up a bit.
Now 5’8-5’8.5 seems more likely. She was 169 at 15, so it is really unlikely that she would reach 5’9.
But if ale is 5’8 range, how tall is lily aldridge?? 5’7 or less? OMG

Anna W said on 28/Feb/16
Ale was 169 when she was 15, she has already said that, and Dilson Stein(the guy that found ale,gisele and carol trentini) also said that. She lost a contest because she was considered too short for modeling back then.
I do believe she grew maybe an inch or a little more.
Did she really grow 8cm at 15?
I doubt it
Fray doesnt sound very legit.
Specially when he said there is a 4 cm gap between ale and miranda, where ale is 4cm taller.
It is absurd, they are same height, and just because of that lack of coherence i think either fray lied or he doesnt know how to guess people’s heights.
Its ok to get obsessed here, LOL

Allie said on 27/Feb/16
Rob, do you actually think Alessandra’s 5’9.5? Fray seems like an honest claim, but there’s a lot of pictures where Ale looks no more than 5’8.5 max and I’ve read on fashion forums where people said that they’ve seen Ale and several other VS angels are a lot shorter than their listed agency heights. Save for a few.

Something doesn’t add up. Fray says Ale measured at 5’9.5 yet both in pics and videos Adriana destroys her claim and people even say that she’s shorter. Funnily enough, Adriana in other languages has been listed as 177 cm as well. Even with Karlie and other angels both in the videos on runway and pictures she looks your height guess range.

Perhaps Ale, Candice and Miranda are all 5’9 range in the morning and drop to 5’8 range by evening? Because there’s no way she’s the exact same height as Adriana whose listed as 177-178 which can be essentially 5’9.5-5’10.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

well I looked again at Alessandra for a while and actually thought 5ft 9 range was quite possible the more I looked at her.

Allie said on 26/Feb/16
Anyways.. whatever. Agree to disagree I guess. I’m sticking with 174 cm guess as the most accurate guess. Ale constantly looks 5-8-8.5 cm in pics and people even claim that Ale’s not that tall. But somehow Fray claims she measured at 177 cm without any proof of showing us the measurement..

@Anna W – A lot pics Ale looks 173-174. Close in height with Miranda and Candice. Not way is Ale almost 2 inches taller than Miranda or Candice.
Anyways, I think I’m getting a too tad height obsessed.. especially with the models. But hey.. it’s celebheights and it’s fun to guess because height in general has always been a topic of interest for me.

Allie said on 26/Feb/16
@Fray – I Allie said on 25/Feb/16
Alessandra looks and according to claims is no taller than 174 cm. Idk if you claim to have measured her or what not because I’ll take that like a grain of salt.
Also, I don’t care about claims of meeting them unless you’re willing to share a pic or video proof of standing beside them because I’ve heard people claim Ale’s as short as 5’7 or as tall as 5’10. Either way, I’m going with this site’s guess as the tallest this woman probably is in the evening. So 173-174.

Also, this isn’t Doutzen’s page but she’s around 2 inches shorter than 5’11 (even KK claimed this) Karolina Kurkova and Adriana herself is probably a weak 5’10/177 cm as Doutzen was 175 cm measured at 18 and a half is only a little shorter than her and Doutzen is also edges out Ale in most pics. So hopefully this can put down the claims of Doutzen being 5’10 and Ale being almost 5’10 when Dri is always almost 2 inches taller than both of them and Karolina constantly looks 2 inches than Doutzen as Doutzen comes up halfway on Karolina’s forehead and 3 inches taller than Ale.

Anna W said on 22/Feb/16
Ale, miranda and candice are 5’9
@Allie, look at pics with better posture
@Fray, you are confuse, you say ale is 177 and miranda 173, but they are both same height.

Fray said on 20/Feb/16
I BrightM said on 19/Feb/16
For real: Alessandara is 1.70-71m , A.Lima is 1.73m, K.Kurkova is 1.75-76m and K.Kloss is 1.85ma and tallest of all of them.This is the end of discussion..

Pedro said on 18/Feb/16
Why would karlie kloss claim her morning height? Anyway, maybe she did, but if her morning height is 187 than she is more likely 186 than a flat 6’1 don’t you think?
I never said lais or trentini are 6’1, i said strong 6′, but now im thinking maybe a weak 6′, but they are still closer to 6 than to a flat 5’11.
I’m sorry if you didn’t like the discussion, but i just wanted to show how i perceive their heights. you can disagree and stay withyour point of view, but i just wanted you to think of the possibility that ale might be 5ft9, just leave it uncertain because we are all just guessing and you can’t guess the exact height of a person from pictures. Maybe the right guess for ale,candice and isabeli is somewhere between my guess and yours, they are definitely between 176 and 174. I wouldn’t bet money that ale is 5ft9 for sure, as you shouldn’t bet yours that she is 5ft8.5, because unless you are right next to her you can’t know it for sure. It is just such a small difference(2cm) that i wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that you are right.
But you should take in consideration that every single place you go when you google her height in portuguese, english, french or whatever language she is listed between 5ft9-5ft9.5. Now if you google bianca balti for example, you’ll see she lied on her claim because some places says 5ft8 and other places say 5ft9.5
The difference between ale and adriana or doutzen looks 2-3 cm to me
And that might the only picture where doutzen is shorter than adriana in similar footwear, and doutzens legs are posing diferently than adriana, they are same height, 5ft10.

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Allie said on 16/Feb/16
Also on Trentini, she doesn’t have a page yet nor do I think she ever will so I think this needs to be said.. but she’s not 6’1 bs. Because Hana Soukupova’s 6’1.5-6’2 (she’s a little taller than Karlie and looks around this height with Candice) and was always more than an inch taller than her.. also she’s an inch taller than Charlotte Di C whose listed as 5’10 and never looked 3 inches taller than 5’10 listed Gemma Ward.

Anyways, this is just my debunking of the Brazilian models height and I’ll stop now. Ale both in pic proof and from what I’ve heard from people (I may take this as a grain of salt) who seen her claim she looks around 174 cm and always one of the always one of the shorter models in shoots and events, etc. Agree with or disagree with me simply because a claim in a different language fine but I think there’s more than enough proof that Ale’s no taller than 174 cm. This is the last I’ll probably reply.. too much effort lol.

Allie said on 16/Feb/16
And to be clear, I’m not obsessed with Ale’s height or anything.. oh wait it’s a height site lol. Anyways, I’m just here to debunk the claims of Ale’s height. I’ve seen so many people claim that Ale’s 5’10 or 9.5 lol.

I’m sorry Pedro that Ale’s actually 5’8-5’8.5 for real. In fact, I have a friend who measured at 5’5 and I’m 5’10 and the difference is around the same as Ale and Karlie or Rob with just about any strong 6’1 he’s taken a picture with.

J.Lee said on 16/Feb/16
Rob, can you do one for Ashley Graham and Hailey clauson?

Pedro said on 15/Feb/16
@Allie, Actually alessandra is 175-176, so her difference from adriana is more like 2-3 cm, not 1-2, since adriana is 178-177.
Ana BB is 182-181, not 180. Lais is taller than Ana BB, because she is a real 6ft, just like Caroline Trentini both 184, not 185.
After 180 these models try to claim 180 beacuse it is said to be the best height for models, so lais, trentini and barros said 180 when they are all 181+. And karlie is 186 i think 6’1.5 as she claimed( not very likely that she lied this 0.5 inch right? LOL). And yes, gisele has said 178 when she was younger in portuguese. Just recently her claims went to 179, which might not be a lie since she is a very strong 5ft10, 5ft10.5 might be a morning height, but gisele herself never said 180, that was her agency or manager, and you haven’t seen 178 because you only see it in english @Allie. And frida g is 184. Izabel goulart is 177 and has always claimed it. Their managers and agencies lie, they dont most of the time, unless they are under 175, because that is more critical, and when they are 6ft+ because that is also not good for modelling.
Doutzen seems to be same as adriana so 5ft10 seems right. I doubt frida is taller than lais, and i really doubt that these 181+ ladies would lie their height up, more likely down to 180 ( ana bb, lais, karlie, frida, toni, they all said 5’11 when they are all above it).
I just want to be clear that i dont think that alessandra, isabeli fontana and candice swanepoel are 177, they are closer to a flat 5ft9 rather than 5ft9.5. They are 176 tops but they are 175 at least.

Allie said on 12/Feb/16
In fact Pedro, I’m here to debunk your claims about them being honest when they’re not speaking english. Otherwise Caroline Trentini is actually 185 cm even though 185 cm Karlie and Frida G are both taller than her? You can check out my debunking of Lais’ height on her page. She’s no more than 5’11.25-5’11.5 aka 181-182.

Anyways, on Gisele, says always listed there as 179 or 180 (5’10.5 or 11, no where did I see 5’10). Anyways, for reference, here is 185 cm Karlie Kloss in similar heels and similar shoe size with Doutzen whose listed as 175 cm and a guy from her home country claims that Doutzen was measured at this height. Doutzen reaches at Karlie’s eyebrows.
Click Here

In the exact same sandals here is Ale with Karlie:
Click Here

Unlike Doutzen, Ale comes under Karlie’s eyebrows, near her eye level.
In the exact same heels with 5’11 (180 cm) Karolina, she looks 3 inches shorter.
Click Here

Now, with 177-178 Adriana. Pedro, if that’s 1 or 2 cm difference then I need to get my eyes checked.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the second picture, Adriana’s gaining almost nothing from her sandals while Ale has thick sneakers on and they’re both roughly the same height. Ale’s 173 cm. I’ve googled several of the brazilian models and call bs on your “realistic claim” some of them actually add 2 inches to their real height (Trentini and Ribeiro) others add one (Gisele or Iza). If Ale’s 176 then KK’s 183-184. Adriana’s 180-181 cm and Karlie Kloss is 188 cm! But they’re not. Just because they claim that height doesn’t mean it. And just because they say it in another language doesn’t make it true as well. 176 or 177 cm either way is a tad bit above 5’9/175 cm but shorter than 5’10. It’s just small fractions that you’re arguing because a legit 5’10 is 177.8 cm. Either way, this girl is NOT 5’9/175 unless she measures herself bright in the morning.

Allie said on 12/Feb/16
Pedro, I assume that’s because US uses imperial. I assume Brazil uses metric so it’s what they think when converting. And I call bull on Ale’s 176 height. I remembered Ale was wearing thick sneakers and Adriana was wearing flats and she around the same height. Those shoes give more than one inch. In almost every picture Ale is consistenly 2 inches shorter. Look at the picture with KK and Ale standing in the exact same heels. KK is at least 3 inches taller in all the pics. Look at her with Ana BB who, no is not over a little over 5’11 max.

Also, Lais is barely taller than Jac in sneakers and doesn’t look 184 with her 6’7.75 bf.

Pedro said on 11/Feb/16
In fact, lais ribeiro is 184, i just checked it.
She said her real height in portuguese, while everywhere you go in english she is listed 180.

Pedro said on 10/Feb/16
Rob, if you google: “alessandra ambrosio altura” (altura means height in portuguese) you’ll find that almost every source lists her at 1,76, sometimes 1,77 (in brazil we use only metrics not imperials). There is also an interview in the brazilian rolling stone magazine where the interviewer says she is 1,76.
Height in brazilian fashion is not as restrictive as it is in intenational fashion, so most brazilian models state their true height in portuguese (and also because there is no confusion with conversion of metric to imperial measures). I know it sounds ridiculous but it is true!
I find the heights they state in brazil a lot more realistic than the ones they claim abroad. Like adriana lima 178-177, izabel goulart 177, gisele bundchen 179-178, lais ribeiro 182-184 (her height varies a lot depending on the source) and alessandra 176.
I believe she is 1,76, just 2cm above your guess rob.

data said on 10/Feb/16
well, what about this? Click Here

Allie said on 10/Jan/16
Funny how proportions can fool you. Unlike Candice, Ale’s not as model blessed with the short torso long legged look loved by designers. I mean, on proportions alone I would’ve guessed shorter as well especially when you see her walking down the VS runway. Then you realize she’s not like 5’6 she’s around 5’8 or so. Which is on the short side of modeling but still pretty tall I’d say. Candice’s and Selita’s legs look like they belong on a 5’10 or 11 person.

Allie said on 5/Jan/16
5’8 range. She’s around 3 inches shorter than 5’11 Karolina Kurkova in the exact same heels.
Click Here

And if you guys doubt that KK is 5’11 because of her pics with Karlie, look up their pics where Karlie’s wearing converse and KK’s wearing a small heeled boot and are around the same height. Also, KK’s taller than Adriana and Doutzen so there’s no way she’s under 180 cm.

Shell said on 1/Jan/16
@John – Uh, since when is 5’9 not tall for a woman? 5’7 is average human height worldwide (women and men). 5’4 is about average for a US American woman. 5’9 is definitely tall for a woman. Arguably 5’7-8 is tall too. It is several inches above average for women.
While high fashion runway models may be more like 5’10-11, they actually aren’t often over 6’0. There is such as thing as too tall for fashion also. 6’1 is probably the max and still an outlier. 5’8-9 is not too short for runway either. VS models are generally in the typical range then, even if at the lower end of it.
IMO, Alessandra has a rather long torso which makes her seem shorter than she may be. She looks maybe 5’8 max, but looks can be deceiving.

Fray said on 30/Dec/15
@Rob – sent you an email. Let me know once you get
@John – no, never. I haven’t met Elle.

John said on 28/Dec/15
To Fray, did you ever measure Elle Macpherson? I would like to see proof sage is 6-1.

Pedro said on 28/Dec/15
By the way rob, can you do listings for rachel hilbert and taylor hill?
And also for valeria mazza(argentinian top model from the 90s) and for karen mulder.

Pedro said on 28/Dec/15
Alessandra isnt 5ft9.5(176.5-177), she is more like 5ft9.25(176), which is the same as elsa hosk, candice swanepoel and taylor hill. Maybe also the same as gigi hadid and rachel hilbert. Anyway, people think alessandra is shorter because she is seen a lot with adriana, who can look taller than she really is because of her great posture, and is like 178.5-178, so alessandra sometimes looks like she is 3-4 cm shorter than adriana due to different postures and different heels, when it is more like 2-2.5cm shorter in similar postures and heels.
You can see that alessandra is 176 in pics with izabel, who is 177 and looks 1cm taller than ale.(izabel is same height as helena christensen, listed here at 5ft9.75)
But, in the end, alessandra is a very strong 5ft9. —>176cm πŸ˜‰

Jerome said on 10/Dec/15
John, all Victoria secret models are already high fashion models.

Allie said on 8/Dec/15
John, if you think those are sky high heels you haven’t seen heels! There’s not even a platform on them. Those look like they give 3 inches max. I’ve seen pairs similar that give around that range. Though she’s seen wearing two different types of heels, the heels look more or less the same in my opinion.

So, anyways, my guess for her is 173 cm plus 3 inch heels means she’s 5’11. I saw those shoes, I think those sneakers are about 1-1.25 inches if I were to guess (no pictures really have a clear view on what they were, could be more or less) which puts Mario L at 5’10-5’10.25, she’s an inch taller, maybe a little bit more than an inch and bam. She’s 173 range. No more, no less.

Also, the Victoria’s Secret model are tall, they’re above average, save for a few. But runway tall only applies to a few of them. Besides, most of the short ones are the Angels, the runway models that just walk the show are tall (ex – Toni Garrn, Devon, Jourdan Dunn, Magdalena) all in the 5’11-6’0 range. Of course we can’t forget Karlie Kloss whose 6’1! Also, becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel means that you become strictly loyal to VS. Which is why some fashion fans despise VS because when a model becomes an angel, their runway work aside from the annual VSFS becomes scarce. And most VS angels started off as High models first (ex – Karlie, Karolina, Doutzen, Behati), or at least did some high fashion work before joining the brand. That’s why after joining the brand, they don’t become “runway first” models or “high fashion”.

John said on 2/Dec/15
In sky high heels next to Mario Lopez on Extra (google her on Extra). She is about an inch taller than him and he is in sneakers. He is listed at 5-9 on this site. Why can’t people just admit that Victoria Secret models are not tall. If they were, they would have been runway models 1st and they never are.

taytay said on 2/Dec/15
wth selena Click Here

zurckon said on 24/Nov/15
She’s 5’9″, her body and the way she poses (with her hip to the side in pictures) makes her appear shorter. Another video that makes me think she’s 5’9″ is this Vanity Fair video. Alessandra is next to Doutzen Kroes (5’9″) and there is no visible height difference.

zurckon said on 21/Nov/15
I’d say she’s 5’9″. Here is another video of her next to Erin Heatherton (5’10.5″) and Adriana Lima (5’10”) they are all wearing similar heels with platform. Alessandra is not dwarfed by any means.

zurckon said on 21/Nov/15
She’s not that short, she looks shorter because of her muscular legs. Here is a video of her and Behati Prinsloo. Behati may be half an inch taller.

Janet said on 12/Nov/15
She seems like a solid 5’9 to me

M said on 20/Aug/15
There is one picture of her in flips standing near 1.72 m tall car Jeep – and She is just that height like this car (even shorter then this).

M said on 20/Aug/15
@John I do have a feeling that Fray is not telling the truth..My feeling never cheats me.

Allie said on 10/Aug/15
Strong 5’8. 5’8.25. She’s like 2 inches shorter than Adriana.

John said on 10/Aug/15
To Fray: are you saying that you actually measured all these models in person? If so, give us all the real heights of the models on this site that you personally measured? That would be helpful. Thanks.

Fray said on 6/Aug/15
Made her custom garments and fit her – she was 176 almost 177 (5’9″+). She looks shorter due to her proportions (very long torso, shorter legs).
Here’s an online pic of her and Behati (both barefoot) for additional reference.
Click Here

dato said on 24/Jul/15
174 for her? she is true 176 cm. 177 on morning πŸ™‚

John said on 28/Jun/15
The easiest height comparison is worth Ana Beatriz Barros. She is listed at 5-11 and could be 6 feet. She is 4-5 inches taller than Alessandra. Not even debatable.

John said on 26/Jun/15
To ax..I believe you but how did you get these heights? By looking or measuring?

ax said on 23/Jun/15
hey there. just did a job with else hosk and rachel hilbert. rachel is about 5’7.5″ and else hosk is a tad shorter, 5’7″ – i dare say even 5’63/4″. i thought that might help curious people out if they can find comparisons. xx

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Hypado said on 10/Jun/15
Alessandra Ambrosio looks 174 cm next to 182 cm Rodrigo Lombardi in ”Verdades Secretas”.

dat said on 5/Jun/15
she is definitely 176-177 cm , lima is 178-179 cm. 2-3 cm is difference between them

Natasha said on 28/May/15
so, if adriana is 178 then alessandra is 174
K said on 25/May/15
172-173 for sure
joe 192cm said on 10/Feb/15
176cm seemed very sure

la_bete said on 3/Dec/14
Alessandra Ambrosio looks about 2 inches shorter than the 5’10 (178 cm) Adriana Lima. 5’8 (172-173 cm) seems to be a fair height for her.

see this picture from the 2014 VS show:
Click Here

John said on 22/Nov/14
Selita is said to me under 5-7 and Klum, according to people who have met her, is at most 5-7. They are not super tall people.

Luise Chang said on 17/Nov/14
Look at her with Heidi Klum and Izabel Goulart here, they three look exactly the same height (something around 5’8 and 5’9, and they have the same heel size). Selita is shorter and Kurkova taller than all of them. This photo is quite revealing indeed.

John said on 27/Jul/14
She is in many pictures with Ana Beartos Barros (spelling?) who is 5-11 or 6 feet and she is always 5 inches shorter

J.Lee said on 9/Jun/14
Rob can you do make a height for Nina Agdal and Chrissy Tiegen?

176,2Tunman said on 19/May/14
Adriana Lima:5’10.25 looks a very strong 5’10
Doutzen Kroes:5’9
Heidi Klum:5’8.75
Erin Heatherton:5’10.25(no way taller than Lima)
Gisele:5’10 (got 177 listing,maybe 5’10 rounded down?)

J.Lee said on 15/Apr/14
Whoah, Rob. Really as low as 5 ft 8.5? You seemed to think she wasn’t that short. Is she shorter than Heidi Klum?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I think from looking a bit more it is probably closer to the mark

John said on 4/Apr/14
Enough of the the 5-9. Getting TOWERED over by 5-10 Julie Henderson. Downgrade to 5-7.5 or shorter please
Click Here

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

you can see another Here. I wouldn’t say she was looking 5ft 9, but can look nearer 5ft 8 with the other 2 girls.

Elle said on 20/Mar/14
Downgrade. She is only 5’8 tops
John said on 16/Mar/14
I also question that behati is really 5-10. I think she is not.
mina said on 15/Mar/14
Click Here

mina said on 15/Mar/14
I saw a few pictures of Ale with 5’10 Behati Prinsloo. They were barefoot.In most of the pictures Behati does look only slightly taller, but I also watched the interview on E! News.&Behati was at least 2 inches taller. Ale is 5’8.
Close up-
Full body pic-
Back to back-

lulz said on 12/Mar/14
lol Ale is not shorter than Miranda. If you can find any photo with them on equal footing where that is the case, I would give you a million dollars. I’ll give you 2 million if you can find me one where Miranda is equal to Lima

Pinky said on 12/Mar/14
@Joe, Miranda is no taller than Ale and there is more than 1 cm between Adriana and Miranda: Click Here

Alessandra is always possing to promote the products she represents without worrying about looking taller, unlike Miranda.
Ale is around 5’8.

Joe said on 11/Mar/14
ale 172 cm
marisa 171 cm
selita 170 cm
miranda 175 cm
and lima 175-76 cm
Lia said on 13/Feb/14
It is a known fact in the industry Ale is only 5’8.
John said on 12/Feb/14
Why are you surprised? She is much smaller than Lima.

Natasha said on 9/Feb/14
Rob, do you think she can be under 5’9″. Lima looks at least 2 inches taller than Ambrosio. Do you think 5’8.5″ or 5’8″ is possible?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

be surprised if she was just 5ft 8

Clearly said on 8/Feb/14
They are not even wearing the same size heel. go look at any picture that they are on the beach together

John said on 5/Feb/14
What does that picture show? If she is 5-9, Lima is 6 feet or taller. They all lie about their height

Lulz said on 3/Feb/14
@John lol @ you thinking you’re some sort of final authority. why don’t you go make your own website where every celebrity is listed at 5’7 or less to make you feel better

John said on 2/Feb/14
Please list her as 5-7. Here is a pic with her next to 5-9 to 5-10 Lima
Click Here

Anon said on 30/Jan/14
@John I don’t see any photo that’s head on, equal shoe height, where Alessandra is shorter than Karlie’s bottom of the nose – she is min a couple inches above that point. The Klum and Karlie pic I’ve seen, Karlie has a longer heel.

Anon said on 30/Jan/14
@John I don’t see any photo that’s head on, equal shoe height, where Alessandra is shorter than Karlie’s bottom of the nose – she is an inch or 2 above that point. The Klum and Karlie pic I’ve seen, Karlie has a longer heel.

Natt said on 27/Jan/14
5’8″ flat

John said on 5/Jan/14
How do you guys who say she is 5-9 or taller explain how she was dwarfed..I mean dwarfed by karlie kloss? I don’t for a second believe kloss is 6 foot or even 6 foot 1. Let’s say she is 6-2. This girl is at least 6 inches or more shorter. Measure your nose to the top of your head and unless you are a mutant it should be a minimum 6 or even 7 inches. This is where she came up to kloss. BTW, klum was also this much shorter than kloss. Klum and kloss are AT Most 5-8, but mostly likely a little shorter.

Emily said on 3/Jan/14
Yes, she’s one of the shorter-legged/longer-torsoed models.

adam said on 3/Jan/14
I met her during a special event held in Rio in 2011. She is waaaaay prettier in person (if that is possible) and yes, she is a solid 176 cm barefoot. (5.9 and a half). My friend is Alessandra’s exact same height and she met Adriana Lima at a concert, who easily falls on the 5’11” range. Brazilian women are VERY tall. Go there.

Anon said on 2/Jan/14
She looked oddly short during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. Phoenix segment – her legs seem short relative to torso

mf said on 26/Dec/13
I walked by her once outside an event. She is stunning in person and also very tall. She was wearing flats and had about an inch on me. Depending on the time of the day, I’m 5’9″, 5’9″ 1/2.

To repeat, this woman is tall.

justsomeone said on 24/Dec/13
I think she looks shorter than that next to 5’10.5(as listed here)kendall jenner.

darren said on 5/Dec/13
she is solid 172 cm max

Just said on 31/Oct/13
In almost every picture Doutzen Kroes is an inch taller than Alessandra.
Click Here
So she’s shorter than Doutzen, but she looks like the same heigth as Miranda Kerr.
Heidi Klum is by the way older and maybe already shrinking.

J.Lee said on 16/Jul/13
Rob what does a ‘Big’ 5 ft 10 mean?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

a fraction over the mark.

lol93 said on 15/Jul/13
Haha Rob what happened with this listing?She looks 2 inches shorter than adriana lima in a lot of pics and videos so I think she is around 173-174!

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I think as i said below 5ft 9 could be fair, lima can look a big 5ft 10 at times

J.Lee said on 12/Jul/13
Jan here is a pic of Alessandra taller than Izabel even though Izabel wears heels Click Here

Jan said on 12/Jul/13
Rob is wrong on this height sorry but its true. Shes DOES NOT reach the 5’9″ mark. At best 5’8.5″ on a good day. Theres recent pictures where Alessandra is wearing huge platform shoes modeling for VS clothing standing next to Adriana and Adriana is in flats and Alessandra with those massive shoes is the same.height as Adriana in flats. Doesnt make sense. Shes 5’8 just like Candice Swanepoel. Even Doutzen Kroes who herself said shes only 5’9 stands taller than Alessandra in every pic. What im saying is that Lima and Gisele do stand 2 inches + taller than her. Pictures speak for themselves. Izabel Goulart is only 5’9 and.she also stands taller than Alessandra. Alessandra is a gorgeous girl but her height is drastically overrated.

lalala said on 11/Jul/13
Rob, since there are 2+ inches between her and Adriana Lima, wouldn’t that make Lima over 5’11. (or Alessandra under 5’9, which I think is rather the case?)
Personally, I think that Adriana is at least 5’10, and that Alessandra, Candice and Miranda are all between 5’8-5’9. They always look so close in height when standing next to each other, but Adriana always stands out.
Oh, and how come Marissa Miller is listed at 5’8? No offense, but there is no way that all of the heights you listed are correct.

Not to mention that if she was actually 5’9.5, her agency would list her as 5’10, not shorter (I think).

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

not sure lima looks 2 inches taller than her, 5ft 9 and 10 might be fair and miller can look 5ft 7, I agree her claim of 5ft 8 is on the high side.

J.Lee said on 5/Jul/13
Des how tall are you and what kind of shoes did you have on when u saw her? How close were you?

J.Lee said on 5/Jul/13
Rob, is it reasonable to say 5 ft 9.75 morning height and 5 ft 9 evening height?

des said on 30/Jun/13
i have seen her. both in flats, both 5’8 1/2

J.Lee said on 26/Jun/13
Rob you are the expert here. Why is everyone here insisting she is less than 5 ft 9.5? Does she look it to you?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

she can be in the 5ft 9-9.5 range mostly, so listing the top of that range is ok, but under 5ft 9 I’m not sure she looks that as much as she can 5ft 9 range.

Kik said on 5/May/13
Maybe because of her short legs(not just for a model, but even for a regular girl) she looks 5.7.

J.Lee said on 2/May/13
why does everyone think less than 5 ft 9.5? She doesn’t look shorter than Klum in most pics

mina said on 13/Apr/13
I used to thnk Alessandra was 5’9.But as everyone has stated before,she is consistently shorter than other models.Like Adriana Lima-Click Here
I believe Adriana to be 5’9-5’9.5.And these photos prove Ale is truly between 5’7-5’7.75.

Original said on 11/Apr/13
5’7.5 HAHAH
She’s 5’8.5″ to 5’9″.

jan said on 17/Mar/13
@Jenna, nope sorry she isnt 5’10, Victorias secret will list whatever her agency says. Doutzen Kroes herself has said she’s only 5’9.5 and shes also taller than Alessandra in every picture. Alessandra is 5’8.5

jenna said on 19/Feb/13
She is 5’10.

lol93 said on 3/Feb/13
Here is Alessandra Ambrosio with Mirandfa Kerr and Candice Swanepoel barefoot in various pictures Click Here after those pics I think they are shorter than what we think they are, I will say they are around 172-173 cm

Jan said on 20/Dec/12
This height needs to be lowered by 1.5 inches. Have you seen pics of ale next to Gisele or Adriana ? She looks at least 2 inches shorter if not more.

Kella said on 7/Dec/12
I give her 172 cm.Her fellow model Miranda is known for being 5’7 ft and Ale looks like a tiny bit taller than her .

from fortaleza, brazil said on 5/Dec/12
Guys, be carefull with photos. the angles of the photos help to make higher or lower. ex. Marisa miller is less than Alessandra ( so much. ) but Marisa appears in some photos the same height with Ale. Think about it! πŸ˜‰ Click Here

from fortaleza, brazil. said on 18/Nov/12
I think she is 173cm.
jka said on 11/Nov/12
doubt she is taller than 172 cm

J.Lee said on 20/Oct/12
Thanks rob! Looks like u did your research! I think she is 5 ft 9.5 max. Looks a little talker than Heidi Klein but shorter than Adriana lima by a bit which makes me think she’s more like 5 ft 9.3

Elizabeth said on 13/Oct/12
Good, a listing for AA. There is no way she is 5 9.5. She’s 5’8 at most. She is consistently at least 2 inches shorter than A. Lima. She also has odd proportions- shortish legs and a long torso.

Ivan 6’2.25 said on 2/Jun/08
In his early years,looks like 6’2.5 or 6’2 but as Gary said he might be around 6’1.5 now.

Gary said on 29/Feb/08
Im 6.2.5 and 5’8 comes a little under the tip of my nose, and 5’9.5 is my eye level flatfoot, he looks maybe 6’1.75 about a half inch shorter than me, but im 6’3.5 with shoes so it’s hard to tell

Gary said on 28/Feb/08
Im 6’2.5 and 5’8 comesw to the tip of my nose
Gary said on 28/Feb/08
For the record my eye level is at 5’9.5, he lloks about as tall as he says

glenn said on 24/Feb/08
my chuck zito pic is up.but rob forgot to put it up on the front page.ill answer you there,since there are no comments now.

glenn said on 23/Feb/08
i wouldnt want to argue with chuck.but he was 5-10.maybe he was 5-11 when he was younger. venus-yes,i agree.6-4 peak is possible.

venus said on 22/Feb/08
I always knew this guy was tall, he’s old now! I bet he was like 6’4 when he was younger, which was decades ago!

glenn said on 22/Feb/08
chuck zito(5-10) was a famous bodyguard who beat up jean an actor on the sopranos.who knows what esle.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I see he claims 5ft 11

glenn said on 22/Feb/08
in 1996 that was the biggest olympic person there was.just about.dominique girl.

glenn said on 22/Feb/08
i left most of those names for you rob.thats sia in short bland hair.she has a big song on six feet under tv show.fiest is another respected could you not reconize chuck zito? the man you beat up van damme? he is a bodyguard.

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I remember his name mentioned on here before but never knew if he had acted.

glenn said on 22/Feb/08
thanks quadx. to anonymous-its a picture.he might not be standing as straight as he could.

QuadX said on 22/Feb/08
On the Real, Sorry but having in mind what i have been seeing on this site glenn is not 5ft9 on shoes at all!i would say he’s a legit 5ft8 period!Maybe a 6ft2 for Gil, look at glenn’s eye level is on Heron’s shoulder, but he is leaning forward thought(Glenn)!Good Pic by the way πŸ˜‰

Anonymous said on 22/Feb/08
dude thats not how a 5’8 person look on a 6’2 guy. 6’1 looks correct, maybe 6’2 peak height. I think the picture is alittle awkward. Trust me I seen a 5’8 person next to a 6’2 person, they don’t even come up to their eye level. They come up to the tip of their nose.

miles smiles said on 22/Feb/08
Glenn, when was this picture taken? Mad props once again. I know he’s been going through some seriously hard times for quite a while now. I truly hope he can finally get clean and spread his message once again. An absolute genius. Still underrated to this day.

Danimal said on 21/Feb/08
Anonymous says on 21/Feb/08
he doesn’t look 6’2 at all, he looks 6’1 in the picture the max. he looks more like 6’0-6’0.5.

HAHAHA. You cannot judge height. HE looks 6’2″-6’2.5″.

glenn said on 21/Feb/08
how are we with pics rob? a few? a dozen left?

Alessandra Ambrosio Height

Editor Rob

I think 10, there were 3 girls (one real gorgeous asian girl) in a file you called blackwidow swimsuit 1976, I’d no idea what you meant or who they were.

On the Real said on 21/Feb/08
no way is he 6ft flat, remeber glenn is like 5’9 in shoes gil has glenn by like half a foot there

Anonymous said on 21/Feb/08
he doesn’t look 6’2 at all, he looks 6’1 in the picture the max. he looks more like 6’0-6’0.5.

nick said on 21/Feb/08
half of the “6’3” guys in the world are really 6’2.5, remember that
glenn said on 21/Feb/08
thanks guys.i met him at least 5 times.i go almost everytime he is around.

Anonymous said on 21/Feb/08
aww my main man gil! i was just listening to the revolution will not be televised greatest hits collection of gils other day! tall man, i thought he was 6’3 when i saw him, looked like it, he’s much older now obviously could’ve easily been a peak 6’3 and change. great pic glenn, that’s why we love your contributions!